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012/02. Office Of Superintendent

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Identifier: 012/02
Creator: Education

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

Education - Office of Superintendent - 1971-72 Governor's Reorganization Study

Identifier: 012-02-059
Scope and Contents This series consists of a two volume report from the Office of the State School Superintendent of the Department of Education to the Executive Committee on Reorganization and Management Improvement. The report was requested by the Governor's Committee on Reorganization as a part of their study. The first volume of the report is a summary of the functions, purposes and costs of the Department with a look at proposed projects, problem areas and possible changes in the Department's programs....
Dates: Created: 1929-1976

Education - Office of Superintendent - Annual Reports

Identifier: 012-02-029
Scope and Contents These publication reports are primarily composed of the reports from the following offices of the Department of Education: (1) Deputy Superintendent of Schools (2) Instructional Services (3) School Administrative Services (4) Vocational Rehabilitation (5) Staff Services The reports are presented in both narrative and statistical forms and include all information pertinent to public education in Georgia. The statistical tables include: (1) receipts and payments of local boards of...
Dates: Created: 1871-1975

Education - Office of Superintendent - Appeals Decisions

Identifier: 012-02-003
Scope and Contents This series includes decisions made by the Public School Commissioner on appeals from individuals who have appeared before local boards, or from local boards appealing actions of local superintendents. Though other subjects are covered, most involve selection and removal of teachers or superintendents, disputes over location of schools, local school policies, or financial actions of local boards. This two volume set also includes background to the local board decisions on some few...
Dates: Created: 1892-1919

Education - Office of Superintendent - Coordinating Committee Minutes

Identifier: 012-02-015
Scope and Contents This series consists of a collection of minutes created by the Co­ordinating Committee of the Department of Education. This committee was composed of the directors of the major divisions of the Department, i.e.: Directors of Instruction, Instructional Materials, Administration, Voca­tional Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Staff Services, Negro Education and Field Services. The purpose of the committee was to co-ordinate activities among the various divisions, recommend policies and...
Dates: Created: 1954-1962

Education - Office of Superintendent - County Boards and Superintendents Commissions

Identifier: 012-02-008
Scope and Contents Prior to 1949, commissions for members of county Boards of Education and for school superintendents were issued through the State Superintendent of Schools and through the Secretary of State thereafter. Most of the pre‑1949 materials are originals; afterwards most are copies of originals in the Secretary of State's files. No commissions are included for board members or superintendents of independent (i.e. city) school systems. Among the papers in this series are: (1) copies of...
Dates: Created: 1921-1965

Education - Office of Superintendent - Departmental News Reports

Identifier: 012-02-030
Scope and Contents

These mimeographed reports are apparently aimed at the State's teachers and others connected with the Department of Education. Each monthly issue averages twelve pages in length and contains a feature article on some departmental crisis, the report from some conference or meeting, or some departmental facility of note. Other features include a note from the superintendent, book reports, poems, personal news items, etc.

Dates: Created: 1954-1955

Education - Office of Superintendent - Dr. M.D Collins Collection

Identifier: 012-02-144
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound and unbound records including: (1) photographs (2) correspondence (3) achievement certificates (4) newspaper clippings (5) honorary House and Senate resolutions (6) speeches and addresses (7) miscellaneous publications (8) related materials all pertaining to the state service rendered by Dr. Mauney Douglass Collins. Dr. M.D. Collins, State Superintendent of Schools from 1933 to 1958 and Emeritus from 1958 to 1963, was born in Union County and...
Dates: Created: 1941-1967

Education - Office of Superintendent - Dr. M.D. Collins Spelling Bee Files

Identifier: 012-02-092
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence and other records concerning a favorite project of State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. M.D. Collins. This project was the State ‑ wide spelling bee held at the Southeastern Fair in Atlanta usually in September or October. Included are: (1) rules and regulations, (2) form letters sent to county superintendents concerning their respective contestants, (3) word lists complete with sentences using the words, (4) newspaper clippings concerning contestants,...
Dates: Created: 1936-1964

Education - Office of Superintendent - General Public Correspondence

Identifier: 012-02-025
Scope and Contents

This correspondence consists primarily of letters to and from the superintendent with occasional newspaper clippings or other pertinent printed matter attached. Often a letter received by the superintendent is attached to a carbon copy of his reply to it. The cor­respondence covers virtually every subject in the superintendent's official capacity and some personal matters as well, including religious gatherings, alumni activities, etc.

Dates: Created: 1955-1959

Education - Office of Superintendent - Georgia Educational Directories

Identifier: 012-02-053
Scope and Contents These published directories contain the names and addresses of the officers and staff members of the Department of Education, members of various committees and boards, members of the various county school systems and all college presidents in the state. Included are alphabetical directories for: (1) state schools; (2) colleges: state, normal, private and denominational; (3) county school superintendents; (4) Georgia Accrediting Committee; (5) Georgia Association of School Administration;...
Dates: Created: 1929-1989

Education - Office of Superintendent - Local School Commissioners and Boards Registers

Identifier: 012-02-001
Scope and Contents

These volumes generally list the names of local board of education members, their respective school commissioners, addresses, dates of election or appointment, commission, qualification and term expiration, predecessor and pertinent remarks.

Dates: Created: 1871-1930

Education - Office of Superintendent - Local School Systems Correspondence

Identifier: 012-02-026
Scope and Contents This correspondence consists primarily of letters to and from the superintendent with occasional printed memorandums, lists of names, financial statements, etc. attached. Also present are letters neither addressed to nor written by the superintendent which focus on some local item of school business and hence thought to be of interest to him. Often a letter received by the superintendent is attached to a carbon copy of his reply to it. The correspondence covers virtually every subject in...
Dates: Created: 1944-1987

Education - Office of Superintendent - Photos

Identifier: 012-02-146
Scope and Contents

This series consists of photographic prints, the majority of which have been enlarged, of the various State and Deputy State Superintendents of Georgia's school system. Most of the prints are in black and white although a few have been hand ‑ tinted. Each has been identified on the back of the print along with the years of service for that particular superintendent.

Dates: Created: 1933-1970

Education - Office of Superintendent - School Censuses

Identifier: 012-02-060
Scope and Contents The state government established a Common School Fund in 1828. This fund would be financed by the collection of various taxes and would be used to subsidize the poor schools, later called common or public schools. The amount of money each school received would depend primarily on the number of children the school had enrolled. The officials of each school district were required to submit a census of its school age population to the State School Commissioner. The commissioner would then...
Dates: Created: 1908-1923

Education - Office of Superintendent - Subject Files

Identifier: 012-02-027
Scope and Contents The General Administrative Records of the State Superintendent of Schools include correspondence, certifications, committee and conference reports, directives, briefs, statements and other papers. These records relate to the overall administration of the Department and its organizational subdivisions, and include such papers as: (1) Correspondence between the Superintendent and the heads of organizational subdivisions and educational associations, (2) reports, both narrative and...
Dates: Created: 1935-1992