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Vocational Rehabilitation


Found in 17 Collections and/or Records:

Vocational Rehabilitation - Administrative Services and Program Development - Program Development and Evaluation Files

Identifier: 075-23-037
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound documents created by the Program Development Unit which has the responsibility for providing the support services of planning, evaluation and resource development for the Division of Rehabilitation Services. The documents relate to the planning and development of goals and objectives within the Division and for the evaluation of such programs. Generally included are (1 ) Semi Annual Performance Measures, including a Catalog of Measures, which details the...
Dates: Created: 1955-1981

Vocational Rehabilitation - Director's Office - Annual Reports

Identifier: 075-01-009
Scope and Contents These published reports show the progress of the various Vocational Education programs in the state's schools administered by the Department of Education and financed by State, Federal and local funds. The sections of these reports are as follows: (1) Summary of Vocational Education activities for year; (2) Agriculture Education; (3) Home Economics Education; (4) Trade and Industrial Education; (5) Industrial or Civilian Rehabilitation; (6) Lists of Agricultural, Home Economics, Trade and...
Dates: Created: 1927-1973

Vocational Rehabilitation - Director's Office - Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 075-01-002
Scope and Contents This agency was created in 1951 to help prepare physically and mentally impaired individuals for gainful employment. The Directors major duties are to: (1) Establish personnel standards, protect records and confidential information and procedures for fair hearings from applicants; (2) Establish appropriate subordinate administrative units; (3) Administer the disbursement of state and federal monies for the vocational rehabilitation of impaired individuals; (4) Establish rehabilitation...
Dates: Created: 1945-1983

Vocational Rehabilitation - Director's Office - Federal Grant Project Records

Identifier: 075-01-001
Scope and Contents This series contains the general administrative records of the Director of the Vocational Rehabilitation Division, particularly those records that document vocational rehabilitation projects funded by Federal government grants. An individual folder or folders is devoted to each project. Included in such folders are the applications to the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare's Vocational Rehabilitation Administration. an application for a grant gives a detailed statement of the...
Dates: Created: 1940-1972

Vocational Rehabilitation - Director's Office - Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation News

Identifier: 075-01-032
Scope and Contents This bimonthly publication of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Department of Education usually numbered about eight pages in length and was well illustrated. A typical number might include brief articles on training programs for the mentally and physically handicapped, philosophical viewpoints from professionals in the field, job opportunities for the handicapped, counseling programs, specific vocational programs and programs instituted by service organizations to hire or...
Dates: Created: 1951-1965

Vocational Rehabilitation - Director's Office - Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Staff Conference

Identifier: 075-01-033
Scope and Contents This series contains programs from various annual Vocational Rehabilitation Staff conferences held each August at the General Oglethorpe Hotel in Savannah, Georgia. A typical program contains a photograph of the State Board of Education, a photograph of the State Superintendent of Schools, a detailed agenda of the various sessions including quite lengthy lists of workshop participants, consultants and speakers, a large photograph of the featured banquet speaker, a brief narrative outlining...
Dates: Created: 1954-1963

Vocational Rehabilitation - Director's Office - Publications

Identifier: 075-01-031
Scope and Contents This series contains a remarkable variety of publications issued by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, until 1972 a part of the Department of Education, and since that time a part of the Department of Human Resources. Included are works on counseling centers for the handicapped, pamphlets advertising programs offered by the division, programs for special meetings, conventions and seminars and relatively lengthy studies sponsored or initiated by the division. The titles are listed in...
Dates: Created: 1978

Vocational Rehabilitation - Georgia Factory for Blind - Annual Reports

Identifier: 075-20-023
Scope and Contents This series contains the annual reports of the Georgia Factory for the Blind with branches in Atlanta, Bainbridge and Griffin. Each report is very brief, about six pages, and contains reports from the various administrators on such items as sales of products, work force strength, wages, hours of work and accreditation. Also included are balance sheet statements, graphs, illustrations of factory operations and lists of administrative personnel at the various branches and retirees for the...
Dates: Created: 1976-1978

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Alice Lou Plastridge Correspondence

Identifier: 075-19-034
Scope and Contents

Miss Alice Lou Plastridge was the Director of Physical Therapy at the Warm Springs Foundation from the early 1930’s to the early 1940’s. This unit supervised the therapy provided the patients in an effort to strengthen their muscles through exercise and provided a referral service for outpatients.

Dates: Created: 1930-1945

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Business Manager's Subject Files

Identifier: 075-19-027
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence, fiscal records, insurance records, reports on physical plant inspections, personnel records, monthly statistical reports. and other records documenting the support services furnished by the office of the business manager. All business of a non medical nature was handled by this official except for a brief period in the 1920's when the business manager even conducted some of the medically oriented duties as well. Among the subjects addressed in these...
Dates: Created: 1929-1965

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Chief Surgeon C.E. Irwin Correspondence

Identifier: 075-19-021
Scope and Contents This series contains a large proportion of correspondence, but also annual reports of the Warm Springs Foundation and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and other reports, applications, research data, reprints of Dr. Irwin's papers, evaluations of such things as Sister Kenny's famous treatment for polio, salary vouchers and other records which document the career of one of the Foundation's chief staff members. Dr. C.E. Irwin was employed by the Foundation perhaps longer than any...
Dates: Created: 1931-1950

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Dr. Edward D. Haak's Subject Files

Identifier: 075-19-030
Scope and Contents

This series contains correspondence, memorandums, schedules, cost comparison reports and other records created by the office of Dr. Edward D. Haak, a physician on the staff of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Apparently Dr. Haak served in a capacity very similar to that of Dr. Hoke in an earlier period as the contents of the two files are very similar. Both professional duties and some personal business are documented in these files.

Dates: Created: 1959-1961

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Dr. James A. Johnson's Correspondence

Identifier: 075-19-028
Scope and Contents

This series contains the correspondence of Dr. James A. Johnson who served as a physician at the Warm Springs Foundation in the mid 1930's. The series is very brief, especially when compared to the volume of records generated by Dr. Irwin who was employed at the Foundation during this time period. (see Series 21) Dr. Johnson, by contrast, generated only two unlabeled file folders of correspondence. There is, of course, no arrangement.

Dates: Created: 1930-1935

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Dr. Michael Hoke's Correspondence

Identifier: 075-19-029
Scope and Contents This series contains the correspondence of a professional nature of Dr. Michael Hoke who was employed by the Foundation during the early 1930's as an assistant to the then Chief Surgeon, Dr. C.E. Irwin. Since the vast majority of these records dates from the year 1935 and since most of the letters were exchanged with individuals with surnames beginning with the last letters of the alphabet, it may be assumed that Dr. Hoke's responsibilities at the Foundation gradually increased over the...
Dates: Created: 1933-1936

Vocational Rehabilitation - Warm Springs Foundation - Dr. Robert Bennett Correspondence

Identifier: 075-19-025
Scope and Contents This series contains a large proportion of correspondence, but also interoffice memorandums, publications apparently filed for reference, professional papers, circulars, committee records, functional tests, muscle and other test schedules, records of professional symposiums, annual, monthly and miscellaneous reports, staff schedules, reprints of various articles authored by Dr. Bennett, requests for treatment, residencies, speaking engagements, etc., a biographical sketch, other personal...
Dates: Created: 1938-1970