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Court of Appeals


Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Bench Dockets

Identifier: 056-02-009
Scope and Contents This series consists of both bound and unbound lists of cases to be tried in the Georgia Court of Appeals, kept by both the Clerk of the Court and the judges. The dockets vary in format but generally contain: (1) date, (2) time, (3) attorneys representing both sides, (4) appellant and appellee, (5) cause for court action, (6) case number, (7) court and county case is originally from, (8) judgement, (9) judges presiding in case, and (10) whether case was submitted on briefs, depending on who...
Dates: Created: 1965-1986

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Case Records

Identifier: 056-02-002
Scope and Contents This series consists of: (1) the notice of appeal filed by the lower court when a motion to appeal has been filed by a party to a lower court suit, (2) a record of enumeration of errors filed by the appellant, (3) the transcript of the testimony in the lower court, (4) briefs submitted by the appellant and the appellee and sometimes by an amicus curiae (friend of the court), and (5) the record copy of the decision of the Court of Appeals. The decision of the Court is also published in Georgia...
Dates: Created: 1907-2007

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Certiorari List

Identifier: 056-02-008
Scope and Contents A certiorari is a writ from a higher court to a lower court requesting the record of a case for review. This series consists of a list of these writs as requested by the Court of Appeals. Listed in columnar fashion is the: (1) case number; (2) name of appellant and appellee; (3) date of judgement, and (4) dates for: (a) notice of intention; (b) record ordered; (c) record to council; (d) notice from Supreme Court; (e) remitter from Supreme Court, and (f) remitter issued. The last three pages of...
Dates: Created: 1942-1959

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Discretionary and Interlocutory Appeal Case Files

Identifier: 056-02-003
Scope and Contents This series contains the case files for interlocutory appeals, or those appeals filed during the course of another cause. Points of law are defined in interlocutory appeals and often something is required to be done or observed by one or both parties involved, but the controversy prompting the original cause is not decided. These case files are numbered, but the numbers bear no connection with those of the cases during which the interlocutory appeal is initiated. The numbers do correspond to...
Dates: Created: 1975-1992

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Evidence Files

Identifier: 056-02-004
Scope and Contents This series consists of oversized items too large to fit in the regular case files. Usually this material is of various exhibits submitted as evidence in the cases and hence the series title. Please see Series 2 of this sub-group for the case files to which these evidence files relate.
Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - General Docket Books

Identifier: 056-02-005
Scope and Contents This series consists of volumes kept by the Clerk's Office of the Georgia Court of Appeals which trace the movement of cases through the appeals process. Each volume is formatted with columns that show: (1) attorneys representing both appellant and appellee; (2) case number; (3) names of both appellant and appellee; (4) county where convicted; (5) crime charged for; (6) presiding judges; (7) date judgement made; (8) judgement decreed; (9) docket number; (10) filings which include: (a) brief...
Dates: Created: 1907-2001

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Minute Books

Identifier: 056-02-006
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound volumes containing the minutes of decisions rendered in cases coming before the Georgia Court of Appeals. The minutes contain: (1) date of hearing, (2) judges presiding, (3) name of appellant and appellee, (4) court and county case is originally from, (5) judgment rendered on the case and reason, (6) judges consenting or dissenting, and (7) court costs. Generally, the cases come to the Court of Appeals on a writ of error from the Superior Court or City Court of...
Dates: Created: 1907-1978

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Minutes of the Court

Identifier: 056-02-012
Scope and Contents This series consists of half-page photocopied forms containing the decisions reached by the Court of Appeals in regards to cases appealed to it from a lower court. Usually, the decisions are one line summaries and include: (1) case number; (2) date of decision; (3) case name (plaintive vs. defendant); and, (4) the order of the Court as to whether the appeal is denied, transferred, withdrawn, or other consideration.
Dates: Created: 1981-1983

Court of Appeals - Clerk of Court - Receipts for Cases, Revenue Account Volume

Identifier: 056-02-007
Scope and Contents This series consists of a bound ledger showing paid court costs. Specifically, the volume lists in columnar fashion: (1) date - year, month and day; (2) party paying court costs; (3) case number, and (4) amount paid. The volume also shares space with a page or two for a contingent fund and costs transferred to the Supreme Court. For additional materials relating to Court of Appeals cases, please see Series 5 and 6 and Series 8 through 11 of this sub-group.
Dates: Created: 1938-1958