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Prisons - Director's Office - Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 021-02-024
Scope and Contents This series consists of: (1) general office correspondence, (2) memorandums, (3) bulletins, (4) pamphlets, (5) reports, (6) printed material, (7) fiscal records, and (8) other papers relating to the overall administration and function of the Department of Corrections from the 1940s to the 1970s. Most files concern the routine administrative operations of the prison system including: (1) personnel matters, (2) development and administration of the Department's budget, (3) construction and...
Dates: Created: 1940-1975

Prisons - Director's Office - Inspections and Investigations Reports

Identifier: 021-02-021
Scope and Contents Included are reports of periodic routine inspections of public work camps and prison branches. Also included are reports of investigations that were conducted whenever there were incidents or whenever there were reports of misconduct by either inmates or prison staff. The inspection reports are evaluations of the facility. The format used in recording the inspections was changed at one point, but in either format they covered several criteria in each of the following categories: a....
Dates: Created: 1947-1970

Prisons - Director's Office - Institutional Publications

Identifier: 021-02-034
Scope and Contents This series contains a wide assortment of publications produced by the inmates of a number of penal institutions and rehabilitation centers in Georgia. The format of these publications varies from that of a newsletter of approximately ten pages in length to that of an inspirational tract of about four pages. For example, the GSP News, published monthly by the inmates of the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville, is much like any newsletter produced by one of the many state agencies in...
Dates: Created: 1970-1971

Prisons - Director's Office - Sanitary Conditions Report

Identifier: 021-02-038
Scope and Contents

This series consists of several reports and studies made at each of the various penal facilities in the State. Included are: (1) 1967 Report of Sanitary Conditions (2) reports on prison industries (3) general correspondence, reports and studies. The summation of the 1967 Report of Sanitary Conditions was taken from an earlier inventory created in 1981.

Dates: Created: 1967

Prisons - Director's Office - State and County Institutions Subject Files

Identifier: 021-02-023
Scope and Contents

This series contains a variety of general office correspondence, reports and other printed information concerning the correctional institutions across the State. These files do not, however, represent all of the correspondence concerning the various camps and branches, as there are identical subject file titles in many instances in RGSGSERIES 21-2-24, General Administrative Subject Files of the Director.

Dates: Created: 1967-1974

Prisons - Director's Office - The Challenger (Publication)

Identifier: 021-02-035
Scope and Contents This series contains an official monthly publication of the Georgia Department of Corrections. As such, it served as a newsletter aimed at a general readership as distinguished from similar publications aimed primarily at department personnel. A typical issue might contain: (1) a director's report, (2) announcements of future professional conferences, (3) reports on past workshops for department personnel, (4) department appointments, (5) general assembly actions affecting penal reform, (6)...
Dates: Created: 1969

Prisons - Food Services - Master Menus

Identifier: 021-06-029
Scope and Contents

These bound volumes are introduced with a report of the nutritional breakdown of the menus. The majority of the file consists of daily menus for all institutions in Georgia which are detailed from snacks to main courses. The lunch menus are for offenders in the prison only and do not cover those on road crews, etc.

Dates: Created: 1968-1974

Prisons - Inmate Administration - Central Register of Convicts

Identifier: 021-03-027
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound volumes containing a listing of all persons convicted of felonies or misdemeanors in the State of Georgia prison system. The information consistently given varies from register to register as does the arrangement of the contents. However, the general basic information consists of: (1) convict's name; (2) assigned file number (used in later volumes); (3) crime committed; (4) county where crime was committed; (5) sentence; (6) minimum and maximum terms of...
Dates: Created: 1817-1976

Prisons - Prison Industries - Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 021-08-022
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence, reports, reference materials, studies and brochures maintained by the director of the prison industries office of the Georgia Department of Corrections. Although this series can obviously not be considered complete, the fragment which survived the years gives the researcher a good insight into the operation of the Georgia prison industries. In addition, the reference materials maintained by the director provide a limited comparison between Georgia's...
Dates: Created: 1947-1968

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Board of Inspectors Reports

Identifier: 021-01-003
Scope and Contents Included are manuscript copies of quarterly and annual reports which summarize the state of the penitentiary. Most reports were submitted by the bookkeeper and seem to consist of exhibits which accompanied the reports of the Board of Inspectors. Included are: (1) balance sheets, (2) cash accounts, (3) accounts current and statements of receipts and expenditures, (4) lists of officers and guards, (5) their job titles and salaries, (6) types of crimes committed by the prisoners, (7)...
Dates: Created: 1820-1873

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Book of Convicts At Pitts Camp and Stanley's Camp

Identifier: 021-01-010
Scope and Contents This volume contains descriptive data concerning convicts such as: (1) name, (2) age, (3) county of conviction, (4) length of sentence, (5) date received, (6) various physical characteristics including height, weight, color of hair and eyes, (7) race, (8) location and description of scars, and (9) shoe size. Information about escape and recapture, death, occupation, disabilities and status (trusty, etc.) are also often included. Near the end of the book are some pages of isolated...
Dates: Created: 1899-1908

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Convicts At Individual Camps Registers

Identifier: 021-01-006
Scope and Contents These registers were kept by the officials at the individual camps. For each convict, the following is included: (1) name; (2) crime; (3) term of sentence; (4) when received; (5) expiration date of sentence; (6) the county from which convicted; (7) date of discharge; (8) escape, death or pardon; (9) age; (10) complexion, height, weight, color of eyes and hair; (11) date of recapture, and (12) remarks. The amount of information filed under each of the above column headings varies from book...
Dates: Created: 1871-1910

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Convicts In Prison Camp Hospitals Weekly Registers

Identifier: 021-01-009
Scope and Contents These registers contain a weekly record of all persons in the camp hospitals, giving the: (1) names of patients remaining from the previous week and new admissions; (2) their illness; (3) age; (4) sex; (5) race; (6) the date returned to duty; (7) the number remaining in the hospital, and (8) the total number of convicts in the camp. Only the name of the convict, the illness and the number of convicts in each camp, however, are consistently indicated. The name of the camp physician is given...
Dates: Created: 1888-1907

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Convicts Monthly Reports

Identifier: 021-01-007
Scope and Contents

These monthly reports by the lessees of convicts to the Prison Commission give the name of the camp and the contractor, followed by an alphabetical listing of the convicts including: (1) race, (2) age, (3) crime, (4) county of conviction, (5) length of sentence, (6) date received and discharged, and (7) remarks (the latter usually left blank). The reports were put into binders by the Prison Commission.

Dates: Created: 1898-1900

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Convicts Punished Monthly Reports

Identifier: 021-01-012
Scope and Contents

These monthly reports give the name and location of the camp and the month at the top of the page. For each convict punished is indicated the name, date, cause or offense, and extent of the punishment. See RGSGSERIES 21-1-11 for similar material.

Dates: Created: 1901-1909

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Corporal Punishment Monthly Reports

Identifier: 021-01-011
Scope and Contents These reports were submitted to the Principal Keeper by the officers in charge of the individual camps. They give the name of the convicts punished, the date, the type and extent of the punishment, and the offense for which punished. Also included is a statement about the diet furnished the convicts and other remarks concerning the health and well-being of the prisoners. The reports are notarized and signed by the officer in charge of the camp. Similar information for a later period is...
Dates: Created: 1884-1889

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Employees Time Books

Identifier: 021-01-017
Scope and Contents

The entries in these books are arranged by month. For each month, the names and job titles of the guards and other employees are listed, showing for each day of the month whether or not the employee worked and the total salary paid him for the month.

Dates: Created: 1899-1909

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Governor's Pardons and Commutations Orders

Identifier: 021-01-015
Scope and Contents These books contain the Principal Keeper's recorded copies of the Governor's Executive Orders granting pardons and commuting sentences. The original orders appear in the Governor's Executive Minute Books (RGSGSERIES 1-1-3). Each order gives: (1) the name of the convict, (2) his crime, (3) the county of conviction, (4) the length of his sentence, (5) amount of time served, (6) the reason for the pardon, and (7) the order of the Principal Keeper to discharge the prisoner. In the volumes...
Dates: Created: 1873-1886

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Leased Convicts Account Book

Identifier: 021-01-013
Scope and Contents

This book, apparently kept by the Principal Keeper, records the amount due the State by lessees for the hire of convicts. Each lessee's convicts are listed for given periods of time showing the amount due the State for each convict. At the end of each list is the total due and often a statement of when the account was sent to the State Comptroller General for collection.

Dates: Created: 1872-1876

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Misc. Records

Identifier: 021-01-019
Scope and Contents Included in this series are: (1) photocopies of Published Acts and Resolutions of the General Assembly concerning the Penitentiary, reproduced from Georgia Law; (2) a few items of correspondence. Most are letters by prison camp officials to the Principal Keeper notifying him of the appointment of "Whipping Bosses" and requesting approval of the appointments; (3) four Grand Jury presentments from Polk, Dade, Fulton and Walker counties commenting on conditions in convict camps in these...
Dates: Created: 1816-1909

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Misdemeanor Chain Gangs Monthly Reports

Identifier: 021-01-008
Scope and Contents These monthly reports to the Prison Commission give the county and name of operator of the various chain gangs followed by lists of the convicts showing: (1) county of conviction; (2) age; (3) race; (4) sex; (5) crime; (6) date received; (7) term of sentence; (8) date of discharge; (9) death, escape, recapture, pardon and casualties; (10) conduct; (11) offense for which punishment was meted out, and (12) giving the date and extent or nature of the punishment. Each report usually contains the...
Dates: Created: 1898-1901

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Principal Keeper's Annual Reports

Identifier: 021-01-001
Scope and Contents These printed annual or biennial reports by the Principal Keeper of the Penitentiary to the Governor and the General Assembly summarize the condition of the Penitentiary and its inmates. In addition to a narrative evaluation, the reports contain several tables which give detailed information concerning the convicts, such as lists of the convicts, type of crimes for which they were sentenced, counties they came from, and their nativity. Reports by the Bookkeeper in which he presents the...
Dates: Created: 1852-1897

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Rations and Clothing Daily Records

Identifier: 021-01-016
Scope and Contents

Seven of these volumes give for each day the number of prisoners at the camps and a daily accounting of the quantity of various items of food, clothing, tobacco, soap, kerosene oil and similar items furnished to them. The inclu­sive dates vary from book to book. The information is arranged by camp (with one to three camps in each volume) and then by date.

Dates: Created: 1884-1909

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Receipts

Identifier: 021-01-018
Scope and Contents The receipts for money paid out cover: (1) payments to discharged convicts, (2) payments to persons bringing convicts from county courts to the penitentiary, and (3) payments to employees for salaries and payments to suppliers for equipment purchased. The receipts for raw materials and manufactured articles delivered cover the delivery of these materials by one penitentiary official to another. They provide a good insight into the nature and extent of prison manufacturing during the period. ...
Dates: Created: 1820-1916

Prisons - State Prison Commission - Registers of Convicts Received, Etc.

Identifier: 021-01-014
Scope and Contents The first volume in this series indicates: (1) the name of the convict; (2) the date of pardon, discharge, death or escape; (3) the name of the camp to which each was assigned; (4) the convict's crime (occasionally). The second volume contains only registers of deaths and discharges showing the convict's: (1) name; (2) race (3) age; (4) county of conviction; (5) date received; (6) date of death or discharge; (7) height, weight and health when received, and (8) the name of the camp to which...
Dates: Created: 1871-1886

Prisons - Training and Development - Assistant Division Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 021-07-031
Scope and Contents This series contains: (1) correspondence, (2) requisitions and other fiscal records, (3) reference materials, (4) samples of institutional publications, (5) chaplain's evaluation and other reports, (6) education survey data, (7) brochures and pamphlets, (8) copies of forms employed by the Division and other government agencies, and (9) statistical data and other records which document the operation of the Training and Development Division. Impressive efforts were taken by this Division to...
Dates: Created: 1963-1967

Prisons - Training and Development - Reports and Test Materials

Identifier: 021-07-032
Scope and Contents This series contains annual, monthly and weekly statistical reports, weekly reports of academic activities, testing results and other progress reports which were either compiled by the Training and Development Office or were sent to it by the training officials of the various prison branches. Since the office's chief function was to educate Corrections Department personnel and inmates of the Georgia prison system, this series documents for a relatively brief period the mission oriented...
Dates: Created: 1963-1966