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022/03. Georgia National Guard

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Identifier: 022/03
Creator: Defense

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Field Training Morning Reports (1379's)

Identifier: 022-03-023
Scope and Contents This series consists of documents relating to accounting for all military personnel of each organization of the Army National Guard in order to provide a continuous certified strength status and historical record of the organization. Each report contains an account of attendance for each company plus a brief description of the activities of the company for that week. Listed is the strength of the company by grade and changes in personnel since the last report was made. Personnel absent are...
Dates: Created: 1925-1983

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Georgia Guardsman (Publication)

Identifier: 022-03-040
Scope and Contents This series contains monthly and later bi-monthly publications of the Georgia Department of Defense, Georgia Military Division. These publications consist of a magazine format which lasted through March, 1979 and a newspaper format which began with the April, 1979 issue. When the formats changed so did the volume numbering as the April issue begins as Volume 1, Number 1. The publications deal with topics ranging from air guard camp dates and infantry men selling a legion newspaper to aid...
Dates: Created: 1954-1982

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Georgia State Guard Complete Roster

Identifier: 022-03-044
Scope and Contents

This "roster of personnel serving or having served in the state defense corps and Georgia State Guard'' was completed April 1, 1946. Besides the names of enlisted men and officers in separate alphabetical sequences, the l) rank, (2) city in which each unit was located, (3) battalion number, (4) company letter and (5) unit and battalion numbers are indicated when applicable. The enlisted men's roster is first followed by that for the officers.

Dates: Created: 1940-1947

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Georgia State Guard Unit Correspondence

Identifier: 022-03-011
Scope and Contents

Originally formed in the spring of 1940, the State Defense Corps was later reorganized and renamed by the governor (1941) and the General Assembly (1943). The Georgia State Guard functioned only while the Georgia National Guard was inactive federal service during and immediately after World War II. These records can serve as proof of service, but they are not complete as men have proven service in the State Guard by other means.

Dates: Created: 1861-1946

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Mexican Border War Mustering-In Rolls

Identifier: 022-03-045
Scope and Contents This series consists of two bound volumes containing the mustering-in rolls of men in the Georgia National Guard, both commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates, who participated in the Mexican Border War. A typical listing gives: (1) name of soldier (2) rank (3) physical description (4) place of birth (5) occupation (6) marital status (7) residence (8) name and relationship of person to call in an emergency (9) home station or company rendezvous (10) date upon which oath was...
Dates: Created: 1916

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Misc. Files

Identifier: 022-03-054
Scope and Contents The Georgia State Guard was originally organized in 1940 under the name of the State Defense Corps by authority of Federal Act ML 1939, Sec. 1323, as amended by Act of Oct. 21, 1940 (Sec. 1, Bill No. 36, WD 1940). It was later changed to Georgia Defense Corps by a proclamation of the Governor on April 16, 1941, and organized in three divisions: the State Guard Units; the Georgia Military Police, and the Air Patrol Service. An Act of March 5, 1943, created the Georgia State Guard, which was...
Dates: Created: 1940-1949

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Official Register

Identifier: 022-03-019
Scope and Contents These pamphlets were published by the authority of the Adjutant General of Georgia on January 1 of each year. Each pamphlet contains a listing for every officer in the Georgia National Guard. Information about the officers includes name, rank, personal information, and a record of,service (usually divided into "U.S. and other states" and "in Georgia"). These pamphlets are organized by the following ranks: U.S. Army Inspector-Instructors General Staff Aides-de-camp Staff Departments Medical...
Dates: Created: 1916-1917

Defense - Georgia National Guard - WWI Service Record Abstracts

Identifier: 022-03-002
Scope and Contents This series contains abstracts from World War I Service Records for men from the State of Georgia. The records are divided into several groups: (1) Army Officers (2) Army Officers deceased (3) Army Nurses (4) Navy Enlisted (5) Navy deceased (6) Army Enlisted (7) Army deceased. The records are arranged alphabetically by name within these groups. The information for each individual includes: (1) full name (2) service number (3) race (for Army records) (4) place of enlistment (5) age (6)...
Dates: Other: no date