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32nd Regiment, Company D. Georgia Morning Report Book, January through April 1865

Identifier: 2019-0008M
Scope and Contents

Morning Log Book for Company D, 32nd Georgia covering the time period 1 January 1865 through 10 April 1865. There are no entries from mid-February to April 1.

Dates: 1865

A. [Alfred] H. Colquitt letter

Identifier: 2021-0001M
Scope and Contents

March 5, 1880 Governor Alfred H. Colquitt Letter to Josiah Patterson of Memphis, Tennessee

Dates: 1880

A. J. Bryan Civil War parole papers

Identifier: 1968-0381M
Scope and Contents

The parole paper was issued at Macon, GA, May 15, 1865, for Bryan of the 11th Regt. GA Vols., Co. A; however, he cannot be found on that company's roster.

Dates: 1865

A. J. Cleavland Civil War letter

Identifier: 0000-0269M
Scope and Contents

A. J. wrote to his son, S. C., that he wanted him home: "Donot Be afervill. all of your Company is at home and they say that they intend to stay ther."

Dates: 1864

A. James Brady Papers

Identifier: 0000-0022M
Scope and Contents The collection contains business papers such as advertisements, shipping lists, price lists, and invoices from companies in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Canada, dating from 1843 - 1854, many of them fastened into a book. It is uncertain whether they are connected with Brady. His own correspondence is mostly from Felix E. O'Rourke, a drygoods dealer in New York City. Brady's last letters are written from Milledgeville, Georgia where he was engaged in Civil War activities such as sock...
Dates: 1843 - 1862 and 1871

A. Stephens Mitchell family genealogical collection

Identifier: 1972-0380M
Scope and Contents

Research begun by Stephens Mitchell's father, Eugene M., and others. Charts, notes, letters, document copies, and typescripts of the Mitchell, Sweet, Stephens, Fitgerald, Munnerlyn, Thomasson, Holliday, and Horry families, mostly in Atlanta and Clayton County, Georgia. Correspondence is with Aurelia Roach McMillan and Deborah M. Wood Griffin. Two 1870s Sweet letters from Texas are included along with various Mitchell and Stephens Atlanta photographs.

Dates: 1835, 1853, ca. 1872-1974, and n.d.

A. Thomas Bradbury papers

Identifier: 0000-0154M
Scope and Contents

Collection contains mostly news clippings with a few architectural drawings.

Dates: 1922 - 1968

Abram and Christian Hill, Family Genealogical Material

Identifier: 0000-0145M
Scope and Contents

Several compilations, part of a bound volume of notes, and loose papers created by cousins Mary Hill Ficklin and Ida May Hill Casey. The collection contains Pope as well as Wilkes County, Georgia, Hill genealogy. Some of the notes are on letterhead for the Gate City National Bank in Atlanta on the corner of Alabama and Pryor Streets. Lodowick J. Hill was president; A. W. Hill, vice-president.

Dates: no date

Adah K. (Mrs. Henry Johnston) Toombs Organizational Papers

Identifier: 0000-0144M
Scope and Contents Organizations include the League of Women Voters of Georgia, the Georgia Legislative Forum for Women, the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, United Church Women of Atlanta, and various prison reform groups, especially for children. Mrs. Toombs was a member of the Fulton County Juvenile Board, the City Executive Council, representative to Georgia Citizens Committee of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, the Georiga Committee for Children and Youth, and served on the...
Dates: 1951 - 1996

Adairsville literary and scientific society minutes

Identifier: 1981-0024M-a
Scope and Contents

Minutes, officers, members, and the constitution and by-laws of a co-educational society that met monthly to present essays, readings, declamations, and music.

Dates: 1880 - 1881

Adam Graham Civil War Letters

Identifier: 0000-0243M
Scope and Contents

Letters are from Graham to his sister, Mary Baxter Graham (Mrs. Hustis) Studstill in Brooks County, Georgia. One letter is by Mary.

Dates: 1861 and 1864

Adam Leopold Alexander incoming letters

Identifier: 1972-0395M
Scope and Contents

This collection includes an 1829 letter from Nathaniel Jocelyn, a portrait painter, writing from New York about portraits of Adam and his wife, Sarah Hillhouse Gilbert Alexander, that Jocelyn was shipping to Washington, Georgia. The portraits were still in the Alexander house in 1972. The collection also includes an 1847 letter from John P. King, president of the Georgia Railroad Company, concerning the coming of the railroad to Wilkes County, Georgia.

Dates: 1829 and 1847

Adelaide Everhart drawings

Identifier: 1970-0247M
Scope and Contents

Sketches, bookplates, illustrated books, newspaper clippings, catalogs, photographs, verses, and letters relating to Miss Everhart's career.

Dates: 1886-1958

Aerial Photographs and Flood Insurance Maps

Identifier: 2018-0003V
Scope and Contents

This collection includes aerial photograph books showing the Atlanta metro area and printed large format aerial photographs of Dade County. The collection also includes Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Hazard Boundary Maps of Georgia cities and counties, created for the Federal Insurance Administration/National Flood Insurance Program. Most of these maps are of the metro Atlanta area or the exurbs [outer suburan area].

Dates: 1972 - 1994

Agriculture - Administrative Division - Public Information News Releases

Identifier: 013-12-038
Scope and Contents This series consists of documents relating to the distribution of information to the news media and the public from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. A sampling of publicity contained in the news releases includes: legislation passed requiring farmers to install anti-siphoning devices on irrigation systems; the licensing of pet and exotic bird breeders and dealers; records of crops produced in Georgia; a halt in licensing of roadside seafood peddlers; the requirement of fumigation of...
Dates: Created: 1981-1982
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Administrative Division - Subject Files

Identifier: 013-12-043
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence, memorandums, forms, pamphlets, brochures, legal documents, property inventories, agendas for conventions, reports and budget data documenting all functions of the Administrative Division. This Division is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department and oversees such support services as budget, accounting, systems information, personnel, training and safety. The Administrative Division, consequently, works in close cooperation with the...
Dates: Created: 1969-1975
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Animal Industry - Daily Poultry Market Reports

Identifier: 013-08-037
Scope and Contents The Animal Industry Division administers brucellosis and pathology laboratory services, meat inspections, veterinary activities, market news, a quality milk program, the bonding and licensing of livestock barns and related programs. This series consists of single-page mimeographed market reports published by the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Market News Service. These reports indicate the Georgia f.o.b. (free on board) dock quoted prices and the supply of broilers and fryers plus the...
Dates: Created: 1983-2005
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Animal Industry - Subject Files

Identifier: 013-08-012
Scope and Contents

Included in this series are letters, memoranda, reports, news releases and some pamphlets relating to the functional operation of the Animal Industry Division. This subject file served as a central reference repository for the above record types which originated in or accumulated within the Division.

Dates: Created: 1969-1991
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Commissioner's Office - Annual Or Biennial Reports

Identifier: 013-01-005
Scope and Contents

This series consists of annual or biennial reports which summarize the accomplishments of the Department of Agriculture during the indicated time period and recommend future changes or programs. The various division chiefs and the commissioner include reports of their respective areas of responsibility.

Dates: Created: 1907-1980
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Commissioner's Office - Commissioner's Hearing Files

Identifier: 013-01-016
Scope and Contents One of the chief responsibilities of the Georgia Department of Agriculture is to conduct hearings on complaints lodged against industries engaged in food or beverage preparation, processing or distribution in Georgia and elsewhere. Usually included are: the official hearing record; the order based on findings of the hearing; the Commissioner's ruling on objections, if any; and correspondence with the companies or individuals involved If the case is carried to court, the briefs are also...
Dates: Created: 1950-1969
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Commissioner's Office - Commissioner's Subject Files

Identifier: 013-01-002
Scope and Contents This series contains letters received from persons and organizations, press copy replies, and pink intradepartmental memorandums to the Commissioner. These files treat diverse subjects, including personnel matters, agricultural commodities, reports from Deputy Commissioners, farm problems, consumer protection and publicity. Few letters deal directly with individual farmers. There are many single files which have no apparent direct relationship to the other files. The series reflects...
Dates: Created: 1927-2009
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Commissioner's Office - Commodity Commission Reading Files

Identifier: 013-01-015
Scope and Contents

Apparently, the Markets Commodity Promotion Division transmits copies of all its papers to the Commissioner for his perusal. Consequently, these files document the activities of the various commodity commissions in Georgia. Documents included in this series are: minutes of commission meetings; marketing and warehouse storage contracts initiated by the commissions; marketing orders stipulating product affected and scope; and correspondence related to commission activities.

Dates: Created: 1960-1967
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Commissioner's Office - Re-Election Campaign of J.J. Brown Correspondence

Identifier: 013-01-032
Scope and Contents This surviving portion of a larger series of records contains incoming and copies of outgoing correspondence; lists of rural mail carriers and registered voters; copies of newspaper articles, some apparently used for campaign literature and other records from the office of Commissioner of Agriculture J.J. Brown. All the records requesting lists of rural mail carriers were created apparently in an effort to further the re-election of Commissioner Brown. The expressed interest in rural mail...
Dates: Created: 1922
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Consumer Protection - Consumer Services Newsletter

Identifier: 013-10-035
Scope and Contents This series consists of new, and possibly quarterly, newsletters published by the Georgia Department of Agriculture especially for the consumer. The contents of each newsletter contains current information that is beneficial to the average consumer with topics that range from tips on how to save at the gas pump and how to select groceries to articles on the nutritional needs of the elderly and vaccination requirements for school children. There is also included a regular column written by...
Dates: Created: 1981
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Consumer Protection - Subject Files

Identifier: 013-10-021
Scope and Contents

This series contains records relating to all areas of interest to the Assistant Commissioner in charge of Consumer Protection. Included are: correspondence discussing proposed legislation, policy, methods and procedures for implementing programs of food quality control, fuel and weights and measures; memorandums; forms; pamphlets; and legal documents.

Dates: Created: 1963-1972
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Entomology - Annual Reports

Identifier: 013-03-006
Scope and Contents The Act of December 20, 1898 (Georgia Laws 1898 p.p. 94-97) required the State Board of Entomology to make annual reports to the Governor. The entomological activities of the Department of Agriculture, previous to this date appeared in the annual reports of the Department. These published reports include the following sections: White-Fringed Beetle Control and Eradication; Sweet Potato Weevil Control and Eradication; Japanese Beetle Control and Eradication; Tifton Laboratory; Cornelia...
Dates: Created: 1914-1973
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Entomology - Bulletins, Circulars, and Press Bulletins

Identifier: 013-03-007
Scope and Contents An act of December 21, 1897 required the State Entomologist to collect, compile, compose and distribute information concerning horticulture and pomology for the fruit and vegetable growers of Georgia. The publications in this series are a direct result of this act. The contents of these volumes are the result of research activities conducted by the Department of Agriculture over the years, although some few bulletins recount the proceedings of meetings of closely related organizations. All...
Dates: Created: 1899-1970
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Entomology - Publications

Identifier: 013-03-011
Scope and Contents The Act of March 25, 1937 (Georgia Laws 1937, pp. 659, 666) required the State Entomologist to provide for the registration of all growers of plant and nursery stock intended for sale and distribution in the state. This series is composed of listings of nurseries and their owners published in booklet form. The information presented in these booklets includes the following: certified nurseries including: list of names and addresses of owners, kinds of stock each has, and acreage; certified...
Dates: Created: 1959-1972
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Fuel and Measures - State Oil Inspector's Traveling Expenses Analysis

Identifier: 013-11-040
Scope and Contents

Series consists of description of expenditures on hotels, meals, railroad fare, gas, oil, and automobile repair for L.H. Glenn, State Oil Inspector.

Dates: Created: 1923-1924
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Fuel and Measures - Subject Files

Identifier: 013-11-022
Scope and Contents

This series contains correspondence, memorandums, publications and other records which document the two-fold functions of the Division: supervising and regulating the fuel suppliers in Georgia; and inspecting all weighing and measuring devices in the State. The records further document the close interaction between the Division and others in the Department of Agriculture and other government agencies.

Dates: Created: 1973-1982
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Bulletins

Identifier: 013-06-008
Scope and Contents

These published bulletins show the department's involvement in every phase of agriculture, from the preparation of the soil to the marketing of the products and animals. Many of the bulletins document laws and regulations applicable to agricultural products.

Dates: Created: 1917-1974
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Farmer's and Consumer's Market Bulletin

Identifier: 013-06-025
Scope and Contents

These bulletins were published in newspaper format once a week. The content often takes the form of advertisements offering to buy or sell agricultural labor, equipment, livestock, seed, plants, game, poultry, handicrafts, hay, feed, grain, and other agricultural products. Other subjects included are advice on when to plant certain crops, various federal programs available to farmers and strike news.

Dates: Created: 1945-1981
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Farmer's Market Newspaper Clippings

Identifier: 013-06-039
Dates: Created: 1948-1954
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Georgia Year Book of Agriculture

Identifier: 013-06-023
Scope and Contents This series was evidently published quarterly by the Department to inform Georgia farmers as to Georgia agriculture and its allied subjects. The publication is divided into four chief parts: Part I contains summaries of reports from the state Department of Agriculture and affiliated bureaus and divisions; Part II is a farmer's cyclopedia of information useful to farmers; Part III contains facts on the counties of the State with emphasis on agriculture products and markets; and Part IV is a...
Dates: Created: 1930
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - News Release Files

Identifier: 013-06-018
Scope and Contents This series contains all the news releases issued by the Press Secretary's Office of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Included are the regular news releases with the specific communications media to which the story was released indicated in the upper right hand corner of the sheet; letters of transmittal, often with some explanation as to why the story is being released and how it should be featured; and the press-ready news releases. This last-named form is actually a publication in...
Dates: Created: 1972-1980
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - One Hundredth Anniversary Memorabilia

Identifier: 013-06-013
Scope and Contents On February 14, 1974 the Georgia Department of Agriculture observed the one hundredth year of its existence in a ceremony held in the Rotunda of the State Capitol. The material contained in this series consists of the memorabilia from this ceremony which includes the following: a copy of the Program; a copy of the April 22, 1926 issue of the "Market Bulletin"; a copy of the resolution passed by the General Assembly which recognized and commended the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture on the...
Dates: Created: 1974
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Plant Food Consumption Reports

Identifier: 013-06-019
Scope and Contents

These statistical reports indicate the volume of fertilizers of various formulas utilized by farmers in all of Georgia's 159 counties. The frequency of publication of these reports varies over the years. In the earlier years reports were issued twice a year, but beginning in 1962, monthly reports were published while the semi-annual total reports were continued.

Dates: Created: 1957-1974
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Poultry Market News

Identifier: 013-06-020
Scope and Contents

These single-page mimeographed market reports published by the Department's Market News Service indicate the Georgia f.o.b. dock quoted prices and the supply of broilers and fryers and the estimated volume of slaughter for the day or week. Often two days' reports are issued on one page. At least once a week a note is included on the Arkansas poultry market as well.

Dates: Created: 1973-1982
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Publication Record Set Files

Identifier: 013-06-024
Scope and Contents These publications are annual compilations of several bulletins and reports published at various times throughout the year by the department. Included are: reports and messages directed to the farmers from the Commissioner of Agriculture and other division and bureau chiefs; recommendations as to crops to plant; answers to questions from Georgia farmers; and seasonal reports and illustrations. These volumes served in the early years of the Department as a combination of annual reports to the...
Dates: Created: 1890-1983
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Publications

Identifier: 013-06-036
Scope and Contents This series consists of miscellaneous publications from the various divisions within the Department of Agriculture, all directed toward the average consumer. These small leaflets usually deal with one subject; their topics range from the methodology of enforcing the various official standards such as weights and measures to the Fuel and Measures Standards Division to giving the consumer new ideas on a basic theme (such as the recipes from the Commodities Promotion Section). These folders are...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found in after 1969
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - Statistical and Historical Publications

Identifier: 013-06-033
Scope and Contents This series contains a variety of publications released serially at varying intervals. Before the advent of the Georgia Official and Statistical Register in the early 1920s, the Department of Agriculture supplied the state with publications similar to the Register in informational content. Besides the expected prose and statistical reports on all phases of agriculture in the state, these publications might contain information about: history of Georgia; general sketch of the state; geological...
Dates: Created: 1900-1940
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - The Gad About (Publication)

Identifier: 013-06-044
Scope and Contents This monthly newsletter was published by the employees of the Department. Each of the five agriculture districts in Georgia had its own field editor who collected news locally and sendy it to the Atlanta office for publication. The articles are largely concerning personnel matters with personal notes on various employees and announcements of interest concerning training sessions, employee suggestions, etc. There is usually a feature on an employee of the month always accompanied by a...
Dates: Created: 1971-1984
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Information and Education - World's Finest Farmer's Market (Film)

Identifier: 013-06-027
Scope and Contents

This series consists of a 16 mm, single-reel film promoting the Georgia State Farmers Market in Forest Park, Georgia.

Dates: Created: before 1978
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - International Trade - Gait (Publication)

Identifier: 013-13-017
Scope and Contents This mimeographed newsletter, the title of which stands for Georgia Agricultural International Trade, is published every now and then by the International Trade Division to share information with those interested parties engaged in developing export markets and expanding international trade for Georgia's food and other agricultural commodities. Included are announcements concerning trade shows and exhibits, marketing opportunities for various products, studies conducted by the federal...
Dates: Created: 1974-1975
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Laboratory - Annual Reports

Identifier: 013-02-009
Scope and Contents These reports are presented in both a narrative and statistical form and summarize the yearly activities of the Laboratories Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. These reports include: information on attendance and participation in various conferences; a breakdown of laboratory expenses; collaboration with other state and federal agencies; a summary of miscellaneous work performed; and a list of division personnel. These reports are primarily concerned with work done in...
Dates: Created: 1955-1981
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Laboratory - Chemical Analysis Bulletins

Identifier: 013-02-029
Scope and Contents The publications comprising this series are a companion series to series 13-2-28 whose publications contain statistical and narrative reports of samples of food and other agricultural products analyzed by the State Chemist. The publications in this series contain many statistical reports but also contain more analytical material presented in a narrative manner and a variety of other material related to the analysis of the chemical content of agricultural products.The other material included...
Dates: Created: 1906-1959
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Laboratory - Commercial Fertilizers and Liming Materials

Identifier: 013-02-030
Scope and Contents This series is comprised of publications which contain statistical information relating to the quality of commercial fertilizer and liming material sold in Georgia, that is inspected by the State Chemist. The Act of February 28, 1874, authorized the Georgia Department of Agriculture to analyze fertilizers sold in the state. The Act of April 12, 1963, authorized the department to analyze lime sold in Georgia. The material presented includes: manufacture or registrant (of fertilizer or lime);...
Dates: Created: 1961-1981
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Laboratory - DDT Spray Program Maps Index Cards

Identifier: 013-02-041
Scope and Contents

Consists of indices to DDT spray program maps on index cards. Details houses and house numbers.

Dates: Created: 1937-1947
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Laboratory - Foods and Drugs (Publication)

Identifier: 013-02-028
Scope and Contents The Act of February 28, 1874, which created the Department of Agriculture, authorized the department to employ a State Chemist to analyze fertilizers sent into the state for commercial use. Later acts expanded the number of such products the department was authorized to analyze to include insecticides, fungicides, lime, feed stuffs, foods and drugs. The publications comprising this series are bulletins containing monthly reports of the activities of the State Chemist. The information...
Dates: Created: 1915-1930
Found in: Georgia Archives

Agriculture - Markets Commodities Promotion - Georgia Agriculture Commodities Buyers' Guide

Identifier: 013-09-034
Scope and Contents This series consists of volumes published biennially by the Georgia Department of Agriculture which are actually directories of producers, processors and manufacturers of Georgia agricultural products. Produced as an effort to open doors to new markets for Georgia commodities, the publications are not intended for the soliciting of business, nor do the listings constitute an endorsement by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The publications are not to be construed as a complete listing...
Dates: Created: 1979-1981
Found in: Georgia Archives

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