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Education - Staff Services Dept. - Superintendent's Financial Reports

Identifier: 012-22-066
Scope and Contents These annual financial reports are designed to be submitted by the local school superintendents to the State Department of Education's Financial Re­view Section. As usual, the format has changed considerably over the years with the trend moving toward greater length and more complexity. In the earlier years, the form consisted of two pages with the following major parts: (1) total revenue of schools for last fiscal year (with space for 14 entries), (2) school bonds (with...
Dates: Created: 1938-1978

Education - Staff Services Dept. - Superintendent's Monthly Attendance Reports

Identifier: 012-22-067
Scope and Contents This series consists of Superintendents' Official Monthly Report form (Form S 24A) which are submitted to the State Department of Education to record the following statistical information for each month school is in session: (1) total number of students on roll, (2) total days attended, (3) Average Daily Attendance (whole members only), (4) total days absent, (5) children transported within 1½ miles, and (6) children transported more than 1½ miles Each of the above categories is...
Dates: Created: 1959-1975

Education - Staff Services Dept. - System-Wide Yearly Drop-Out Summaries

Identifier: 012-22-199
Scope and Contents This series contains yet another statistical report form required to be submitted to the State Board of Education at the close of every school year by every county and city school system. This particular form was designed to report all school drop-outs during the year. A drop-out was defined as any child between the ages of six and eighteen who had quit school but remained in the same school attendance area. Each form indicated the grade, including special classes, sex and age at time of...
Dates: Created: 1957-1964

Education - Staff Services Dept. - Transportation Allocation Schedules

Identifier: 012-22-073
Scope and Contents This series consists of schedules relating of transportation of school children collected in annual surveys which include the following: (1) transportation areas consisting of counties; (2) midterm allocations for handicapped children by county which include (a) number of children surveyed,(b) amount of funds allocated, (c) per child earning, (d) total allotment for handicapped children, (e) mileage allotted, and (f) number of buses and passenger rating allotted; (3) midterm allocation for...
Dates: Created: 1959-1971

Education - State Advisory Council on Vocational Education - Publications

Identifier: 012-33-151
Scope and Contents This series consists of various publications produced by the Georgia Advisory Council on Vocational Education of the Georgia Department of Education. Varying in format and size from single sheet, two-sided brochures to more elaborate publications, a sample of the topics produced includes the changes taking place in productivity and employee training and how State vocational training programs can be adopted to meet these changing needs and aspects of meetings held to give the Advisory Council...
Dates: Created: 1980

Education - State Board of Education - Correspondence

Identifier: 012-01-095
Scope and Contents

This series contains correspondence to and from State Board of Education members, drafts of board minutes and materials relating to public hearings and workshops conducted by the State Board. For a complete set of board minutes files, see RGSGSERIES 12/1/28 and for a large set of appeals to the State Board, see RGSGSERIES 12/1/32.

Dates: Created: 1977-1978

Education - State Board of Education - Meeting Files

Identifier: 012-01-109
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence pertaining to the planning and conducting of meetings of the State Board of Education, planned agendas of the meetings and background materials assembled in order to conduct meetings. Among this third category might be indexes to minutes of prior meetings, publications and resolutions from professional organizations, lists of officers of same, copies of court cases, fiscal projections, series of departmental expenditures, lists of appointments to...
Dates: Created: 1929-1977

Education - State Board of Education - Minutes Files and Minutes and Correspondence

Identifier: 012-01-028
Scope and Contents This series contains the official bound volumes of minutes of the State Board of Education. Being official, these minutes give both summary and verbatim accounts of the proceedings of the Board. Included are: (1) records of policy decisions regarding all aspects of the Board's responsibilities; (2) records of appeals to the Board by persons having a grievance against boards of education; (3) discussions and decisions regarding the Department's budget; (4) proceedings...
Dates: Created: 1870-1992

Education - Teacher Education and Certification Division - Correspondence

Identifier: 012-14-051
Scope and Contents

This series contains correspondence and related material concerning the certification of teachers including certification forms. (CH, 1971)

Dates: Created: 1940-1953

Education - Textbook Allotment Unit - Georgia Textbook Lists

Identifier: 012-10-054
Scope and Contents

These published lists contain all those textbooks approved by the State Department of Education for use in both elementary and high schools in the fields of reading, literature and social science. The lists provide the following information about each volume: (1) subject matter; (2) author; (3) publisher; (4) copyright date; (5) edition; (6) suggested grade; (7) price; and (8) adaptation author (if applicable).

Dates: Created: 1950-1955

Education - Trade and Industrial Division - Correspondence

Identifier: 012-19-048
Scope and Contents

This series consists of general correspondence,and records relating closely to correspondence. The purpose and goals of this agency is to help train potential employees for commercial work. The correspondence, etc. contains the general policies of this division and a general idea of the efficiency the division showed in implementing these policies.

Dates: Created: 1954-1957

Education - Veterans Farm Training - Correspondence

Identifier: 012-16-047
Scope and Contents

This series consists of correspondence, much of it between the Director of this agency and his staff members in the field. The purpose of this agency is to supervise the agricultural training which the veterans received in public schools. Thus most of the correspondence consists of reports of men in the field reporting the quality of this educational supervision which the veterans have received.

Dates: Created: 1945-1956

Education - Vocational Homemaking Division - Correspondence

Identifier: 012-17-050
Scope and Contents

This series consists largely of correspondence and related material. The major duty of the division is to supervise the home economics teachers in the various public schools in the state that offer this program. The correspondence is largely between members of the staff, and shows their activities in supervising these school teachers.

Dates: Created: 1946-1955