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Insurance Commissioner


Found in 63 Collections and/or Records:

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - 4% Bonds State Register

Identifier: 008-01-010
Scope and Contents

This series consists of a volume listing sequentially the saleable state bonds issued by the State Treasurer and recorded for reference use by the Comptroller General (now known as Insurance Commissioner). Information consistently given includes: (1) number, (2) series, (3) date of issue, (4) date of maturity, (5) state officers signing bond, (6) treasurer signing coupon, (7) amount of bond, (8) amount of coupon, (9) number on coupon.

Dates: Created: 1879

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Administrative Comptroller Files

Identifier: 008-01-029
Scope and Contents This series contains the general administrative files of the Comptroller General. Included in these files are: (1) general correspondence, (2) office memos, (3) Executive proclamations pertaining to the Department, (4) minutes of the State Merit Board of which the comptroller-general was a member, (5) Merit Board studies, (6) Department division monthly reports, (7) copies of other state department reports and newsletters, (8) copies of various departmental housekeeping forms, (9)...
Dates: Created: 1963-1966

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Comptroller General's Annual Reports

Identifier: 008-01-014
Scope and Contents Printed annual reports by the Comptroller-General to the Governor of the state's revenues,reporting in tabular form all of the state's receipts and disbursements, and recommendations for revisions of the law and in operations relating to the Comptroller-General's functions. The tables include: receipts and disbursements at the State Treasury; receipts shown by the Treasurer's certificates by revenue source; disbursements at the Treasury; Values of classified property taxed; returns of polls...
Dates: Created: 1887-1974

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Corporations' License Tax Register

Identifier: 008-01-008
Scope and Contents This series contains listings for both domestic and foreign businesses incorporated in Georgia according to instructions set forth in Georgia Law 1929, pp 84 - 86. The original was Georgia Law, 1907, pp 33. The domestic businesses have their yearly Occupation Tax recorded giving: (1) name of company, (2) location, (3) amount of capital stock, and (4) amount of tax. The foreign businesses contain a listing of tax payments received on each company's total capital stock. Data consistently...
Dates: Created: 1880-1933

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Correspondence

Identifier: 008-01-001
Scope and Contents Included in this series are 123 volumes and ten cubic feet of miscellaneous correspondence of the Comptroller General's Office (now known as the Insurance Commissioner's Office.) The volumes are letter press books containing outgoing correspondence from 1868 - 1912. These volumes are largely routine correspondence of the Comptroller General's Office which deal with procedures of tax collection, disbursement of state funds, and regulation of insurance companies. Any volume will contain...
Dates: Created: 1868-1922

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - County Tax Receivers and Collectors Bonds

Identifier: 008-01-020
Scope and Contents

These are the recorded copies of surety or performance bonds for Tax Receivers and Collectors. They were recorded in the Office of the Comptroller General until 1926. For each bond the following information is given: name of County, name of Tax official, name of sureties, amount of bond, date issued and date recorded in County Ordinaries Office and date recorded in Comptrollers Generals Office.

Dates: Created: 1868-1928

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - County Tax Receivers and Collectors Rosters

Identifier: 008-01-019
Scope and Contents

These are the rosters showing the names and post office addresses of County Tax Receivers and Collectors. These volumes were apparently kept for reference purposes.

Dates: Created: 1881-1907

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Direct Tax Payments to U.S. Government

Identifier: 008-01-024
Scope and Contents This series consists of a listing of property owners who paid direct taxes to the United States Government and was copied from the original Tax Assessment books of the United States Treasury Department. The information included is as follows; (1) name of property owner in 1860, (2) by whom tax was paid in 1866, (3) number of acres owned, (4) valuation of land or town property, (5) amount of tax paid, (6) date of payment, (7) remarks and description of property. The information was compiled...
Dates: Created: 1891

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Insurance Laws of the State of Georgia

Identifier: 008-01-052
Scope and Contents

This series is composed of published volumes of compilations of laws extracted from the Georgia Code relating to the regulation of insurance companies.

Dates: Created: 1936

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Liquor Licenses Register

Identifier: 008-01-026
Scope and Contents

This series consists of one ledger and is a listing of liquor license holders (by name, no address given).

Dates: Created: 1882-1905

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - National Association of State Auditors Report

Identifier: 008-01-016
Scope and Contents The published reports of these annual conventions give a large amount of information about state government, especially the fiscal policies of governmental operations. The conventions were attended not only by state officials but also bankers, financiers, and officers of other financial institutions. The sections of the reports are the following: (1) Officers and Members of the Executive Committee;(2) Constitution; (3) Directory of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers; (4) Purpose...
Dates: Created: 1928-1961

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Office Expense Cash Book

Identifier: 008-01-066
Scope and Contents

These cash books give information on the various types of expenses incurred by the Comptroller General's (now known as Insurance Commissioner) Office.

Dates: Created: 1877-1939

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Plats and Grants Fee Book

Identifier: 008-01-065
Scope and Contents

This series consists of a journal recording the amount received for copies of grants and/or plats. Information given includes the date, the number of copies made and the amount paid. For 1827 and 1828, the names of those receiving copies are listed. Entries are chronological. There is no index.

Dates: Created: 1827-1854

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Railroad Income Tax Records

Identifier: 008-01-025
Scope and Contents This series consists of the records of the payment of annual taxes by the railroads chartered in the State of Georgia. This tax was based on 1/2 of 1% of net earnings and was payable on May 1 of each year. The series includes the following information: (1) name of company, (2) number of miles of main track and side track, (3) gross receipts and their source, (4) ordinary expenses, (5) extraordinary expenses, (6) amount of tax owed, (7) signatures of the company president and witnessing...
Dates: Created: 1878-1898

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Receipt and Disbursement Journals

Identifier: 008-01-003
Scope and Contents This series consists of journals listing amounts received from revenue sources and amounts disbursed to various offices and funds. Data consistently given includes (1) name of county, (2) name of collector or fund, (3) amount disbursed or received, (4) name of revenue source, (5) name of expenditure funds receiving warrants. The first volume, 1824 - 1830, contains current information. In some years, entries are made on a monthly or bimonthly basis; in others, information is posted daily. ...
Dates: Created: 1824-1947

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Receipt and Disbursement Ledgers

Identifier: 008-01-004
Scope and Contents This series consists of ledgers reflecting receipts and expenditures of state government. Most ledgers contain an account of receipts listed by revenue sources and expenditures listed by appropriation fund. Also included are treasurers' reports, sometimes referred to as general balances of accounts, that are recapitulations for a specific period, usually a year. Data consistently given includes: (1) date, (2) folio number, (3) revenue sources or appropriation fund, (4) amount. Entries of...
Dates: Created: 1814-1937

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Special Tax Surveys By County

Identifier: 008-01-022
Scope and Contents This series consists of surveys (in ledger form) of various tax sources within each county. These ledgers are a listing of persons or firms registered by the ordinary of each county as required by the tax laws of Georgia and duly furnished to the Tax Collector of each county. These ledgers were maintained in the Office of the Comptroller General. The survey includes such items as follows: (1) auctioneers, (2) daguerrean and other artists, (3) billiard tables, (4) any other tables, stand,...
Dates: Created: 1898-1910

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Special Taxes Collected By Counties

Identifier: 008-01-023
Scope and Contents This series consists of a record (in dollar amounts) of special taxes collected from various tax sources within each county. The taxes were collected on the following items or from the following persons: (1) auctioneers, (2) billiard tables, (3) any other table, stand or place, (4) artists, (15) traveling vendors, (6) insurance agents, (7), emigrant agents, (8) vendors on boats, (9) lightning rod dealers, (10) agent sale of musical instruments, (11) shows, exhibitions, (12) circuses, (13)...
Dates: Created: 1879-1898

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Tax Receivers and Collectors Instructions

Identifier: 008-01-021
Scope and Contents

These instructions are published. They present a very comprehensive account of the duties and responsibilities of these public officers, including a complete listing of all laws regarding taxation.

Dates: Created: 1925-1929

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Underassessed Tax Returns Journal

Identifier: 008-01-069
Scope and Contents

This journal records observations of the Comptroller General (now known as the Insurance Commissioner) concerning tax returns and assessments which he considered unsatisfactory.

Dates: Created: 1880-1905

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Warrant Day Books and Blotters

Identifier: 008-01-002
Scope and Contents This series consists of blotters and Daybooks received daily by the Comptroller General (now known as Insurance Commissioner) and forwarded to the State Treasurer for payment. The blotters are a rough or preliminary draft copy of the Daybooks. The Daybooks themselves list the total expenditures of the various state agencies and public funds. Each book specifically lists the following information: (1) the warrant number, (2) public fund or agency and individual in whose favor the warrant is...
Dates: Created: 1867-1936

Insurance Commissioner - Commissioner's Office - Warrant Registers and Blotters

Identifier: 008-01-031
Scope and Contents This series consists of blotters and registers of warrants received, approved and transmitted to the Treasurer for payment. Blotters are a rough or preliminary draft copy of the registers. Included are executive, legislative and judicial warrants. Data provided for each warrant includes: (1) warrant number, (2) date of approval, (3) date of issuance, (4) in whose favor the warrant was drawn, (5) the amount. Salaries for and names of judicial members are listed individually, whereas the...
Dates: Created: 1848-1938

Insurance Commissioner - Enforcement - Rules and Regulations Promulgation Hearings

Identifier: 008-06-041
Scope and Contents This series contains documents pertaining to the promulgating of rules and regulations of the Enforcement Division of the Comptroller General's Office. These files include (1) notices of hearings, (2) proposed rules and regulations changes, (3) correspondence, (4) transcripts of hearings and (5) the final order adopting changes. The Enforcement Division prepares all drafts and final forms of new chapters or amendments to the rules and regulations for all divisions of the Comptroller...
Dates: Created: 1965-1984

Insurance Commissioner - Industrial Loan Commission - Industrial Loan Companies Financial Statements

Identifier: 008-03-018
Scope and Contents

These annual financial statements of industrial loan companies operating in Georgia are made to the Comptroller General in his capacity as Industrial Loan Commissioner. The statements in the form included in this series were in use between 1958 and 1962. In 1963 the format was changed into a shorter form.

Dates: Created: 1958-1978

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Agent Registers

Identifier: 008-02-006
Scope and Contents These registers list the insurance companies which have been licensed by the Comptroller General (now Insurance Commissioner) to transact business in Georgia. The type of information given for each company varies. Each entry up to 1895 gives the name of company agent, locality, amount of licensure fee and date of payment. Afterwards, up to 1903, instead of stating the amount of fees and date of payment, the date of appointment is given. After 1903, the name of each agent and his city...
Dates: Created: 1885-1939

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Annual Reports

Identifier: 008-02-035
Scope and Contents These annual reports include both general accounts of the growth of the insurance business in Georgia and the nation, and detailed accounts of the successes and failures of specific insurance companies. The earlier reports, those covering the years before 1920, include detailed accounts of each company's business dealings nationwide, but give few details concerning Georgia business, usually no more than the names of the companies, the type of insurance sold in Georgia, the home offices...
Dates: Created: 1896-1972

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Correspondence

Identifier: 008-02-038
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence, both in-coming and copies of replies, memorandums, telegrams, statistical data including statements of worth and computer printout reports on sales, documents outlining insurance company policies and procedures, company reorganization plans, newspaper clippings, insurance company annual reports, certificates of merger and related papers documenting all phases of the Insurance Commissioner's regulation of insurance companies doing business in Georgia....
Dates: Created: 1940-1977

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Domestic Insurance Company Files Examination Reports

Identifier: 008-02-042
Scope and Contents This series contains documents relating to reporting the findings of the financial condition examinations of domestic Life & Casualty, Non-Profit, County Mutual and Title insurance companies. Included in the final report of examination by the Insurance Department of Georgia are files which show the (1) company history,(2) management and control, (3) corporate records, (4) fidelity bonds and other insurance, (5) officers', employees' and agents' welfare and pension plans, (6) territory...
Dates: Created: 1945-1979

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Insurance Company Charter Files

Identifier: 008-02-037
Scope and Contents This series consists of an archival sample o f charter files of insurance companies conducting business in Georgia. Included are: (1) Applications for Original Certificates of Authority (Form GID - 3), (2) corporate charters and amendments, (3) company by-laws and amendments, (4) Powers o f Attorney (Forms GID - 3 and 4), (5) certificates of deposit, (6) verifications of policy forms filings and fees paid, (7) certificates of valuation, (8) biographical data sheets on each company's officers...
Dates: Created: 1848-1980

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Insurance Department Expenses Journal

Identifier: 008-02-062
Scope and Contents

This series consists of a journal recording the expenses incurred by the Comptroller General's Office (now known as the Insurance Commissioner) for the following types of expenditures: postage, express, telephone and telegraph, printing, office fixtures, incidentals, salaries and stationary.

Dates: Created: 1912-1932

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Occupation Tax Register

Identifier: 008-02-061
Scope and Contents These ledgers list every insurance firm, broker, or agent upon whom an occupation tax was levied in accordance with the General Tax Act (GA L. 1898, pp. 21). Agents paid this tax for each county in which they solicited business. This tax was not levied on Industrial or Assessment Life Insurance Companies or Agents nor was it imposed on Mutual Aid Societies or Confederate Veterans. Those exempted veterans who were insurance agents are listed alphabetically for the years 1900-1903. The...
Dates: Created: 1900-1939

Insurance Commissioner - Insurance - Office Procedures Manual

Identifier: 008-02-027
Scope and Contents The procedures manuals, comprising this series, are composed of miscellaneous information dealing with many phases of the insurance industry. The type of records included in this series are the following: (1) Correspondence of Insurance Commissioner with: (A) Officers of insurance companies; (B) Officials of insurance regulatory departments of other state and federal governments; (C) Attorneys representing insurance companies; (2) Press releases; (3) Trade publications; (4) Rules and...
Dates: Created: 1942-1957

Insurance Commissioner - Poor Schools - Poor School Fund Ledgers

Identifier: 008-10-051
Scope and Contents This series consists of financial records bound in ledgers documenting the distribution of poor school funds in Georgia. Entries are not provided consistently. Alphabetical lists of counties are not identical in all the ledgers and all counties are not represented. As a matter of fact, the volumes bear little resemblance to one another. For example, in the 1839-1840 ledger, only credits were entered with very few debits indicated. An undated alphabetical list of the counties in this...
Dates: Created: 1824-1845

Insurance Commissioner - Printing - Printing Expenses Schedule

Identifier: 008-08-064
Scope and Contents This schedule book was kept by the Superintendent of Public Printing as required by Georgia Law (see Georgia Laws, 1919, pp 269), and is a record, exhibiting in detail, the printing costs incurred by various departments, officers and boards. The Superintendent of Public Printing was responsible to three commissioners, one of whom was the Comptroller General. The following information for each entry is given: (1) order number, (2) date of requisition, (3) quantity, (4) a description of the...
Dates: Created: 1920-1925

Insurance Commissioner - State Fire Marshal - Annual Reports

Identifier: 008-04-015
Scope and Contents These published reports give an account of the activities of the Comptroller General, acting in his official capacity as State Fire Marshal, as provided by the acts of 1949, et al. These acts require him to inspect gasoline containers belonging to refiners and dealers. The reports are presented in a prosaic style. Subject Headings are: (1) Report of State Oil Chemist; (2) Liquefied Petroleum Specifications; (3) Interpretation of Specifications; (4) Liquefied Petroleum Analyses, which...
Dates: Created: 1929-1930