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Education - Central Accounting - Correspondence

Identifier: 012-05-044
Scope and Contents

This series consists of correspondence between the Director of Staff Services and Field Services and County School Superintendents and architectural firms. This correspondence consists almost entirely of information concerning plans to modernize and usually expand the plant facilities of schools and to aid school consolidations.

Dates: Created: 1952-1958

Education - Central Accounting - Ledgers of Disbursement for Negro Education Disbursement Ledgers

Identifier: 012-05-013
Scope and Contents

These ledgers record disbursements for salaries and other expenses under the Slater, Jeanes and Rosenwald Funds for the years indicated below.

Dates: Created: 1923-1937

Education - Central Accounting - Local Education Agency Financial Review Files

Identifier: 012-05-072
Scope and Contents This series contains local school system budgets, correspondence and other related documents which formed a portion of the Local Agency Financial Review Files maintained in the Financial Review Section. This section used these records to enable it to provide necessary technical accounting assistance to the local systems and to maintain uniform and acceptable accounting systems throughout the State. The budget forms contain certifications on the part of the local school board chairmen and...
Dates: Created: 1965-FY94

Education - Central Accounting - State Equalization Funds Distribution Ledgers

Identifier: 012-05-020
Scope and Contents

The State Equalization Fund was created by an act of the General Assembly in 1926. Its purpose is to serve as a supplemental appropriation to the Common School Fund in an effort to more nearly equalize educational opportunities throughout the state.

Dates: Created: 1941-1960

Education - Deputy State Superintendent - Budget Reports

Identifier: 012-34-031
Scope and Contents

This series consists of budget reports of county school systems. These reports were prepared annually by the respective county school superintendent.

Dates: Created: 1939-1962

Education - Deputy State Superintendent - Subject Files

Identifier: 012-34-079
Scope and Contents This series contains: (1) correspondence, (2) pamphlets, (3) legal documents, and (4) reports from local school systems relating to all areas of interest of the Assistant, later called the Deputy, Superintendent of Schools. Among these areas of interest are: (1) liaison work between local school officials and lay persons on behalf of the State Superintendent and the State Board; (2) coordination of activities between the Attorney General's Department and the Department of Education...
Dates: Created: 1953 - 1978

Education - Distributive Education Service - Administrative Records

Identifier: 012-18-040
Scope and Contents

Included in this series are various administrative records among which are (1) Reports on adult classes, (2) Budget reports, (3) Coordinators' schedules, (4) Monthly high school work reports, (5) High school program recapitulation forms, (6) Plant inventory, (7) Study Commission report, and (8) Vocational education teachers' job applications.

Dates: Created: 1948-1958

Education - Distributive Education Service - Distributive Education Club Convention Records

Identifier: 012-18-041
Scope and Contents Description of series and its contents: This series includes: (1) memos concerning the conventions, (2) lists of students and faculty attending, (3) administrative correspondence the conventions, (4) forms used to choose delegates, (5) financial reports, (6) minutes and secretaries' reports of the proceedings, (7) various contest forms and results, and (8) information concerning awards presented at the conventions. The conventions represented include the state (white and colored) and...
Dates: Created: 1944-1959

Education - Distributive Education Service - Distributive Education Club Records

Identifier: 012-18-042
Scope and Contents

Included in this series are records created by the Distributive Education Clubs of Georgia, but which do not concern the club's conventions. Among the various records are: (1) records concerning awards, (2) contest information, (3) DECA correspondence, (4) articles sent to the "Trade Winds", the DECA newspaper, (5) budget reports, (6) club rosters, (7) individual club reports, and (8) various forms used by the clubs.

Dates: Created: 1945-1959

Education - Distributive Education Service - Publications and Programs

Identifier: 012-18-043
Scope and Contents

This series includes the Distributive Education Clubs of America publication, "The Distributor", the Georgia DE club's "Trade Winds", club manuals, newsletters, convention programs and previews of convention activities, and banquet programs.

Dates: Created: 1945-1959

Education - Distributive Education Service - Supervisor's Correspondence

Identifier: 012-18-039
Scope and Contents

The Department of Distributive Education Services is a subsidiary of the Vocational Education Division. The correspondence includes that from the State Supervisor of Distributive Education and from the District Supervisor as well.

Dates: Created: 1955-1958

Education - Georgia Accrediting Commission - Bulletins

Identifier: 012-08-055
Scope and Contents This commission is a quasi‑official agency that investigates and rates the quality of education in all high and elementary schools in the state. It also attempts to improve school standards by emphasizing the amount of time students spend in the classroom, the qualifications of the teachers and the improvement of school plants.The Commission is composed of officials representing the Association of: (1) Colleges (2) the Georgia High School Association (3) the State Committee of...
Dates: Created: 1934-1954

Education - Georgia Accrediting Commission - School Accreditation Files

Identifier: 012-08-076
Scope and Contents This series contains applications for accreditation including for each school: (1) form letters identifying examinations and citing school deficiencies, if any (2) check sheets for examiners from the Georgia Accrediting Commission (3) check sheets for examiners from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (4) Southern Association application for accreditation forms (5) daily schedules (6) list of courses offered (7) lists of teachers and classes taught with numbers of students in...
Dates: Created: 1962-1969

Education - Georgia Library Commission - Annual Reports

Identifier: 012-07-063
Scope and Contents The duties of the Georgia Library Commission included dispensing aid and advice to all communities wishing to establish a library and conducting a system of circulating libraries known as traveling libraries. The published reports of the Commission contain the following information in prose form: (1) number of persons supplied with reading matter (2) number of traveling libraries and books in circulation in them (3) number of individual loans of books on special subjects and (4) number of...
Dates: Created: 1920-1930

Education - Georgia Library Commission - Bulletins, Newsletters and Field Letters

Identifier: 012-07-100
Scope and Contents This series contains a portion of the newsletters mimeographed by the office of the secretary of the Georgia Library Commission. The chief audience of these serial publications consisted of the various local librarians in the state. Beginning as a series of circular letters addressed to these ladies, the format gradually changed to that of a newsletter similar to others distributed by other state agencies. Amongst the subjects addressed in these newsletters might be: (1) outstanding dates...
Dates: Created: 1927-1941

Education - Georgia Library Commission - History of Georgia Public Library and Audio Tapes

Identifier: 012-07-102
Scope and Contents This series contains ten audio tapes recorded in an effort to document the history of the public and school library movement in Georgia, at least in the reminiscences of pioneers in the field still living in 1974 when the tapes were made. The librarians interviewed were selected in an effort to gain an insight into a cross section of the field, ranging from a specialized college library such as that at Georgia Institute of Technology to the recollections of an African American college...
Dates: Created: 1974

Education - Georgia Library Commission - Library Survey Materials

Identifier: 012-07-101
Scope and Contents This series contains various statistical survey materials collected primarily by Works Projects Administration (WPA) operatives in the State of Georgia. The practice of keeping these statistics apparently grew out of the increasingly important financial role played by the WPA and later other Federal aid programs. Although the forms in this series vary in format, the overall aim of all of them was to gather data on the local communities so as to assess financial needs of the libraries. The...
Dates: Created: 1938-1955

Education - Georgia Library Commission - Minutes

Identifier: 012-07-097
Scope and Contents This series contains the summary‑type minutes of the annual and occasional called meetings of the Georgia Library Commission. A typical meeting's minutes might contain a list of the members present without, unfortunately, identifying them fully and a brief listing of the items of business addressed including elections of officers, policy changes, tendering thanks to the State Librarian and others for services rendered and proposed legislation favorable to the Library Service. Virtually...
Dates: Created: 1920-1967

Education - Georgia Library Commission - Public Education Scrapbooks

Identifier: 012-07-098
Scope and Contents This series contains newspaper clipping scrapbooks and some loose clippings documenting both the work of the Georgia Library Service and the progress enjoyed by the local public libraries throughout the State of Georgia. Unfortunately for the researcher, the format of the scrapbooks as well as their arrangement has changed There are two basic formats employed, the geographical being the most widespread. During the earlier years, however, a subject approach was used. This format was also...
Dates: Created: 1920-1962

Education - Georgia Library Commission - Secretary's Subject Files

Identifier: 012-07-099
Scope and Contents This series contains: (1) correspondence (2) maps (3) Works Projects Administration training materials (4) supervisor's and annual reports (5) itineraries (6) narrative reports submitted by traveling library consultants (7) reference materials (8) requests for state aid for libraries (9) library statistics As the series title indicates, most of the files were created by the secretary of the Georgia Library Commission, but there are files in the series postdating the existence of that...
Dates: Created: 1936-1962

Education - Job Training Partnership Act - Ceta Balance of State Plans Files

Identifier: 012-31-106
Scope and Contents This series contains (1) budget information summaries, (2) program plan summaries, (3) monthly enrollment/expenditure projections, (4) personnel summary sheets, (5) modifications, (6) letters of transmittal and (7) related correspondence. These documents relate to the administering and monitoring of the Comprehensive Employment ad Training Act (CETA) Unit which works with the Georgia Department of Labor and local education authorities in administering training programs and services in...
Dates: Created: 1978-1981

Education - Local Systems Support Division - Education Edp Statistical Information System Files

Identifier: 012-24-160
Scope and Contents This series consists of statistical reports generally in the form of computer printouts and specialized forms created by the Statistical Services Section of the Department of Education. These reports are necessary for the allocation of state educational funds and for the use of the Department of Education in responding to requests for use of data from other agencies, both State and Federal. Being of a statistical nature, many of the forms require a certain knowledge for interpretation. The...
Dates: Created: 1977-FY89

Education - Local Systems Support Division - Elementary Schools Self-Study Reports

Identifier: 012-24-077
Scope and Contents This series contains two types of self-study reports. The first consists of the self-study reports submitted by individual elementary schools in the Fulton County school system for the 1966-67 school year. The second consists of system wide self study reports on elementary and sometimes schools of all levels. These bound reports average about 175 pages in length and are compiled to determine, at least in part, accreditation of the schools by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and the...
Dates: Created: 1966-1968

Education - Negro Education Division - Director's Correspondence

Identifier: 012-06-014
Scope and Contents This correspondence consists of letters, pamphlets and programs primarily relating to the Jeanes and Rosenwald funds during the years 1920-50, and teachers' workshops and the desegregation controversy during the 1950's. Included in the earlier correspondence are studies of Negro Education and its effectiveness in the southern states such as the Conference on Educational Problems of Special Cultural Groups held at Columbia University in 1949. In the later group are copies of the Supreme Court...
Dates: Created: 1920-1958

Education - Negro Education Division - Director's Subject Files

Identifier: 012-06-071
Scope and Contents The Division of Negro Education was one of many divisions within the state Department of Education. This series includes: (1) minutes of board and committee meetings, (2) correspondence with Department personnel and others; (3) correspondence regarding the administration of the Jeanes and Slater Funds which partially financed Negro education; (4) papers related to the Chapel Hill School Project, an experimental one teacher school organized in the 1930's; (5) statistical data including a 1938...
Dates: Created: 1928-1966

Education - Negro Education Division - Funding Programs Correspondence

Identifier: 012-06-062
Scope and Contents This series contains the administrative papers of the Negro Education Division's external funding programs. The body of the series is primarily correspondence with various philanthropic organizations. Interfiled with the correspondence are: (1) reports; (2) requisitions; (3) bulletins; (4) applications; (5) notices; (6) printed matter concerning the transactions of the Division with the funding agencies The greater portion of the records concern the Julius Rosenwald Foundation of Illinois....
Dates: Created: 1930-1940

Education - Negro Education Division - One Teacher Experimental School

Identifier: 012-06-065
Scope and Contents

This series consists of material relating to the one‑teacher experimental school program in Douglas County in the 1930's. The series also contains: (1) correspondence of the supervisor of Negro Education; (2) samples of class work of the students; (3) invoices and supply requests; (4) annual reports of the one‑teacher experimental school program

Dates: Created: 1909 - 1910 and 1931 - 1937; Created: 1909 - 1910

Education - Negro Education Division - School System Survey Files

Identifier: 012-06-073
Scope and Contents This collection consists of surveys of the schools facilities primarily relating to the Negro and Rosenwald schools during the years 1920 - 1963. Collection includes surveys for the different Negro schools in each county or city district which includes lists of the educators and their salaries and information about class schedules, library resources and other services available at the schools. Additionally, information about Rosenwald libraries, the 1934 Georgia Report on Rosenwald...
Dates: Existence: 1920 - 1963

Education - Negro Education Division - War Surplus Buildings Transfer for Local Use

Identifier: 012-06-022
Scope and Contents Included in this series are: (1) resolutions expressing the willingness of local boards to participate in the program; (2) lists of buildings for sale; (3) lists of county boards and the buildings allocated thereto; (4) War Department shipping forms; (5) correspondence to and from Mr. Robert L. Cousins, Director of Negro Education, concerning building transfers; and (6) carbon copies sent to Mr. Cousins of letters dealing with building transfers. Files cover transfers of building from: (1)...
Dates: Created: 1937 and 1946 - 1950

Education - Office of Evaluation and Personnel Development - Georgia Illiteracy Commission Publications

Identifier: 012-29-093
Scope and Contents

This series contains reprints of speeches and other miscellaneous publications of the Georgia Illiteracy Commission which was absorbed by the Department of Education in the government reorganization of 1932. As the name implies, the commission collected data on and sought remedies for the widespread adult illiteracy in Georgia, and the publications in this series reflect this mission.

Dates: Other: unknown

Education - Office of Evaluation and Personnel Development - Guidance, Counseling and Testing Survey Files

Identifier: 012-29-143
Scope and Contents These surveys show the types of post secondary education or types of employment pursued by graduates. The surveys were made one year after graduation. The information is broken down by ability level of the students and by sex. The numbers of graduates continuing formal education are broken down by (1) four year college, (2) two year college, (3) state technical and vocational schools, and (4) other schools. The numbers of graduates taking employment are broken down by (1) professional,...
Dates: Created: 1963-1976

Education - Office of Evaluation and Personnel Development - State Board Committee Files

Identifier: 012-29-156
Scope and Contents This series consists of copies of Board Committee meetings and working papers used in formulating recommendations and final recommendations to the State Board of Education. Also included may be correspondence and memos to and from the Board members and other departmental personnel related to program recommendations and activities. These files relate to recommending action to be taken by the Board as a result of staff and Board Committee review of proposals affecting new, renewed and changed...
Dates: Created: 1975-1986

Education - Office of Evaluation and Personnel Development - Superintendent's Local System Memorandum Files

Identifier: 012-29-155
Scope and Contents This series consists of statewide memorandum and letters from the Associate Superintendents of both the Office of Instructional Services and Office of Planning and Development to Local System Superintendents. The material pertains to new, revised and proposed policies and procedures related to areas of responsibility of the Office of Planning and Development. Some of the policies and procedures include Special Education itinerant travel funds: statewide test reports; ideas related to...
Dates: Other: 1974 - 1986

Education - Office of Evaluation and Personnel Development - Superintendent's Subject Files

Identifier: 012-29-169
Scope and Contents This series consists of (1) correspondence, (2) reports and (3) minutes of meetings pertaining to professional organizations, commissions and committees with which the Associate Superintendent for Planning and Development is associated in performance of his official duties. The Office of Planning and Development is responsible for providing state level leadership to plan, administer and evaluate programs in the areas of (not an inclusive list): (1) Adult and Continuing Education (2) GED...
Dates: Created: 1980-1984

Education - Office of Instructional Programs - Agriculture Education Teacher List Files

Identifier: 012-15-131
Scope and Contents This series consists of typewritten lists containing (1)name, (2) address, (3) county and (4) school where employed of all vocational agriculture teachers in Georgia. Also included are the names and addresses of supervisory staff. Before 1967, the lists are separated by race. However, after the Civil Rights Act of 1968, both white and Negro teachers are listed together. Also, the older lists give only the teachers' school addresses whereas the newer lists give teachers' home addresses. ...
Dates: Created: 1917-1974

Education - Office of Instructional Programs - Annual Descriptive Reports

Identifier: 012-15-198
Scope and Contents These annual reports made to the Division of Vocational Education of the United States Department of Education describe the trade and industrial educational programs at the local level in Georgia. The reports are made in outline form and usually include various minutes of planning conferences, charts and copies of newspaper articles favorably publicizing the programs. Besides the reports themselves, these files sometimes include memorandums to various office personnel providing guidelines as...
Dates: Created: 1937-1966

Education - Office of Instructional Programs - Annual Reports

Identifier: 012-15-029-2
Scope and Contents These published reports show the progress of the various Vocational Education programs in the state's schools, as administered by the Dept. of Education, and financed by State, Federal, and Local funds. The sections of these reports are the following: (1) Summary of Vocational Education activities for year (2) Agriculture Education (3) Home Economics Education (4) Trade and Industrial Education (5) Industrial or Civilian Rehabilitation (6) Lists of: (a) Agricultural (b) Home Economics (c)...
Dates: Created: 1927-1969