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Found in 30 Collections and/or Records:

Revenue - General Accounting Records - Tax Return Abstracts

Identifier: 034-02-008
Scope and Contents These records are a consolidation of statistics concerning taxes and taxpayers for use in the comptroller general's office. For each county the following information is given by number of persons: defaulted polls - freedmen, Polls - freedmen, defaulted polls - white, polls - white, professions, blind, deaf, dumb, dentists, auctioneers, photographers and similar artists, children between 6 and 18, children between 6 and 18 under guardians, hands employed between 12 and 65. The following...
Dates: Created: 1868-1980

Revenue - General Administrative Records - County and City Tax Rates Records

Identifier: 034-01-005
Scope and Contents These are reference records kept to show the various Tax Rates (in mills) levied by each county and city. Beginning in 1920 each county was required to levy taxes for schools. Consequently, beginning in that year, school tax rates by county are shown.
Dates: Created: 1891-1935

Revenue - General Administrative Records - County Tax Collectors Requests for Time Extensions

Identifier: 034-01-009
Scope and Contents The series contains the letters from County Tax Collectors to the Comptroller General, William A. Wright requesting extensions of time for the remission of tax monies due the State. These extensions were needed due to illness of the collector or because of various economic conditions in the county. In most cases the attending physician or the County Ordinary verified the request for time extension and in most cases, the final approval by the Comptroller General is noted. There is no index.
Dates: Created: 1880-1881

Revenue - General Administrative Records - Insolvent Taxes

Identifier: 034-01-011
Scope and Contents This series is a record of insolvent taxes by county. The records show the following: (1) date of entry (2) type of insolvent tax (3) folio number and (4) debits and credits entered.
Dates: Created: 1937-1938

Revenue - General Administrative Records - Personal Accounts With County Tax Collectors

Identifier: 034-01-002
Scope and Contents These are accounts of taxes received by the State from County Tax Collectors. These accounts were kept by the Office of the Comptroller General originally, then, after 1930 by the Department of Revenue. The format, the types of taxes being collected and the amount of detailed information varies over the years. Generally the following information is included, (1) name of Tax Collector, (2) A list of various types of taxes collected with amounts and dates paid, (3) Amount of commission deducted...
Dates: Created: 1813-1964

Revenue - General Administrative Records - Press Releases

Identifier: 034-01-031
Scope and Contents These press releases were issued to inform the public of the many activities in which the Department of Revenue engaged during the time period indicated in the finding aid.
Dates: Created: 1970-1979

Revenue - General Administrative Records - Special Taxes Deliquent Cash Book

Identifier: 034-01-012
Scope and Contents These records consist of entries of delinquent Special Taxes covering such items as follows: pistol and gun dealers: radios; gas pumps; refrigerators; electrical contractors; lunch counters: beauty parlors; barber shops; taxicabs etc. Entries included are as follows: date; name of tax payer; address of tax payer; county; name of Deputy Field Collector; class or type of tax; amount of tax; penalties; and total dollar amount owed.
Dates: Created: 1947-1959

Revenue - General Administrative Records - State Tax Commission Annual Reports

Identifier: 034-01-007
Scope and Contents These reports were originally issued by the Office of the Comptroller General to the Governor each year, and to the General Assembly on a biennial basis. By an act approved January 3, 1938, the duties of the Comptroller General relating to taxes were given to the Department of Revenue. Most reports in this series up to 1928 contain accounts of tax sources and amounts of collections. Beginning in 1932, they show all sources of taxation, amounts of taxes collected from each and monies...
Dates: Created: 1916-1990

Revenue - General Administrative Records - Tax Collection Related Publications

Identifier: 034-01-013
Scope and Contents These publications deal mainly with taxation and collection of sources of revenue. Please see the finding aid for the title of each bulletin, which strongly indicates it's contents.
Dates: Created: 1929-1972

Revenue - General Administrative Records - Writs of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa's) Combined Taxes

Identifier: 034-01-003
Scope and Contents These are the record copies of writs issued by the Comptrollers General's Office to Sheriffs and other lawful officers directing them to effect collection of past due corporation. taxes. These taxes were for State, County or City purposes. A Fieri Facias (often called a Fi, Fa) is in effect the seizure of property of the tax payer to satisfy a tax claim. Most of the Fi. Fa.'s included in these records are against railroad companies, and most volumes are limited to Fi. Fa.'s for the collection...
Dates: Created: 1871-1951

Revenue - Income Tax Unit - Georgia Revenue Quarterly (Publication)

Identifier: 034-03-045
Scope and Contents This publication is a quarterly summary of developments in the Georgia tax field and is used to inform the public of those changes.
Dates: Created: 1978

Revenue - Income Tax Unit - Income Tax Unit Publications/Reprints

Identifier: 034-03-015
Scope and Contents These publications and reprints of the Georgia Code portions dealing with taxes are issued at irregular intervals by the Income Tax Unit. Occasionally addenda are issued to be added to a previous publication. Some are bound volumes and others are sheets to be inserted in a ring binder.
Dates: Created: 1952-1973

Revenue - Motor Fuel Tax Unit - Benzol Importation and Receipt Reports

Identifier: 034-09-019
Scope and Contents This series contains letters of application for and reports of importation and receipt of Benzol to the state of Georgia from the Hercules Powder Company, Inc. These reports had to be made in accordance with Section 92, 1403, Division "H" of Motor Fuel Tax Law of Georgia. The information in the reports include: 1) date of arrival; 2) delivering carrier; 3) tank car identification; 4) gallons received; 5 ) seller of Benzol. The report also includes statements giving the unloading site, storage...
Dates: Created: 1961-1962

Revenue - Motor Fuel Tax Unit - Export Motor Fuel Reports

Identifier: 034-09-018
Scope and Contents This series contains reports made by licensed distributors in Georgia to the State Department of Revenue showing the amounts of fuel exported to other states. The reports must be made in order for the distributors to claim fuel tax exemption from the state of Georgia of for fuel exports. The information given in the reports include: 1) date of shipment; 2) consignee; 3) invoice numbers; 4) destination; 5) name of carrier; 6) address of carrier; 7) commodity; 8) gallons taxable substances; 9)...
Dates: Created: 1968-1971

Revenue - Motor Fuel Tax Unit - Out-Of-State Pipeline Companies Motor Fuel Reports

Identifier: 034-09-017
Scope and Contents This series contains reports of motor fuel by gallon transported into Georgia by truck, rail and pipeline from other states. These reports are compiled by the individual states and pipeline companies and submitted to the Georgia Department of Revenue. These reports are necessary in order to keep accurate, detailed and convenient records for the proper assessment and collection of motor fuel taxes due the state of Georgia. Information given in the reports include: 1) name of licensed...
Dates: Created: 1963-1987

Revenue - Motor Fuel Tax Unit - Yearly Sum-Motor Fuel Dist Sls Into County Data Process

Identifier: 034-09-025
Scope and Contents Motor Fuel Distribution Sales Into County Data Process Files - Annual SummariesThis computer print-out record summarizes by fiscal year motor fuel distributors' sales for all 159 of Georgia's counties. The first several pages contain a list of the counties represented by their number in the alphabetical sequence followed by the total number of gallons of gasoline sold in each county during the fiscal year. The bulk of the report then indicates (1) license number of distributor, (2)...
Dates: Created: 1967-1979

Revenue - Motor Vehicle Division - Motor Vehicles Division Cash Book

Identifier: 034-07-010
Scope and Contents These records consist of the ledgers of the Motor Vehicles Division Motor Carriers Tax. This tax was levied on the basis of freight and passenger mileage payable either annually or by trip. The records show the following; (1) dollar amounts of receipts, (2) from whom received, (3) to which account cash was credited (bank, cash account or State Treasury ). The records also show how monies were spent as follows; (1) inspectors salaries, (2) office expenses and (3) refunds.
Dates: Created: 1930-1937

Revenue - Personnel Unit - Georgia Revenews (Publication)

Identifier: 034-08-030
Scope and Contents This series contains the newsletter published by the Department of Revenue to record the activities of the employees. It is strictly, therefore, an intradepartmental publication designed to inform the employees of the activities and interests of their colleagues and to improve their morale.
Dates: Created: 1966-1978

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - Corporate Unclaimed Property Report Files

Identifier: 034-06-037
Scope and Contents This series consists of documents relating to organizations covered under the Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act. Under this Act, “...any person claiming an interest in any property delivered to the state under this article may file a claim to the property or to the proceeds from the sale of property on the form prescribed by the state revenue commissioner.” Unclaimed property may include: (1) wages (2) dividends (3) aggregate items (4) unpaid money orders (5) utility deposits (6) uncashed...
Dates: Created: 1973-1977

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - County Property Tax Digests

Identifier: 034-06-001
Scope and Contents Each year in January the county boards of tax assessors begin to assess the valuation of Real and Personal property of each citizen in their county. When the tax assessors complete these schedules a copy of the digests are sent to the State Revenue Commissioner for his approval. These digests are then transferred to Archives. These published tax digests show the names of the property owners of each county and militia district in the state, and the value of property, minus exemptions, each owns....
Dates: Created: 1793-2000

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - County Tax Digest Breakdown Ledgers

Identifier: 034-06-034
Scope and Contents This series is composed of bound volumes which documents the value of certain types of property in Georgia for the years listed below. This information is presented in a series of schedules which shows the value of this property by date and by county. Information presented in the single year volumes show the breakdown of property valuations by race for the years 1932 to 1966. There are about forty schedules used in these volumes and they generally relate to (1) Real Estate Valuations, (2)...
Dates: Created: 1919-1965

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - Inheritance (Estate) Tax Returns

Identifier: 034-06-035
Scope and Contents This series consists of a single bound volume which documents the amount of inheritance taxes the department collected for the inclusive dates listed below and presents related information which includes the (1) name of deceased in whose name the estate is listed, (2) date of death, (3) address of deceased, (4) date of filing of tax return, (5) date of payment of tax return and (6) amount of tax paid.
Dates: Created: 1927-1947

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - Tax Commissioners' Final Accounting Files

Identifier: 034-06-026
Scope and Contents This series contains the annual final and/or informal audit reports, or extracts from them, on the condition of the tax digests of the 159 county tax collectors or commissioners in Georgia and accompanying correspondence. The formal reports are identical to those submitted by Certified Public Accounting firms throughout the nation. The informal reports, on the other hand, are submitted on yellow ledger paper in pencil. The correspondence usually deals with settling discrepancies in totals...
Dates: Created: 1967-1987

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - Utility Taxation Annual Returns

Identifier: 034-06-027
Scope and Contents These returns record the fair market value of all types of property owned by the railroads and other public utility companies in Georgia regardless of whether they actually did business in the state. Evidently, the state taxed only railroad property in 1879 when these records begin, and then through the years successively added: (1) street railroads (later called transit companies) (1890) (2) telephone and telegraph companies (1901) (3) the Pullman Company (1904) (4) railway express companies...
Dates: Created: 1879-1971

Revenue - Property Tax Unit - Wild Or Unimproved Lands Tax Digests

Identifier: 034-06-023
Scope and Contents These are tax digests for wild or unimproved lands, which were taxed at a lower rate than improved real estate. The digests for each county are arranged by militia district and for each owner of wild lands the following information is shown: (1) name and post office address; (2) the number of acres of land owned; (3) the section, district and land lot number of each parcel; (4) the county where the land is located; and (5) the total value of the land. The form provides space to show the tax...
Dates: Created: 1868-1919