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Labor - Commissioner - Annual Reports

Identifier: 016-01-001
Scope and Contents This series contains the annual published reports of the Georgia Department of Labor which, as the series title indicates, changed its name twice in its history. Though the format of these reports also changed considerably over the years, some generalizations on them can be made. Most of the reports contain both narrative sections and statistical information in the form of tables and charts. A typical report would contain chapters contributed by the Georgia Commissioner of Labor and the...
Dates: Created: 1912-1981

Labor - Commissioner - Commissioner's Subject Files

Identifier: 016-01-007
Scope and Contents This series consists of records created during the tenure of Labor Commissioner Sam Caldwell (1966 to 1984). Initially created as the Department of Commerce and Labor in 1911 then subsequently reorganized as the Department of Industrial Relations in 1931, the Georgia legislature transferred the Department of Industrial Relations’ powers to the newly named Georgia Department of Labor in 1937. The executive officer for the Department of Labor is the Labor Commissioner and has a four-year term....
Dates: Majority of material found within 1967-1983

Labor - Commissioner - Procedures Committee Meeting Minutes

Identifier: 016-01-008
Scope and Contents This series contains the usually brief summary type minutes of the meetings of the Procedures Committee of the Department of Labor. Apparently much of the committee's time was occupied with government forms. A typical meeting's minutes might include: (1) attendance statement but often no list of names except for those absent (2) appointments of committees to complete specific tasks such as the closing out of a program and the subsequent discontinuance of related forms (3) announcements of...
Dates: Created: 1944-1967

Labor - Commissioner - Publication Record Set Files

Identifier: 016-01-002
Scope and Contents This series contains miscellaneous publications distributed by the Georgia Department of Labor. Most titles were designed to inform the general public as to laws, rules and regulations governing employers and employees in the state. Some titles, however, are scholarly studies aimed at professionals in such fields as labor relations and offender rehabilitation. Often these studies were compiled in conjunction with a Federal government agency. All of the publications in this series are...
Dates: Created: 1932-1993

Labor - Commissioner - Supply and Demand Annual Occupational Analysis

Identifier: 016-01-014
Scope and Contents These statistical reports are published annually by the Department of Labor in cooperation with the Georgia Occupational Information Coordinating Committee and several federal agencies. An issue is prepared for most, if not all, of the Area Planning and Development Commissions which has little or no difference among them. A typical issue contains chapters and appendices containing tables and graphs as well as prose covering the following broad categories: (1) Introduction (explaining the...
Dates: Created: 1980-1980

Labor - Correctional Services Division - Pre-Trial Diversion Administrative Subject Files

Identifier: 016-08-021
Scope and Contents This series consists of (1) reports, (2) studies, (3) reference materials, (4) letters, (5) Memorandums of Understanding and (6) statistical information relating to pretrial diversion program beginnings and evolutionary development. Correctional Services of the Department of Labor develops and supervises inmate and ex offender programs designed to improve the offender's chances of employment, including pretrial diversion to prevent individuals from going into the criminal justice system....
Dates: Created: 1971-1981

Labor - Correctional Services Division - Pre-Trial Diversion Annual Statistical Reports

Identifier: 016-08-023
Scope and Contents This series consists of annual summary statistical reports prepared by the Correctional Services Division which show the number of cases handled in pre trial diversion and the ultimate number of jobs interviewed for and filled by region in the Division's attempt to prevent first time offenders from entering the criminal justice system. The photocopied "Correctional Services Activity Report" forms are broken down into four categories: (1) pre release, (2) pre trial, (3) placement and (4)...
Dates: Created: FY78-FY82

Labor - Employment Security - Annual Reports

Identifier: 016-04-017
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound and unbound original and photostatic copies of the annual reports accounting the program and operations for the preceding calendar year of the Georgia Department of Labor. Though the table of contents of the reports for the earlier years are more detailed then those of later years, they generally show (1) highlights of the department for the year, (2) employment and training programs offered, (3) unemployment insurance ex ended, (4) labor market information, (5)...
Dates: Created: 1969-1981

Labor - Employment Security - Board Review Decisions and Appeals

Identifier: 016-04-005
Scope and Contents This series contains Board of Review decision and appeal records identical to those found in Series 4 of this record group except for the format. The appeals and decisions in this series are bound into 13 volumes whereas those in the preceding series are loose. These records were formerly treated as closed by the Department of Labor due to fears of criminal liability for invasion of privacy, but a civil action opened them to public scrutiny. In the consent order issued by United States...
Dates: Created: 1974-1978

Labor - Employment Security - Bulletins

Identifier: 016-04-009
Scope and Contents This series contains bulletins or manual parts, bound and unbound, published by the Employment Security Agency of the Georgia Department of Labor. Some of the specific subjects covered are (1) inter area placement, (2) employment of women, minors, and child care, (3) publicity - including classified advertising, (4) confidential character of information and records, (5) relations with unions and other agencies, (6) selective placement and employment counseling, and (7) employer relations,...
Dates: Created: 1975

Labor - Employment Security - Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 016-04-018
Scope and Contents This series consists of (1) copies of outgoing correspondence, (2) federal publications, (3) bulletins, (4) indexes of Employment Security Agency directives and federal issuances, (5) reports, (6) copies of speeches and (7) memoranda relating to all aspects of directing the Employment Security Agency. Examples of the kind of data included in this series are Accelerated Public Works Program reporting instructions, Advisory Council minutes, newspaper clippings on displaced teachers and private...
Dates: Created: 1948-1984

Labor - Employment Security - Employment and Earnings By Industry

Identifier: 016-04-016
Scope and Contents This series contains a collection of statistical tables compiled by the Labor Information Systems, Employment Security Agency in accordance with procedures laid down by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Included are: (1) Georgia Nonagricultural Employment - Total Employees (2) Georgia Manufacturing Employment - Production Workers (3) Georgia Hours and Earnings (4) Georgia Labor Turnover Rates (5) Atlanta Nonagricultural Employment - Total Employees (6) Atlanta Manufacturing Employment -...
Dates: Created: 1977-1981

Labor - Employment Security - Federal Employment Security Manual Transmittal Letters

Identifier: 016-04-010
Scope and Contents This series contains codified documents and several pamphlets published by the Bureau of Employment Security for the Department of Labor as directed by the Federal government. The Manual, consisting of a preface and five parts and issued to State employment security agencies, contains the basic standards for effective unemployment insurance and public employment service operation; that is, all policies, programs, and other instructions of a continuing nature issued by the headquarters office...
Dates: Other: no date

Labor - Employment Security - Georgia Annual Planning Information By Fiscal Year

Identifier: 016-04-015
Scope and Contents This series contains publications prepared by the Analysis Section, Labor Information Systems, Employment Security Agency for CETA and other Labor Department planning purposes. Each publication is a comprehensive collection of labor market information and related labor force characteristics for the entire state and for specific counties and parts of counties. The Annual Planning Information includes analyses of employment, unemployment and other demographic and related socioeconomic data...
Dates: Created: 1980-1982

Labor - Employment Security - Insured Employment and Wages

Identifier: 016-04-012
Scope and Contents This series contains a quarterly compilation of statistics on wages and employment in Georgia prepared by Labor Information Systems. Each volume contains an initial page entitled Average Weekly Wage and Average Monthly Employment in Covered Establishments by Industry. This page provides average weekly wages paid for the quarter featured and also for the immediately preceding quarter and the same quarter of the preceding year. Figures are indicated for: (1) Total of all industrial categories...
Dates: Created: 1974-1982

Labor - Employment Security - Manpower Labor Market Reports

Identifier: 016-04-011
Scope and Contents This series contains demographic reports on various geographical areas in Georgia centered on county seat towns. The general purpose of the reports is to provide prospective industrial firms with basic labor market information and other information that might influence the labor supply in a specific area. Among the information included in a typical report would be: (1) Definition and description of area (2) List of towns within easy commuting distance of the chief town named and populations...
Dates: Created: 1969-1982

Labor - Georgia Employment and Training Council - Ceta Annual Reports

Identifier: 016-09-020
Scope and Contents This series consists of annual reports providing an overview of Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) objectives and accomplishments in Georgia during fiscal years, 1975 - 1983. The Georgia Employment and Training Council of the Department of Labor prepared the reports for the Governor in compliance with Section 107 of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973. The Act utilized a decentralized approach for resolving national problems of the unemployed, underemployed,...
Dates: Created: 1975-1983

Labor - Industrial Commission - Annual Reports

Identifier: 016-05-006
Scope and Contents This series contains the brief annual reports of the relatively short lived Georgia industrial Commission which administered the provisions of the Georgia Workmen's Compensation Act passed in 1920. A typical issue might contain a brief resume of the provisions of the act and amendments thereto passed in the year covered by the report, rules and regulations of the commission, a report of audit, statistical tables on funds distributed and a report on cooperative efforts with other state...
Dates: Created: 1921-1930

Labor - Labor Information Systems - Georgia Labor Market Trends

Identifier: 016-11-013
Scope and Contents This series contains a monthly publication prepared by the Labor Information Systems, a division of the Georgia Department of Labor. Using data from the preceding month, a typical issue might contain brief articles on: (1) new technology in industry (2) retail sales figures (3) layoffs in selected industries (4) moves and new plant construction (5) trade and manufacturing in all of the State's Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA's). Also included are various graphs and charts...
Dates: Created: 1980-1982

Labor - Manpower Planning Council - Planning Files

Identifier: 016-03-003
Scope and Contents The Georgia Manpower Planning Council is responsible for conducting studies of manpower needs, establishing priorities, allocating federal manpower training funds and coordinating program implementation at state and area levels. Each of these responsibilities is documented in an annual comprehensive state manpower plan contained in this series. Included are the master copies of the plans, sometimes tabbed by geographic area, special study findings, evaluation reports and related...
Dates: Created: 1971-1975

Labor - Manpower Services Division - Manpower Development and Training Act Project Files

Identifier: 016-02-024
Scope and Contents This series contains a random sample of documents related to development and funding of training programs outlined in the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962 and other directives and regulations issued by the U.S. Secretary of Labor. Included are the following forms: (1) GDOL Form MT-2, Application for Institutional Training Project Under the Manpower Development and Training Act (2) GDOL Form MT-1, Notification of Occupational Training Needs Under the Manpower Development and...
Dates: Created: 1970-1973