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Education - Office of Superintendent - Dr. M.D. Collins Spelling Bee Files

Identifier: 012-02-092
Scope and Contents This series contains correspondence and other records concerning a favorite project of State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. M.D. Collins. This project was the State ‑ wide spelling bee held at the Southeastern Fair in Atlanta usually in September or October. Included are: (1) rules and regulations, (2) form letters sent to county superintendents concerning their respective contestants, (3) word lists complete with sentences using the words, (4) newspaper clippings concerning contestants,...
Dates: Created: 1936-1964

Education - Office of Superintendent - General Public Correspondence

Identifier: 012-02-025
Scope and Contents

This correspondence consists primarily of letters to and from the superintendent with occasional newspaper clippings or other pertinent printed matter attached. Often a letter received by the superintendent is attached to a carbon copy of his reply to it. The cor­respondence covers virtually every subject in the superintendent's official capacity and some personal matters as well, including religious gatherings, alumni activities, etc.

Dates: Created: 1955-1959

Education - Office of Superintendent - Georgia Educational Directories

Identifier: 012-02-053
Scope and Contents These published directories contain the names and addresses of the officers and staff members of the Department of Education, members of various committees and boards, members of the various county school systems and all college presidents in the state. Included are alphabetical directories for: (1) state schools; (2) colleges: state, normal, private and denominational; (3) county school superintendents; (4) Georgia Accrediting Committee; (5) Georgia Association of School Administration;...
Dates: Created: 1929-1989

Education - Office of Superintendent - Local School Commissioners and Boards Registers

Identifier: 012-02-001
Scope and Contents

These volumes generally list the names of local board of education members, their respective school commissioners, addresses, dates of election or appointment, commission, qualification and term expiration, predecessor and pertinent remarks.

Dates: Created: 1871-1930

Education - Office of Superintendent - Local School Systems Correspondence

Identifier: 012-02-026
Scope and Contents This correspondence consists primarily of letters to and from the superintendent with occasional printed memorandums, lists of names, financial statements, etc. attached. Also present are letters neither addressed to nor written by the superintendent which focus on some local item of school business and hence thought to be of interest to him. Often a letter received by the superintendent is attached to a carbon copy of his reply to it. The correspondence covers virtually every subject in...
Dates: Created: 1944-1987

Education - Office of Superintendent - Photos

Identifier: 012-02-146
Scope and Contents

This series consists of photographic prints, the majority of which have been enlarged, of the various State and Deputy State Superintendents of Georgia's school system. Most of the prints are in black and white although a few have been hand ‑ tinted. Each has been identified on the back of the print along with the years of service for that particular superintendent.

Dates: Created: 1933-1970

Education - Office of Superintendent - School Censuses

Identifier: 012-02-060
Scope and Contents The state government established a Common School Fund in 1828. This fund would be financed by the collection of various taxes and would be used to subsidize the poor schools, later called common or public schools. The amount of money each school received would depend primarily on the number of children the school had enrolled. The officials of each school district were required to submit a census of its school age population to the State School Commissioner. The commissioner would then...
Dates: Created: 1908-1923

Education - Office of Superintendent - Subject Files

Identifier: 012-02-027
Scope and Contents The General Administrative Records of the State Superintendent of Schools include correspondence, certifications, committee and conference reports, directives, briefs, statements and other papers. These records relate to the overall administration of the Department and its organizational subdivisions, and include such papers as: (1) Correspondence between the Superintendent and the heads of organizational subdivisions and educational associations, (2) reports, both narrative and...
Dates: Created: 1935-1992

Education - Public Information - Community Improvement Scrapbooks

Identifier: 012-04-023
Scope and Contents These scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings and specially typed descriptions of various activities revolving around community improvement. Two programs are represented, the Better Home Town Program and the Extended School Program. The former is further divided into various committees which include Beautification, Recreation, Education, Tourist, Business and Industry, Religious Welfare, etc. Each of these committees presents its own report accompanied by photographs, but the...
Dates: Created: 1954

Education - Public Information - Films

Identifier: 012-04-078
Dates: Other: no date

Education - Public Information - Georgia Alert (Publication)

Identifier: 012-04-083
Scope and Contents

This is a publication that originated with a magazine - like format but changed to one having a newspaper ‑ like format. The publication is composed of news notes and short articles concerning the many aspects of the Department's role in offering their services as educators to the citizens of Georgia.

Dates: Created: 1968-1979

Education - Public Information - News Releases

Identifier: 012-04-006
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound and unbound original and photostatic copies of news clippings, memos and news releases made by the Publications and Information Services Unit. These files all relate to the distribution of information to the news media about the Department of Education, its activities, functions, the various programs offered by the many schools across the state and the events that shape and direct the Department's control over education within the State. Before...
Dates: Created: 1956-1980

Education - Public Information - Publication Record Set Files

Identifier: 012-04-182
Scope and Contents

This series consists of published material pertaining to all aspects of the Georgia Department of Education. The material is produced by the Publication and Information Division of DOE and is sometimes appropriated by funds from the General Assembly. Topics range from annual reports to summer reading; from instructional material used in vocational schools to helping a child through adolescence. Most of the material is bound and is generally considered secondary source material.

Dates: Created: 1870-1994

Education - Public Library Services - School Yearbooks

Identifier: 012-26-081
Scope and Contents This series consists of various issues of vocational and high school yearbooks, published by the senior classes of the various schools. As is the case with all such yearbooks or annuals, an issue is published every school year, and each is replete with photographs and prose documenting virtually every phase of that school year. The various volumes further serve as rosters of all the students attending the various schools, as well as the faculty members connected with the institutions. There...
Dates: Created: 1967 - 1977; Majority of material found within 1968 - 1969

Education - Research Division - Records

Identifier: 012-03-161
Scope and Contents This division apparently authorizes studies, arranges seminars and makes and collects reports, graphs, pamphlets, forms, etc. The series consists of the following files: (1) school‑age population graphs and tabulations (2) reports on various subjects including annual departmental reports, lists of guidance counselors operating in the state, etc. (3) printed research on file including studies from the federal government and various professional groups and other state boards (4) curriculum...
Dates: Created: 1939-1962

Education - School Lunch Program - Milk and Shool Lunch Assistance Programs Forms

Identifier: 012-13-033
Scope and Contents An archival sample of these forms includes the applications for inclusion in the special milk and lunch assistance programs. These programs, financed by the federal government, reimbursed the individual schools participating according to a rate based on the percentage of economically needy pupils. Also included are: (1) Special Assistance Program Criteria Check lists (2) Special Assistance Program Schedules A & A(1) indicating name and address of each school and reimbursement rates...
Dates: Created: 1954-1963

Education - School Lunch Program - School Food Service Cost Printouts

Identifier: 012-13-176
Scope and Contents This series contains computer printouts of statistical data on the school lunch programs for all the public school systems in Georgia and several private schools as well. Each system is apparently assigned two supervisors each of whom keeps his own records. There are two computer printout sheets per system. Each sheet contains the following data: 1) Run date, 2) Agreement number (for program), 3) Month (for every month of the school year), 4) Average daily participation in lunch program,...
Dates: Created: 1971-1975

Education - School Plant Division - Federal Facilities Survey Forms

Identifier: 012-11-034
Scope and Contents This survey was conducted in 1957 and the forms when completed by each individual school were returned to the state school plant services department. The Individual School Plant Data Forms request the following information: (1) school center name, (2) race, (3) school system name, (4) eight month's average daily attendance, (5) number of instructional rooms broken down into several categories including unsatisfactory, under construction, financed, etc., (6) selected special service rooms...
Dates: Created: 1957

Education - South Georgia Trade and Vocational School - School Bulletins

Identifier: 012-20-052
Scope and Contents

The South Georgia Trade and Vocational School is administered by the Division of Vocational Education. These bulletins publicize the school and provide the following information: (1) faculty members; (2) general information; (3) courses; (4) amount of time required to complete each course; (5) student qualification requirements.

Dates: Created: 1952

Education - Special Programs Division - Federal Program for Gifted Project Files

Identifier: 012-32-152
Scope and Contents This series consists of the various publications of record produced by the Division of Special Programs, Office of Instructional Services of the Georgia Department of Education concerning the Program for the Gifted. The publications, varying from small brochures to average size booklets, explain the aspects of Georgia's educational system in dealing with its gifted children. Topics listed on a general basis include (1) legal authorization, (2) the role of the Georgia Department of Education,...
Dates: Created: 1979-1980

Education - Special Programs Division - Program/Gifted Local Agency School Files

Identifier: 012-32-145
Scope and Contents This series contains reports, correspondence, and other files generated by the office in coordinating and administering the program for gifted students in school systems throughout the State. Usually the folders for each school system contain (1) the system's comprehensive plan which describes the system's philosophy, needs assessment, goals, implementation plans, organization, criteria for eligibility and placement, and facilities and support services available; (2) requests from local...
Dates: Created: 1964-FY84

Education - Special Programs Division - Psychoed/Severly Emotionally Disturbed Annual Reports

Identifier: 012-32-142
Scope and Contents The Georgia Psychoeducational Center Network for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children consists of 22 centers throughout the State. These centers are generally associated with comprehensive Educational Services Agencies. This series consists of annual reports of services, annual reports of objectives, demographic data reports, inventories of property and annual financial reports. The annual reports of services and objectives list the objectives of the center, describe the procedures to be...
Dates: Created: FY 1980 - FY 1983

Education - Special Programs Division - Psychoed/Severly Emotionally Disturbed Program Files

Identifier: 012-32-141
Scope and Contents This series consists of: (1) proposals (2) budgets (3) amendments (4) reports (5) guidelines (6) correspondence (7) related documents. The above mentioned records are filed on behalf of the psychoeducational center's program under Public Laws 94-142, 89-313 and other federal laws as well as the Adequate Program in Georgia Act (APEG) and other state laws and regulations as they apply.These documents all relate to administering the psychoeducational center's program and monitoring...
Dates: Created: 1969-FY93

Education - Special Programs Division - Publication Record Set Files

Identifier: 012-32-154
Scope and Contents This series consists of the official published Final Project Report on Programs for the Gifted, compiled and written by Georgia teachers of the gifted on a statewide level under a United States Department of Education grant. This final copy is submitted to Washington for approval. It provides teachers with a framework and aids them in designing, implementing and monitoring programs for the gifted and talented throughout Georgia. The publication has two sections. Section I includes a...
Dates: Created: 1979

Education - Special Services - A-95 Grant Review Files

Identifier: 012-12-158
Scope and Contents This series consists of: (l) studies (2) report (3) maps (4) charts (5) minutes of staff conferences (6) memoranda (7) division position statements (8) papers created in the course of preparing a departmental position statement (9) copies of Notification of Intent to Apply for Federal Assistance (10) copies of Receipt Notification of Intent to Apply for Federal Assistance (11) copies of Results of Review of Notification of Intent to Apply for Federal Assistance (12) forms relative to...
Dates: Created: 1975-1981

Education - Special Services - Administrative Services Subject Files

Identifier: 012-12-105
Scope and Contents This series contains: (1) reports (2) pamphlets (3) legal documents (4) analyses (5) schedules (6) proposals (7) any other type of record relating to the Department of Education Not included are local school system and correspondence files. These records relate to the directing and coordinating supportive services the Office of Administrative Services gives to both local school systems and the State Department of Education through a variety of activities. Such activities...
Dates: Created: 1954-1993

Education - Special Services - Child / Youth White House Conference Files

Identifier: 012-12-108
Scope and Contents This series contains bound and unbound: (1) progress reports (2) study reports (3) pamphlets (4) committee lists (5) panel discussions (6) addresses (7) recommendations (8) preliminary drafts (9) minutes (10) memorandums (11) correspondence. These files are from various committees associated with the White House Conferences on Children & Youth and documents the activities of the Georgia Committee on Children & Youth. Called by the President of the United States approximately every 10...
Dates: Created: 1950-1973

Education - Special Services - Circular Letters

Identifier: 012-12-147
Scope and Contents This series consists of circular letters from the Associate State Superintendent for Administrative Services to local school system superintendents. The letters: (1) inform the local school authorities of changes in: (a) policies (b) procedures (c) standards (d) specifications as approved by the State Board of Education (2) transmit information about Federal requirements (3) notify local school authorities of activities of the State Department of Education (4) remind local systems of...
Dates: Created: 1979-1991

Education - Special Services - Civil Rights Compliance Advisory Files

Identifier: 012-12-085
Scope and Contents This series contains a large variety of records pertaining to Georgia school system compliance with the provisions of Title IV of the United States Civil Rights Law of 1964. The first part of the series consists of files containing: 1) correspondence, 2) reports on staff and enrollment by system and school, (3) memorandums, (4) resolutions of the school boards, 5) assurance of compliance forms, 6) form letters setting appointments with the State superintendent, and 7) newspaper articles and...
Dates: Created: 1964-1987

Education - Special Services - Education Statistics Publications

Identifier: 012-12-103
Scope and Contents This series contains a large variety of publications containing statistical data on various phases of the operation of the public school system in Georgia. Most of these publications contain the word "statistics" in their respective titles, but some of the earlier issues do not. Consequently, it is impossible to determine whether a complete set of publications is extant for any specific school year. Since the number of volumes varies so widely from one school year to another, the...
Dates: Created: 1967-1978

Education - Special Services - Local School System Audit Report Files

Identifier: 012-12-117
Scope and Contents This series consists of: (1) audits of local school systems performed by the Department's Program Audit Unit staff, the federal audit staff from the United States Department of Education, or any other federal agency from whom the Department receives funds (2) correspondence relating to the closure of specific audit discrepancies (3) receipt and suspense files relating to audit activity These records were created by the Grants Management Section which was authorized in March, 1981 as...
Dates: Created: 1977-1979

Education - Special Services - School Plant Statistical Information System Files

Identifier: 012-12-162
Scope and Contents This series consists of computer printouts of Report SS 550‑01 "School Plant Information Request" issued to local school principals by the Statistical Services Section of the Department of Education's Office of Special Services. The reports, which document statistical data on facilities at all local school systems and schools, contain information listed in two sections: Section 1 contains statistics on the buildings and units of that particular school or system. Information...
Dates: Created: 1977-1978

Education - Special Services - State Board Meeting Working Papers

Identifier: 012-12-148
Scope and Contents Under procedures used by the Department of Education, each Office is responsible for maintaining the background and supporting documents that are associated with the monthly Board of Education meetings and their minutes. This series consists of those documents for items submitted to the Board by the Office of Special Services. The papers consist of: (1) recommendations to the Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services of items to be brought before the Board (2) agenda of...
Dates: Created: 1975-1992

Education - Special Services - Teacher Initial and Mid-Term Allotment Files

Identifier: 012-12-091
Scope and Contents This series contains two forms documenting the allotment of State Department of Education funds to county and city school systems. Although the series title indicates that only allotments for teachers' salaries are included, such is not the case. Allotments of transportation funds are also included both on a separate form and on the teacher allotment form as well. The forms are actually mimeographed copies of letters addressed to all the local superintendents from the State Superintendent. ...
Dates: Created: 1943-FY86

Education - Special Services - Visiting Teacher's Reports

Identifier: 012-12-024
Scope and Contents These visiting teachers' forms vary somewhat from county to county and month to month, but all generally contain the following enrollment data divided into White and Black totals: (1) number of schools (2) total school age children residing in school system (3) total school enrollment each month, last day of month and average daily attendance in the public schools in the county (4) the percent of daily attendance in the public schools (5) the same information (3 & 4) for private and...
Dates: Created: 1951-1954

Education - Staff Development Office - Educational Improvement Project Files

Identifier: 012-27-084
Scope and Contents This series contains (1) project narrative and statistical reports, (2) financial information, (3) schedules and (4) related correspondence and other records which document one phase of the role of the Federal government in Georgia public education. In particular, this series documents the Federal government involvement in the initiation and development of innovative educational improvement projects under the auspices of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and Titles III and...
Dates: Created: 1970-1978

Education - Staff Services Dept. - Fall Excess Enrollment Reports

Identifier: 012-22-110
Scope and Contents This series contains reports to be submitted by all school systems to the State Department of Education at the beginning of each and every school year. The following statistical information was to be furnished for grades one through seven and eight through twelve for white and Negro schools: (1) classroom teachers (2) permits or emergency certificates (3) pupils in half sessions (4) enrollment in excess of normal capacity. The following information was to be furnished by race only:...
Dates: Created: 1961-1967

Education - Staff Services Dept. - Georgia Education Oral History Interview Tapes

Identifier: 012-22-074
Scope and Contents This series contains taped interviews with two former State superintendents of schools, Dr. M.D.Collins and Dr. Claude Pureell, conducted under the super­ vision of former Department Public Information Officer, Bernice McCullar. The interviews consist of fascinating reminiscences of earlier years in the history of public education in Georgia and vividly document the evolution of the Department up to 1958. Both former superintendents reveal autobiographical data and then proceed to discuss...
Dates: Created: 1958-1958

Education - Staff Services Dept. - Local Superintendent's Annual Reports

Identifier: 012-22-064
Scope and Contents These statistical or S‑36 reports are required by law to be submitted by the local superintendents to the office of the State superintendent. Their accuracy is of the utmost importance, as the Average Daily Attendance figures contained therein form the basis for the allocation of State funds. Consequently, each report is signed and its accuracy sworn to by both the local superintendent and the chairman of the local board of education. A typical report contains the following...
Dates: Created: 1938-1977

Education - Staff Services Dept. - School Plant Reports

Identifier: 012-22-069
Scope and Contents This series contains the local superintendents of schools' annual reports on their respective school plants. The reports are designed to be submitted to the state department on or before July 31 of each year. Although the content varies from year to year, a typical, multi-page report contains or requests information on the following: (1) bonds outstanding; (2) number of school plant maintenance employees; (3) school plant maintenance service done by private companies; (4) school plant...
Dates: Created: 1957-1977

Education - Staff Services Dept. - Superintendent's Annual Reports Transportation Section

Identifier: 012-22-068
Scope and Contents The Act of March 28, 1947 authorized the State Board of Education to: (1) use a portion of the common school fund to pay the salaries of school bus drivers employed by county boards of education, (2) to administer any appropriations that may be allocated by the Federal Congress, its agencies or bureaus to assist the State of Georgia in the maintenance and operation of pupil transportation, and (3) to administer pupil transportation. The Board was also authorized to es­tablish a minimum...
Dates: Created: 1959-1977