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027/11. Planning and Programs Division

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Identifier: 027/11
Creator: Transportation

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Continuous Count Traffic Data Publications

Identifier: 027-11-030
Scope and Contents This series consists of computer printout sheets containing continuous traffic counts collected at various continuous count recording stations located in both rural and urban areas scattered across the State. Included are the booklets prepared for public distribution which summarize the counts. The number of counting stations varies from year to year as does the number of booklets issued per year, the reason being, apparently, how specific the breakdown of the data into different categories...
Dates: Created: 1973-1980

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - County Map Files

Identifier: 027-11-032
Scope and Contents This series consists of the original drawings of county highway maps drafted by the Mapping and Graphics Branch. The maps are transverse mercator conformal projections and are drawn to scale. They include details of boundaries, improved and unimproved roads, communities and their population and elevation figures, natural geographic features, businesses,homes, churches, cultural and recreational features. The date and any updates of each county map are listed opposite the county name. Rapid...
Dates: Created: 1932-1971

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Federal Aid State System Map Files

Identifier: 027-11-035
Scope and Contents

This series contains maps and negatives of maps of urban areas, counties and regions reflecting the federally aided highway system as well as changes and updates. Included are county map originals (paper copies of mylar county maps) and state map mylar originals.

Dates: Created: 1968-1968

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Georgia Airport Directory

Identifier: 027-11-010
Scope and Contents The Georgia Airport Directory is prepared annually in the interest of safety in air navigation and to acquaint the flying public with a listing and diagrams of known landing areas available to general aviation. Information consistently given for each Georgia airport listed includes: distance from nearest city; elevation: runway length; surface material; radio facilities; lights; and general services offered by the airport such as repairs, weather information, meals, transportation, and...
Dates: Created: 1971

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Mass Transport Urban Area System Files

Identifier: 027-11-040
Scope and Contents These records are mass transportation urban area system files which were created by the Division of Planning and Programming, Department of Transportation. The files include folders containing departmental memorandums, correspondence, and copies of community transportation committee minutes, and technical reports containing maps, summaries, annual reports of community transportation committees, draft statements, and technical papers. These files relate to grant application procedures, the...
Dates: Created: 1974-1976

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Mass Transportation Inter City Feasibility Study

Identifier: 027-11-041
Scope and Contents These files include technical reports, proposals, studies, specifications, correspondence, memoranda, related engineering information, and technical papers. Most of the records in this file are lettersize sheets. They relate to the economic, engineering, and environmental effects of proposed and in-development intercity transportation corridors. The mass transportation feasibility study files treat the problems and needs of various modes of transportation (i.e., rail, personal vehicle,...
Dates: Created: 1974-1975

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Origin-Destination Tables

Identifier: 027-11-050
Scope and Contents This series consists of a 23%" X 21%" bound volume containing essentially traffic count tables compiled from a Metropolitan Atlanta Special Origin- Destination Study conducted in 1940 and 1941 by the Division of Planning of the State Highway Board of Georgia. This was done in conjunction with the Public Roads Administration, Work Projects Administration, Fulton County and the City of Atlanta. The tables were completed in 1942. The volume contains a table of contents which lists as subject...
Dates: Created: 1940-1942

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Sanborn Insurance Maps

Identifier: 027-11-049
Scope and Contents This series consists of 25" X 22" bound volumes containing colored maps published by the Sanborn Map Company of New York which show streets, type of structures and other geographic features of certain Georgia urban areas. The maps are updated by pasting over areas which have changed. Each page contains a listing of pasted on updates which have been added to the map on that particular page. The volumes are indexed and the index to paste ons which have been added are included in the front of...
Dates: Created: 1924-1971

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Seasonal Control Count Annual Summaries

Identifier: 027-11-026
Scope and Contents The Division of Planning and Programming is responsible for the development of long and short-range transportation plans, project scheduling, research and development programing, including highways, aviation and mass transit systems, drafting and revising of all maps and the collecting and compiling of traffic survey data. This series is a product of the last-named function and consists of the annual sumaries of all seasonal control traffic recorder data. These annual sumaries in the form of...
Dates: Created: 1966-1976

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Traffic Coverage Count Files

Identifier: 027-11-027
Scope and Contents

This series contains coverage counts and estimates of average daily traffic (form HPS-T-83) compiled by the Division for use as a basis for the extrapolation of future traffic patterns so as to determine highway needs.

Dates: Created: 1966-1997

Transportation - Planning and Programs Division - Vehicle Classification Data Reports

Identifier: 027-11-028
Scope and Contents

This series is used i n conjunction with Series 27, Traffic Coverage Count Files, of this sub-group, to predict traffic trends. The type of vehicle is equally important as the traffic volume in determining future highways in the State. Trucks, for example, because of their great weight, require more substantially constructed highways than do automobiles. The Vehicle Classification Data Reports are summaries of the data compiled on the vehicle classification code sheets.

Dates: Created: 1967-1977