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Treasury Department


Found in 35 Collections and/or Records:

Treasury Dept. - Administration - Comptroller's Incoming Correspondence

Identifier: 011-01-023
Scope and Contents

Series consists of insolvent lists submitted by counties for the year 1834.

Dates: Created: 1834

Treasury Dept. - Administration - House and Senate Warrants

Identifier: 011-01-021
Scope and Contents This series contains a sampling of some of the earlier warrants addressed to the state treasurer by the speaker of the House of Representatives and the president of the Senate respectively. These official documents usually contain the amounts of money due each member of both houses of the General Assembly for each session for both salary and mileage allowances, as well as the same information for the various supporting employees including clerks, doorkeepers, pages, chaplains and even...
Dates: Created: 1859-1918

Treasury Dept. - Administration - Misc. Records

Identifier: 011-01-012
Scope and Contents Series consists of miscellaneous records from various time periods and includes: two volumes titled Treasurer's Report of Destruction, one dated 1782-1804 and one dated 1798 - 1813; one volume containing Bank of Darien Weekly Balance Sheets 1832 - 1836; one volume containing Policy Register of Merchants and Mechanics Insurance Company of Virginia 1882; three volumes titled School Fund Warrants Daily Record, School Fund Ledger, and School Fund Journal dating from 1894 - 1896; ten cu. ft. of...
Dates: Created: 1782-1970

Treasury Dept. - Administration - Outstanding Checks List Journals

Identifier: 011-01-030
Scope and Contents

Series includes four volumes titled: 1963-1969, Motor Fuel Refund Outstanding Checks List; 1970-1971, Motor Fuel Refund Outstanding Checks and other Accounts; 1968-1969, Trust Company of Georgia Bank Outstanding Checks List; and 1951-1967, First National Bank, Outstanding Checks List.

Dates: Created: 1951-1971

Treasury Dept. - Administration - State Treasurer's Annual Reports

Identifier: 011-01-013
Scope and Contents These published, widely distributed annual reports were generally designed to account for all taxes, fees and other funds, including Federal, deposited with the State Treasurer and all payments made on proper warrants drawn on this Georgia Constitutional officer. The format of these volumes changed considerably, however, over the years. A typical volume (if there be such an item) might record the balance in the treasury and an enumeration of assets and liabilities at fiscal year's end, an...
Dates: Created: 1881-1971

Treasury Dept. - Administration - State Treasurer's Audited Reports

Identifier: 011-01-014
Scope and Contents

These unpublished reports are limited to the financial condition of the office for the year in question. The different sections of the reports are the following: comments; statements of financial condition at end of year, valid state debt, receipts, and payments; and analyses of: governmental cost payments, transfer receipts, transfer payments, allocation fund accounts, personal services and travel expenses, cash balance, and depository bonds.

Dates: Created: 1929-1936

Treasury Dept. - Administration - State Treasurer's Letter Books

Identifier: 011-01-019
Scope and Contents This series consists of tissue letter books containing record copies of letters written by the state treasurer to various individuals primarily concerning the transfer of funds from one account to another and the advancing of funds preliminary to the receipt of tax monies. Indeed, one volume consists almost exclusively of letters addressed to cashiers all over the state concerning routine bookkeeping matters. Since these books served the same purpose as carbon copies of outgoing letters do...
Dates: Created: 1851-1887

Treasury Dept. - Administration - State Treasurer's Subject Files

Identifier: 011-01-020
Scope and Contents This series contains what is surely only a fragment of the administrative subject files of the Georgia State Treasurer. Among the great variety of records and subjects included are: miscellaneous correspondence; requests for advances on salaries and expenses; receipts; papers concerning investigations; requisitions for committee members and others; warrants for salaries and expenses; performance bonds; requests for payment; change bills for the Western and Atlantic Railroad; telegrams;...
Dates: Created: 1784-1946

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Cash Books

Identifier: 011-02-042
Scope and Contents

Consists of one "counter cash book" with entries dating from 1955 to 1969.

Dates: Created: 1955-1969

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Certificate Receipt Stubs

Identifier: 011-02-011
Scope and Contents

Series includes early documents of the Treasury department, including certificate receipt stubs.

Dates: Created: 1789-1796

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - County Boards of Education Warrant Receipt Book

Identifier: 011-02-027
Scope and Contents

Series includes a single bound volume containing warrant receipts of county boards of education.

Dates: Created: 1962-1964

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Day Books

Identifier: 011-02-002
Scope and Contents These volumes are the journals of initial entry containing a day-by-day account of receipts into and disbursements from the State Treasury. The format varies from time to time, usually in that the amount of detailed description of the entries decreased as the years passed. Volumes covering years prior to 1843 usually give a full description of both receipts and disbursements, showing not only the name of the person involved in the transaction but also for what purpose the transaction was...
Dates: Created: 1796-1960

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Executive Warrant Payment Receipts

Identifier: 011-02-008
Scope and Contents

These volumes contain receipts for payment on executive warrants. Each receipt includes: receipt number; date of receipt; date of warrant; amount of warrant; reason for issuance of warrant; fund from which the warrant was drawn; and signature of the recipient.

Dates: Created: 1786-1898

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - House and Senate Payrolls

Identifier: 011-02-010
Scope and Contents

Series consists of bound volumes containing payroll data for the General Assembly.

Dates: Created: 1857-1933

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Legislative Warrant Receipts

Identifier: 011-02-007
Scope and Contents

Series consists of bound and unbound legislative warrant receipts.

Dates: Created: 1865-1884

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Misc. Records

Identifier: 011-02-024
Scope and Contents

Series includes a box containing a State Treasury Property Inventory and Bureau of Safety Responsibility Control Ledger, dated 1943; a volume recording Checks Endorsed to Governor, Bank Records, and Deposits - School Book Bidders, dated 1885-1925; and one box of miscellaneous records dated 1933-1936.

Dates: Created: 1885-1943

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - National Forest Reserve Fund Distribution

Identifier: 011-02-029
Scope and Contents

Series includes loose documents relating to the distribution of National Forest reserve funds to Georgia counties.

Dates: Created: 1914-1965

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Pension Funds Disbursements

Identifier: 011-02-025
Scope and Contents

Series includes loose documents of the Commissioner of Pensions regarding the disbursement of pension funds.

Dates: Created: 1902-1908

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Receipts and Disbursements Monthly Summary Journal

Identifier: 011-02-003
Scope and Contents These volumes were created by taking the entries in the "Journals of Receipts and Disbursements" (series 11-2-2) and rearranging them at intervals, usually monthly, according to the revenue source of the receipts and the appropriations fund for the disbursements. This was done to facilitate transfer of the in- formation into the "Ledgers of Receipts and Disbursements" (series 11-2-4). Under each revenue source is shown from whom the revenue came, the receipt number and the amount, with a...
Dates: Created: 1787-1930

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Receipts and Disbursments Ledgers

Identifier: 011-02-004
Scope and Contents For each revenue source in volumes prior to 1928 is shown the date the receipt is posted in the "Monthly Summary Journals of Receipts and Disbursements" (series 11-2-3), the page number in that series (referred to as "Journal Folio") and the amount. Similar information is shown for disbursements under each appropriations fund. After 1928 under each revenue source receipts show date, the person or office making the payment, the receipt certificate number and the amount. Volumes after 1936...
Dates: Created: 1780-1969

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Receipts for Monies Paid

Identifier: 011-02-022
Scope and Contents This series consists of the original unbound register slips (certificates) the State Treasurer's Office kept to show receipt for monies paid to the office by various people over time. The types of money paid to the Treasurer's Office are various: 1. taxes paid by the various county tax collectors for that year which sometimes included direct and general taxes, 2. installments paid on fractional surveys of land (which were not included in the general land lotteries but sold at public...
Dates: Created: 1805-1842

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - State Employees Salary Advance Books

Identifier: 011-02-009
Scope and Contents These volumes contain receipts for quarterly salaries paid in advance to state officials and employees. Separate pages are devoted to each official or esployee and for each is shown: the date of payment; the amount; the quarter to which payment applies; and signature showing receipt. Each entry has been rubber stamped up to 1926 with the word "cancelled" and afterwords with the words "covered by warrant" to indicate that the payment has been included in an executive warrant after the payment...
Dates: Created: 1875-1929

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Treasury Dept. Daybooks

Identifier: 011-02-034
Scope and Contents This series consists of volumes used as a daily record of the cash kept in the Georgia Treasury Department for the years listed below. At the beginning of each day the cash on hand was recorded, then receipts and disbursements were entered, followed by a new balance for the day. Prior to 1920, receipts were shown as "receipts" or "currency" and the amount. After 1920, the amounts of receipts were entered under the following headings: Atlanta Exchange; Cash; Currency; and Balance. The amounts...
Dates: Created: 1808-1971

Treasury Dept. - General Accounting - Warrant Registers

Identifier: 011-02-005
Scope and Contents Among other duties, the state treasurer was charged with the payment of all proper warrants drawn upon his office. This series consists of bound volumes containing warrant registers documenting the disbursement of state funds to state employees, to citizens carrying out official business, to holders of public debt, and other similar cases. The earlier ledgers contain more detailed information on the services rendered or other activities related to the warrant; later ledgers (after 1900)...
Dates: Created: 1813-1968

Treasury Dept. - Inventories - Inventories of Indian Goods

Identifier: 011-03-016
Scope and Contents This series contains two inventories of state property commonly called Indian Goods. The first inventory contains lists of items sold at public auction, quantity of same, to whom sold and price. These Indian Goods were received from Major John Berrien, the State Agent, and sold in compliance with a Joint and Approved Resolution of the General Assembly dated December 2, 1800 as well as with an Executive Order of December 13, 1800. The inventory is 35 pages in length including two pages...
Dates: Created: 1801

Treasury Dept. - State Bonds (Debt Obligation) - Bond Issue Registers

Identifier: 011-09-038
Scope and Contents

This series consists of registers containing records of the redemption of bonds issued by the State. The Georgia General Assembly gave legislative authority to the Treasurer for each bond issue. Each register contains a description of the bonds and usually includes the following information: dollar amount of the bond; rate of interest; when and where payable; by whom the bonds were signed; amount of the coupons; and a citation to the legal authority for the issuance.

Dates: Created: 1838-1915

Treasury Dept. - State Bonds (Debt Obligation) - State Bond Interrogatories

Identifier: 011-09-040
Scope and Contents

Series includes bonds related to the Brunswick & Albany Railroad.

Dates: Created: 1871-1872

Treasury Dept. - State Bonds (Debt Obligation) - State Bonds Redemption

Identifier: 011-09-037
Scope and Contents

Series contains original bonds and coupons documenting redemption of state bonds, including bonds relating to the Macon & Brunswick Railroad Corporation.

Dates: Created: 1867-1915

Treasury Dept. - State Bonds (Debt Obligation) - Unissued Registered State Bonds

Identifier: 011-09-017
Scope and Contents

Series consists of unissued bonds authorized by Act of 1878.

Dates: Created: 1884-1889

Treasury Dept. - State Depositories - Bank Registration Book

Identifier: 011-10-031
Scope and Contents

Information in the volume shows name of bank, location, amount of salary, amount of expense, total of salary and date paid.

Dates: Created: 1904-1907

Treasury Dept. - State Depositories - Check Registers

Identifier: 011-10-035
Scope and Contents

Series includes check stub books, registers of checks, blank checks, deposit slips, control registers, account adjustments, banks statements, voided checks, and other records and documents from state depositories, including: Georgia Railroad and Banking Company, Fulton National Bank, and the Bank of Dahlonega.

Dates: Created: 1873-1970

Treasury Dept. - State Depositories - Correspondence

Identifier: 011-10-028
Scope and Contents

Series includes correspondence with state depositories.

Dates: Created: 1941-1963

Treasury Dept. - State Depositories - Insurance Deposits Ledger

Identifier: 011-10-032
Scope and Contents

Series includes a single ledger.

Dates: Created: 1913-1936

Treasury Dept. - State Depositories - State Depositories Ledgers

Identifier: 011-10-033
Scope and Contents

Series consists of ledgers containing information on the deposits made by the Georgia Treasury Department at state depositories.

Dates: Created: 1875-1902

Treasury Dept. - Treasury Notes - Treasury Note Registers

Identifier: 011-08-001
Scope and Contents

Series documents issue of treasury notes by the state treasurer.

Dates: Created: 1787-1865