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Public Safety


Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:

Public Safety - Accident Reporting Section - Drivers' License Suspension Correspondence

Identifier: 035-13-002
Scope and Contents

This correspondence mainly deals with suspension of driver's licenses. In it individuals are trying to obtain hearings in order to get restricted licenses or wanting to know the requirements to get their licenses back. In some cases they were allowed to operate vehicles for their employer or other special cases. This was done only if they met certain requirements. In some cases there is not a complete years correspondence.

Dates: Created: 1939-1964

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Annual Reports

Identifier: 035-02-003
Scope and Contents These published reports are primarily of a statistical nature. They are compiled from the reports of the Department's various divisions and units. Among the more important sections of these annual reports are: (1) organizational chart (2) Accident Reporting Division including all pertinent data concerning motor vehicle accidents such as mortalities, injuries, number of accidents, cost of accidents, city and county records and a statistical summary (3) Electronic Data (4) Personnel (5) Safety...
Dates: Created: 1958-1985

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Commissioner's Subject Files

Identifier: 035-02-017
Scope and Contents This series contains original and copied material that pertains to the administration of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). The majority of the records are unbound and reflect the high priority the department had assigned to highway safety. The records in this series include but are not limited to: 1) correspondence and memoranda 2) traffic safety and fatality reports 3) reports to the Governor 4) budget, planning and development documents 5) various questionnaires on law enforcement...
Dates: Created: 1970-1990

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Georgia Driver's Manual

Identifier: 035-02-030
Scope and Contents

This publication contains the various laws concerning driving, the use of highways and pedestrian safety.

Dates: Created: 1974

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Georgia State Patrol Graduation Exercises

Identifier: 035-02-031
Scope and Contents

This series contains programs of the graduating classes of the Georgia State Patrol.

Dates: Created: 1973-1973

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Georgia State Patrol Monthly Newsletter

Identifier: 035-02-026
Scope and Contents

This newsletter is composed of both personnel and professional news notes concerning the Georgia State Patrol. It is similar to The Trooper in record group 35-2-25 and Traffic Safety Coordinator in record group 35-2-24.

Dates: Created: 1975-1976

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Georgia Traffic Accident Facts (Publication)

Identifier: 035-02-028
Scope and Contents This publication contains a great deal of statistical information concerning traffic accidents and is published annually. The statistical schedules presented in this publication are summarized below. Many of these schedules are given by county, The schedules included (not all schedules are included in every issue) in the publications are (1) location and telephone numbers of Georgia State Patrol Posts; (2) traffic deaths for previous fifteen years; (3) traffic tolls for previous five years;...
Dates: Created: 1944-1953

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - the Trooper (Publication)

Identifier: 035-02-025
Scope and Contents

This is an in house type of publication that is published monthly for the personnel of the department and other interested persons. It contains a monthly report of the activities at each of the State Patrol Posts that concerns personnel changes and similar news.

Dates: Created: 1972-1978

Public Safety - Commissioner's Office - Traffic Safety Coordinator (Publication)

Identifier: 035-02-024
Scope and Contents

This publication contains brief news notes concerning traffic safety and is published once a month. The publication is especially interested in recent legislation relating to traffic safety passed by the Georgia General Assembly and other state and national legislative bodies.

Dates: Created: 1970-1979

Public Safety - Driver Support Division - Identification Card for Handicapped Driver

Identifier: 035-09-021
Scope and Contents This series contains the first application for an identification card and the identification card itself issued to a handicapped holder of a valid Georgia driver's license under the provisions of Senate Bill 262 passed in the 1973 - 1974 session of the General Assembly. The bill was sponsored by Senators Tysinger of the 41st District, Howard of the 42nd and Overby of the 49th. It was recommended by the Department of Public Safety that these records be retained in the Archives for display...
Dates: Created: 1973

Public Safety - Georgia State Patrol - Post Operations Files

Identifier: 035-06-015
Scope and Contents This series consists of several statistical reports summarizing the field operations of each patrol post in Georgia. Included are: 1) inspection reports of each post (Form GSP-22) 2) Breakdown of Accidents (Form GSP-49) 3) arrests and disposition of cases by county showing breakdowns, types of dispositions and fines (Form GSP-6) 4) fatalities and arrests for DUI by county showing name, address, age and race of subject, time of death or arrest and location of incident and 5) related...
Dates: Created: 1972-1989

Public Safety - Highway Safety - Publications

Identifier: 035-20-032
Scope and Contents The Act of April 18, 1967 created the Office of Coordinator of Highway Safety to assist the Governor in the formulation, coordination and supervision of state and local highway safety programs in order to reduce traffic accidents, deaths, injuries and property damage in the state. The Governor was authorized to appoint the Coordinator. The Act of April 6, 1972 renamed the office the Office of Highway Safety and transferred it to the Department of Public Safety for administrative purposes...
Dates: Created: 1968

Public Safety - Office of Highway Safety - Annual Reports

Identifier: 035-20-033
Scope and Contents These annual reports contain statistical and narrative material and can be summarized with the following table of contents taken from the 1969 - 1970 fiscal year annual report: (1) 1969 statistical traffic data for State of Georgia; (2) chart showing accident reporting, traffic deaths, injuries and economic loss; (3) maps displaying political subdivisions that have participated in highway safety projects administered by the Office of Coordinator of Highway Safety; (4) individual breakdown of...
Dates: Created: FY70

Public Safety - Peace Officers Standards - Newsletter

Identifier: 035-18-027
Scope and Contents The Act of March 10, 1970 created the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council for the purpose of upgrading the selection and training of peace officers in Georgia and placed the Council within the Department of Public Safety for administrative purposes. The Council was authorized, strengthened by later acts, to establish standards to be used in certifying schools authorized to train peace officers, to certify schools that meet such standards as well as the instructors and...
Dates: Created: 1975-1979