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004/01. Administration

 Record Group Term
Identifier: 004/01
Creator: Georgia Archives

Found in 28 Collections and/or Records:

Georgia Archives - Administration - Annual Reports of the Compiler of State Records

Identifier: 004-01-075
Scope and Contents These paper-bound annual reports document the founding of the Department and its formative years. Directed to the Governor and later to the State Historical Commission including the Governor as chairman, the reports review the accomplishments of the Department in the following areas: (1) the gathering of war materials during the post World War I era (2) the encouragement of work in local history (3) the accessioning and arrangement of public records and manuscripts (4) the repairing or...
Dates: Created: 1915-1936

Georgia Archives - Administration - Archives Publications

Identifier: 004-01-030
Scope and Contents This series consists of varied publications published by the Department of Archives and History and includes general and research information. The general information pamphlets are to inform persons interested in the Archives and include information on displays, tours, genealogical research, historical research, and Archives' policy and are designed to bring about public awareness of archival holdings. Research publications include descriptive inventories, guides and special lists, plus...
Dates: Other: no date

Georgia Archives - Administration - Bicentennial Grant Applications

Identifier: 004-01-037
Scope and Contents These are the Director's reference copies of applications for Bicentennial grants to the Georgia Commission for the National Bicentennial Celebration, on which the Director sat as a member. These applications provided the basis for discussion, review, and approval for grants. Each application is annotated for or against endorsement. The application consisted of three parts: identification, project narrative, and budget data. The narrative generally reviews the background of a proposal, its...
Dates: Created: 1975-1976

Georgia Archives - Administration - Building Dedication

Identifier: 004-01-015
Scope and Contents

This series contains a variety of correspondence: acceptances and regrets to the dedication. congratulations acknowledged, thank you's and miscellaneous correspondence: also included invitation lists, platform arrangements, luncheon arrangements, gifts and flowers, printers' information, program arrangements, publicity, speeches and organization of staff.

Dates: Created: 1965

Georgia Archives - Administration - Colonial Records of Georgia (Publication)

Identifier: 004-01-034
Scope and Contents This series consists of 39 numbered volumes of Georgia colonial and early state records compiled by Governor Allen D. Candler under authority of the Georgia General Assembly. The project of publishing these volumes began in 1904 and was finally completed after some major changes in the original plans in 1937. After the death of Governor Candler in 1910, the project languished for some years until Secretary of State John Wilson undertook, with the aid of the Works Progress Administration,...
Dates: Created: 1904-1937

Georgia Archives - Administration - Committee Files, Forts

Identifier: 004-01-021
Scope and Contents This series includes correspondence, minutes, Georgia magazines, newspaper articles, etc. pertaining to the Archives Forts Committee. This committee was established in 1966 for three chief reasons: (1) to acquaint researchers with the wealth of untapped source material on frontier and military Georgia located in the Archives and other repositories in the state, (2) to publicize through the pages of the Georgia Magazine a little-known segment of state history and (3) to educate Archives staff...
Dates: Other: no date

Georgia Archives - Administration - Correspondence With Other Public Archivists

Identifier: 004-01-076
Scope and Contents This series is correspondence of Mary Givens Bryan with the archivists of other public institutions. Most of the institutions represent state government. The correspondence consists of outgoing letter copies and incoming original letters. Information within the correspondence deals with: (1) the construction and furnishing of Georgia's new archival edifice (2) salary scales for archivists (3) Ernst Posner's study of state archival institutions (4) the Committee on State and Local Records...
Dates: Created: 1958-1965

Georgia Archives - Administration - County Historians Correspondence

Identifier: 004-01-006
Scope and Contents This series consists primarily of correspondence with county historians concerning the preparation of county histories, but also includes copies of historical materials such as rosters of county officials, newspaper clippings, extracts from state records, etc. which relate to specific counties. Also included are the State Historian's general correspondence regarding the project as a whole and her general information folder containing state level compilations of data regarding individual...
Dates: Created: 1928-1948

Georgia Archives - Administration - Director's Correspondence

Identifier: 004-01-002
Scope and Contents This series consists of correspondence of the various directors of the Georgia Department of Archives and History. Much of the material is very informative and complete in areas where the department did extensive research work, but most of it is simply routine in nature. Subject matter contained in this series includes: (1) Archives staff (2) general correspondence which includes: (a) genealogical (b) personal (c) military matters (d) invitations to speak and attend ceremonies (e) catalogs...
Dates: Created: 1924-1966

Georgia Archives - Administration - Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 004-01-020
Scope and Contents These are the subject files of the Director of the Georgia Department of Archives and History. The files reflect the operation of the Director's Office including but not limited to the following subjects: the planning and direction of the Department; relating with other professional archivists and organizations including the Society of American Archivists; diplomatic relations with fraternal and patriotic societies such as the United Daughters of the Confederacy; construction of the new...
Dates: Created: 1929-2007

Georgia Archives - Administration - Early Archives Records

Identifier: 004-01-001
Scope and Contents

This series contains receipt books used when a bequest was made to the Archives in years past. These were the only records kept of acquisitions at that time. Also included is correspondence of the Director primarily concerning various items among the archival holdings.

Dates: Created: 1917-1950

Georgia Archives - Administration - Guide to the General Assembly

Identifier: 004-01-031
Scope and Contents

This series consists of lists of General Assembly members , their district, address, birth date, education. occupation, religion, party, military status, and marital status. Officers of the Senate and House of Representatives are listed for each session. This information is available for sessions, listed below. For other publications of the Department of Archives and History see RG 4, SG 6, Series 11, Archives Advocate Director's Memo Newsletter.

Dates: Created: 1959-1976

Georgia Archives - Administration - Hall of Fame Commission Correspondence

Identifier: 004-01-016
Scope and Contents Mrs. Mary Givens Bryan, Director of the Department of Archives and History, served on the Hall of Fame Committee and her office provided the administrative and clerical work required by the Committee. The Georgia Hall of Fame (located in the rotunda of the Capitol) was established by an Act of the Legislature, approved Feb. 7. 1955. sponsored by the Georgia Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy. Elections to the Hall of Fame are sponsored by the various women's patriotic societies of...
Dates: Created: 1957-1964

Georgia Archives - Administration - Hall of Fame Commission Pictures and Proofs

Identifier: 004-01-017
Scope and Contents

These are photographs of subjects selected for the Georgia Hall of Fame in the State Capitol and the Chief Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court in the Judicial Building; photographs of clay models and marble busts of these subjects; photographs taken at dedications of Confederate monuments. Most photographs are 8x10 inch glossy prints; others are snapshot size.

Dates: Created: 1957-1964

Georgia Archives - Administration - Mary Givens Bryan Correspondence

Identifier: 004-01-018
Scope and Contents This series includes miscellaneous incoming and outgoing correspondence of Mrs. Mary Givens Bryan, Director of the Department. Most of it is of a genealogical or historical nature. Also included are subject folders containing letters, interdepartmental memoranda and reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other papers which provide reference material concerning archives, collections, historical and genealogical organizations, special projects, and other historical or...
Dates: Created: 1955-1964

Georgia Archives - Administration - Mary Givens Bryan Memorial Correspondence

Identifier: 004-01-014
Scope and Contents Mrs- Mary Givens Bryan was Director of the State Archives from 1951 - 1964. This series contains correspondence at the time of her death from the general public, Secretary of State's office and other people in the Archival profession. Also in this series is an Archives Staff Family Album presented to Mrs. Bryan while she was in the hospital containing baby pictures of staff members. A folder of miscellaneous information on the funeral arrangements is also included in this series. In Record...
Dates: Created: 1964-1965

Georgia Archives - Administration - Society of American Archivists Meeting

Identifier: 004-01-019
Scope and Contents The original joint meeting of these two societies, in which Georgia Archives was intimately associated, was held in Atlanta in October of 1966 at the Marriott Motor Lodge with the staff of the Georgia Dept. of Archives & History (hereafter referred to as G.D.A.H.) acting as hosts. The following material is limited to that conference. The type of material contained in the series,is the following: (1) Lists of staff members of the G.D.A.H., the dates and hours each was scheduled to attend...
Dates: Created: 1966

Georgia Archives - Administration - Special Events Records

Identifier: 004-01-009
Scope and Contents This series consists of records relating to four special events. The first is a Georgia exhibit at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and subsequent traveling exhibit in Georgia. Records pertaining to this special event include correspondence relating to the collection of materials sent to the Library of Congress from Georgia, inventories, invitations, newspaper clippings and a catalog of the exhibit. The second event is the Georgia Bicentennial and the attendant festivities at...
Dates: Created: 1948-2018

Georgia Archives - Administration - Special Projects Files

Identifier: 004-01-003
Scope and Contents This series documents the planning, implementation and results of Archives special projects. These special projects include: (1) publication projects, including WPA publication projects; (2) seminars; (3) grant documentation; (4) educational projects, particularly in Georgia history; and (5) commemoration of historical events.Included are: (1) feasibility studies; (2) surveys; (3) projects narratives and progress reports; (4) resource notes; (5) correspondence and memoranda (6)...
Dates: Created: 1920-1982

Georgia Archives - Administration - Statistical Workload Reports

Identifier: 004-01-023
Scope and Contents

This portion of the Director's Subject File contains statistical information reported to the Director by organizational subdivisions. The statistics are reported by a different format for different years.

Dates: Created: 1959-1973

Georgia Archives - Administration - Upper and Lower Vaults Shelving Layouts

Identifier: 004-01-066
Scope and Contents

The layouts are composed of graph paper attached to fiberboard. They were created in order to facilitate the efficient layout and construction of the free standing shelving units for the lower vaults in the Georgia Archives. They have not undergone further processing.

Dates: Created: 1970-1980