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Confederate Pensions and Records


Found in 30 Collections and/or Records:

Confederate Pensions and Records - Georgia Soldier Roster Commission - Abstracts and Compiled Service Records of Men in Units from States Other Than Georgia

Identifier: 058-02-027
Scope and Contents Beginning in 1903, the U.S. War Department began the compilation of service records of men in the Confederate Army. The information for these service records was taken from records of the Confederate Government (company muster rolls, hospital registers, etc.) that were captured at the end of the war and taken to Washington, D.C., and from certain U.S. Army records that gave information about these Confederate soldiers such as prisoner of war registers, etc. A few years after the program...
Dates: Created: 1903

Confederate Pensions and Records - Georgia Soldier Roster Commission - Auditor's Reports

Identifier: 058-02-029
Scope and Contents

The audits give a summary of the appropriations and expenditures of the Commission. There is one report for each year except that a single report covers 1924 and 1925. There are two copies of the 1930 report. These reports were printed by the mimeograph method and bound in soft covers.

Dates: Created: 1924-1931

Confederate Pensions and Records - Georgia Soldier Roster Commission - Correspondence and Reports

Identifier: 058-02-028
Scope and Contents

Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by name of writer and consists mostly of letters received by the Commission. Included also are a few reports of the superintendent for 1904 and 1905. Summaries of the military service of a few individual soldiers are included. The source for these summaries is not included.

Dates: Created: 1903-1937

Confederate Pensions and Records - Georgia Soldier Roster Commission - Minutes

Identifier: 058-02-025
Scope and Contents The minutes cover the meetings of the Roster Commission which were held at irregular intervals. Also included with these minutes are various other records of the Commission including: (1) requisitions for staff salaries and for office supplies and equipment, (2) invoices from suppliers of office supplies and equipment, (3) reports to the Commission by the superintendent, (4) correspondence received by the Commission, and (5) copies of letters sent by the Commission or the superintendent to...
Dates: Created: 1904-1933

Confederate Pensions and Records - Georgia Soldier Roster Commission - Rosters Compiled By the Commission

Identifier: 058-02-026
Scope and Contents The Georgia Soldier Roster Commission gathered information on Georgia Confederate soldiers in order to verify the service of pension applicants. The information in the rosters summarizing each man's service was compiled from various sources, including: (1) statements taken from pension applications; (2) statements and rosters submitted to the Roster Commission by ex-Confederate soldiers; and (3) original documents from the governor's office and the state adjutant general's office for the...
Dates: Created: 1903-1933

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Account Books

Identifier: 058-01-023
Scope and Contents The books covering 1902 - 1907, give daily accounts of payments of pensions and of warrants issued for their payment. A typical day's entry shows: (1) the date; (2) the warrant numbers; (3) the classification of pensioners; (4) the county; (5) the number of pensioners; (6) the total amount paid. In the book covering 1925, one page is devoted to each county. Under each county is the amount paid for pensions and the date. The volume covering 1902 - 1903, lists cases made against pensioners...
Dates: Created: 1902-1925

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Attorney General Opinions and Related Records

Identifier: 058-01-010
Scope and Contents These are usually in the form of letters to the Attorney General posing questions involving interpretations of the pension law, and letters in reply stating the opinion of the Attorney General. In some instances the Pension Office had these opinions printed for distribution, copies of which are included. The opinions are arranged alphabetically by subjects, some of which are: (1) assignments or transfers of pensions by the pensioner to another person, (2) funeral expenses, (3) marriage...
Dates: Created: 1927-1959

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Correspondence With County Ordinaries

Identifier: 058-01-007
Scope and Contents The letters concern various aspects of the payments of the pensions. Both letters received and letters sent by the Pension office are included. Usually letters and the replies to them are stapled together. Letters that concern only one pensioner are usually found in the pension application files (Series 1-see our website, under the "Virtual Vault" tab). Letters which discuss the pensions of two or more persons are, however, included in this series. In most counties only correspondence...
Dates: Created: 1891-1956

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Deceased Widows of Confederates Index

Identifier: 058-01-032
Scope and Contents

3 x 5 Card Alphabet Index to Deceased Widows, 1940 to 1950. Contains Initials of Husband, County, Date of Widow's death, Enrollment Date and other information.

Dates: Created: 1940-1950

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Federal Government Correspondence and Reports

Identifier: 058-01-009
Scope and Contents This series includes mostly reports to U.S. Government agencies relating to statistics of employment, wages, and withholding taxes. The agencies and reports involved are:(1) U.S. Bureau of the Census; Government Employment Reports, 1946-­1956; and Reports of Retirement and Pension Plans for State Employees, 1953; (2) U. S. Congressmen: correspondence, 1958; (3) U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Reports of Government Employment and Payroll, 1955 ­1960; (4) U. S. Department of...
Dates: Created: 1945-1958

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - General Correspondence

Identifier: 058-01-004
Scope and Contents

Letters are primarily concerned with requests for information searches of the pension and service records, and inquiries concerning requirements for admission to the pension roll and other facets of the pension law. Usually both the letter to the Pension Office and a carbon copy of the reply are included, but in some cases only one or the other were found.

Dates: Created: 1864-1961

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Grand Jury Presentments and Related Records

Identifier: 058-01-012
Scope and Contents

Georgia law required that the county grand juries periodically inspect the pension rolls to ascertain that all pensioners' claims were legitimate. In this series are the reports to the Pension Office of these inspections. Included in many instances are the lists of pensioners provided by the Pension Office for the convenience of the grand juries. In some cases letters of transmittal are included. Most of the presentments have been found for many counties.

Dates: Created: 1892-1908

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Letters and Reports With Other State Agencies

Identifier: 058-01-011
Scope and Contents Letters between the Pension Office and the governor, together with the annual reports of the governor constitute the larger portion of this series. Many of the annual reports are printed, others are mimeographed copies, while a few are typed. Reports are included for 1905 - 1906, 1914, 1916, 1920 - 1921, 1923, 1937, and 1943 - 1960. Agencies and officials for which correspondence and/or reports are included are: (1) the Georgia Department of Archives and History, (2) the State Auditor, (3)...
Dates: Created: 1900-1960

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Lists, Statistics and Form Letters

Identifier: 058-01-014
Scope and Contents This series consists of: (1) acts, resolutions, and constitutional amendments relating to the Pension Office, 1887 -1957 (very incomplete); (2) lists of Confederate veterans living in Georgia, 1939 - 1948; (3) lists of widows in the Confederate Soldiers' Home of Georgia, 1946 - 1951; (4) list of pensioners living outside of Georgia part of the year, 1948; (5) lists of pensioners who died during the year, 1939 - 1959; (6) lists of widows on pension rolls, 1939 - 1960; (7) miscellaneous data...
Dates: Created: 1887-1960

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Maimed Soldier's Pension Rolls

Identifier: 058-01-013
Scope and Contents

This series consists of typed lists, one for each year. Two lists are undated but appear to be for 1886 and 1890.

Dates: Created: 1886-1890

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Ordinaries' Fees Duplicate Receipt Book

Identifier: 058-01-021
Scope and Contents

This book contains the carbon duplicate copies of the receipts for the ordinary's fees paid. The receipts show date, amount paid and the county.

Dates: Created: 1939-1940

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Ordinaries Final Pension Settlement Reports

Identifier: 058-01-008
Scope and Contents

These reports were sent by the ordinaries to the Pension Office annually as a final accounting of the pension payments for the county. They give: (1) a list of the refunds by name of the pensioner, cause of refund and amount; (2) a list of pensions paid to widows on the death of soldier pensioners, giving the dates of death and marriage and the amount paid; (3) a list of funds paid for expenses of last illness and funeral, showing name of pensioner, date of death and amount paid

Dates: Created: 1921-1923

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Pension Applications and Supporting Documents

Identifier: 058-01-001
Scope and Contents The State of Georgia first began giving pensions to maimed Confederate soldiers in 1877. The law was gradually broadened to include injured and indigent soldiers. Widows of Confederate soldiers who died in service or as a result of that service and who were indigent began receiving pensions in 1890. Pensions were administered by the comptroller general and the governor until 1896, when the office of commissioner of pensions was created. Responsibility for administering pensions...
Dates: Created: 1879-1960

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Pension Assignments Register

Identifier: 058-01-022
Scope and Contents

This volume gives: (1) the pensioners' county of residence, (2) the date of the assignment, (3) the name of the pensioner, and (4) the name of the person to whom the pension was assigned. This volume was made up from certificates of transfer or assignment which were sent to the Pension Office and are presently filed in Series 1.

Dates: Created: 1932-1932

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Pension Payment Financial Records

Identifier: 058-01-024
Scope and Contents The volumes cover 1912 - 1929. They contain: (1) requisitions for payment of pensions; (2) letters refunding money to the State Treasury and corresponding receipts; (3) statements of fees due ordinaries; (4) memoranda concerning amounts due for payments of pensions by counties; (5) memoranda concerning amounts of funeral expenses paid; (6) annual reports to the governor on the status of the Pension Office, (7) orders to strike names from the pension rolls; (8) interpretations of the pension...
Dates: Created: 1912-1981

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Pension Payment Summaries

Identifier: 058-01-020
Scope and Contents These books were designed to give a summary of the pension funds expended for each county. For each county the following information is included: (1) total number of pensioners paid; (2) total number of new claims approved; (3) total number moved in from other counties; (4) total number transferred to other counties; (5) total number dead; (6) total amount paid out to pensioners The names of the pensioners who transferred in and out of the county are usually included. For the years...
Dates: Created: 1901-1912

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Pension Payroll Lists

Identifier: 058-01-006
Scope and Contents

These payrolls show: (1) name of pensioner; (2) amount of pension; (3) pensioners' post office address; (4) date of payment; (5) signature showing receipt of payment

Some of these payrolls appear to be lists of those persons approved for pension payment and in these cases date of payment and signature showing receipt of payment is not filled in. Payrolls for funeral expenses are also included.

Dates: Created: 1908-1967

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Pensioners Deaths, Removals, & Transfers Reports

Identifier: 058-01-005
Scope and Contents The county ordinary was required to send periodically to the Pension Office a list of the pensioners of his county who had died, permanently moved to other states, and who had transferred their pensions to or from his county. Usually the reports were made quarterly and then monthly.The lists of deaths give: (1) pensioner's name; (2) classification of pensioner; (3) if a widow, the initials of her husband; (4) date of death; (5) if a soldier, whether or not he left a widow; (6)...
Dates: Created: 1908-1932

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Quarterly Budget Allotment Requests

Identifier: 058-01-015
Scope and Contents Requisitions to the Budget Bureau for the quarterly allotments give the date of the requisition, the purpose for which it is to be applied and the amount requested. Most are carbon or file copies, but in some instances the originals bearing the approval of the governor as director of the budget are included. Often cover letters are included. Requests for payments on budget allotments give the purpose for which the allotment is intended and the amount requested. Attached to these are...
Dates: Created: 1908-1960

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Soldier Pension Application Excerpts

Identifier: 058-01-002
Scope and Contents Please note, Georgia Confederate Pension Applications and Supplements may be found on the Georgia Archives website,, under the "Virtual Vault" tab.These excerpts were prepared by the Pension Office in cooperation with the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in the 1930's. One page is devoted to each soldier pensioner (none are included for widows). A typical excerpt gives: (1) name of pensioner; (2) year and county of initial application; (3) when and...
Dates: Other: no date

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Soldiers and Widows Admitted to Pension Rolls

Identifier: 058-01-003
Scope and Contents

The lists of soldiers and widows are filed separately. The lists are arranged by county of pensioners' residence at the time of payment, thereunder by year admitted to the rolls, and thereunder alphabetically by name of pensioner. Usually, only the name is given, but sometimes date of death or date of transfer to another county is included also. There are duplicate copies of many lists. No indexes available.

Dates: Created: 1879-1940

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Soldiers and Widows Pension Payrolls

Identifier: 058-01-018
Scope and Contents In volumes relating to maimed soldiers, 1879-1901, the following information is given: (1) application number, (2) name of pensioner, (3) his rank, company, and regiment, (4) type of disability, (5) battle in which disability occurred, (6) amount paid, (7) date of warrant, (8) county of pensioner's residence In some cases the name of the person to whom the warrant was handed is listed. The widow's volume...
Dates: Created: 1879-1937

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Soldiers and Widows Pensions Paid

Identifier: 058-01-019
Scope and Contents

Information found in volumes: (1) name of pensioner, (2) post office address, (3) amount paid, usually left blank, (4) date paid, (5) remarks. Soldiers and widows are listed in separate volumes.

Dates: Created: 1892-1898

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Supply Requests, Invoices and Receipts

Identifier: 058-01-016
Scope and Contents

In many cases the requisition made to the Supervisor of Purchases and a copy of his purchase order are accompanied by the corresponding invoices or receipts, but in some cases only the invoices or receipts have been found.

Dates: Created: 1937-1960

Confederate Pensions and Records - Pension Office - Soldiers and Widows Pension Application Docket

Identifier: 058-01-017
Scope and Contents

These dockets were used by the Pension Office to record pension applications received. Soldiers' applications give: (1) date filed, (2) name of applicant, (3) his type of disability, if any, (4) his company and regiment, (5) date application was returned for additional information or disapproved, (6) date application as approved Widows' docket books are similar except that they also give the husband's name.

Dates: Created: 1901-1932