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Washington County (Ga.)


Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Washington County - Justice of the Peace Court - Incoming Correspondence

Identifier: 250-04-019
Scope and Contents

1913 Letter from, W.S. Marsh disapproving request for issuance of Marriage license for daughter Minnie Lee; 1913, Letter from M.A. Brown disapproving request for issuance of Marriage license for daughters Jessie Mae and Evie Pearl; 1915, Letter from Ms. Hasrtley disapproving, request for marriage license for son Arlie Lawson; 1913, Letter from J.D. Newnan disapproving request for marriage license for daughter Vera Milem

Dates: Created: 1913-1915

Washington County - Probate Court - Abstract of 1900 U.S. Census

Identifier: 250-02-009
Scope and Contents This abstract of the U. S. Census population schedule for 1900 was found in the courthouse. Entries are arranged numerically by militia district and then by families (or households) in no apparent order. For each person the following is given: name, race, sex, age, and State of birth. Inasmuch as the one volume included here does not include the entire county, other volumes are probably missing. There is no index.Census districts available in this volume include 88th through the...
Dates: Created: 1900

Washington County - Probate Court - Letter Book

Identifier: 250-02-007
Scope and Contents

This series contains a bound letter book compiled by the Clerk of the Court of Ordinary of Washington County. A good portion of this book is undecipherable as the pages were made of a very thin rice paper and through the years the ink has faded making my entries highly illegible.

Dates: Created: 1881-1885

Washington County - Probate Court - Marriage Records

Identifier: 250-02-001
Scope and Contents

This series contains unbound marriage records consisting of marriage licenses and consent to marriage forms. Information on these licenses includes: (1) name of groom; (2) name of bride; (3) date license was issued; (4) date of marriage; (5) name of Ordinary, and (6) name of person performing the wedding ceremony.

Dates: Created: 1881-1924

Washington County - Probate Court - Oaths and Bonds

Identifier: 250-02-006
Scope and Contents This series contains bound and unbound oaths and bonds given to the Court Ordinary by the various officers of the county's different offices. These oaths and performance bonds were made by the (1) county commissioners, (2) justices of the peace, (3) notary publics and ex officio Justices of the peace, (4) members of the Board of Education, (5) constables, (6) coroners, (7) clerks of the City Court, (8) clerks of the Superior Court, (9) tax receivers, (10) county treasurers, (11) county...
Dates: Created: 1891-1912

Washington County - Probate Court - Pistol Toters Bonds and Applications

Identifier: 250-02-003
Scope and Contents

This series contains unbound bands and applications of the Court of Ordinary concerning the licensing of a person to carry a pistol. The applications give the applicant's name, make and caliber of pistol or revolver and its serial number. The bonds, required under the Acts of 1910, obliged a person who applied for a pistol toters license to put up the sun of $100 as a payment for binding himself to use the pistol for only proper and legitimate purposes.

Dates: Created: 1911-1914

Washington County - Probate Court - Wild Land Digest

Identifier: 250-02-005
Scope and Contents

This series contains bound digests of wild lands containing the (1) name of landowner, (2) post office address, (3) number of acres of land, (4) district number, (5) county where the land is located, (6) total value of land and (7) amount of tax assessed.

Dates: Created: 1900-1905

Washington County - Superior Court - Head Right Grant Indexes

Identifier: 250-01-004
Scope and Contents

This series contains bound indexes of the head right grants containing the (1) book volume, (2) name of grantee, (3) amount of acreage owned, (4) location of land, (5) date land was granted and (6) page where grantee is located in head right grant book. The grant books these indexes refer to are located in the Surveyor General’s Office in the Archives.

Dates: Created: 1784-1858

Washington County - Tax Collector - Property Tax Digests

Identifier: 250-07-034
Dates: 1866, 1882 - 1884, 1887 - 1890, 1892 - 1903, 1905 - 1958

Washington County - Tax Collector - Tax Defaulters Volume

Identifier: 250-07-008
Scope and Contents

This series contains a bound volume of tax defaulters which gives the name of the tax payer, the date, the amount of money on which defaulted and remarks on its payment. At the end of the volume is a page which contains some other matter and is now unidentifiable.

Dates: Created: 1885-1889