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Defense - Adjutant General - 74th Regiment Georgia Militia Minutes

Identifier: 022-01-041
Scope and Contents These minute books contain the proceedings of the "courts of enquiry (or inquiry)" of the 74th Regiment of the Georgia Militia headquartered in Carroll County. Among the items of business addressed in these minutes are: (1) creation of and changes in militia district boundaries in Carroll County; (2) lists of members of the regiment who were fined for failing to appear at drill or other so-called defaulters; (3) discharges of members for reasons of health; (4) lists of officers newly elected...
Dates: Created: 1831-1849

Defense - Adjutant General - Annual Reports

Identifier: 022-01-016
Scope and Contents These published reports, as is the case with similar reports compiled by all state agencies, include a general review of the department's activities for the preceding fiscal year. A typical issue might contain: (1) tables indicating the strength of the various types of infantry and cavalry units organized by the Department of Defense, (2) financial statements showing receipts and disbursements for the previous year, (3) an analysis of expenses for the past six years, and (4) detailed reports...
Dates: Created: 1888-1980

Defense - Adjutant General - Courts Martial

Identifier: 022-01-065
Dates: Created: 1786 - 1865

Defense - Adjutant General - Creek Indian War Militia Order Book

Identifier: 022-01-043
Scope and Contents This series contains what is probably a fragment of a copy of an order book prepared by various members of the headquarters staff of the Georgia militia during a period of public alarm on the western boundary of the state occasioned by an uprising of the Creek Indians in Alabama. Among orders in this book are: (1) orders to appear for drill and inspection; (2) orders to patrol the Chattahoochee River to prevent Creek Indian invasion; (3) an order to issue arms to several companies; (4) an...
Dates: Created: 1836

Defense - Adjutant General - Depredation Affidavits

Identifier: 022-01-074
Scope and Contents

In November 1864, the Georgia General Assembly passed an act relieving taxpayers of property taxes on property destroyed or rendered useless by the public enemy or by order of the commanding Generals of the Confederate Army. Taxpayers signed an affidavit describing the property destroyed, who destroyed it (Union or Confederate forces). Most affidavits are from Clayton and Henry Counties, with some from Cobb and a few from other counties in the path of General Sherman's Union forces.

Dates: Created: 1861-1865

Defense - Adjutant General - Discharges

Identifier: 022-01-069
Dates: Created: 1861-1865

Defense - Adjutant General - Gen. Henry Rootes Jackson Subject Files

Identifier: 022-01-067
Scope and Contents This series consists of the records of Gen. Henry Rootes Jackson, lawyer, politician and poet who lived from 1820 to 1898. General Jackson received his education from both Yale University and the University of Georgia. He was appointed U.S. district attorney and served as judge of the Georgia Supreme Court from 1849-1853. He was also appointed U.S. minister to Austria and Mexico. In 1861, he was appointed judge of the Confederate courts but later resigned to become a brigadier general. He...
Dates: Created: 1861-1863

Defense - Adjutant General - General and Special Orders

Identifier: 022-01-034
Scope and Contents This series contains a varied collection of general orders issued by the Adjutant-General very often under the authority of the Governor in his capacity as commander-in-chief. Evidently, in more recent times, the federal government oversees all the states' guard organizations and strives to coordinate their activities. As the name implies, most of these orders pertain to enforcement of the general rules and regulations of the Georgia State Guard. Subjects often covered by the orders include:...
Dates: Created: 1791-1933

Defense - Adjutant General - Georgia Air National Guard Special Orders

Identifier: 022-01-022
Scope and Contents

This series contains special orders issued to the individual officers and men of the Georgia Air National Guard. Included are: (1) discharges, (2) appointments, (3) assignments, (4) statements of security clearances, and (5) transportation instructions.

Dates: Created: 1959-1960

Defense - Adjutant General - Georgia Army National Guard Permanent Orders

Identifier: 022-01-047
Scope and Contents

This series consists of the file copy of permanent orders issued by the Adjutant General or his Assistant to the Army National Guard. These orders primarily apply to individual officers or men or to specific units rather than having a general application throughout the command. They include: awards, commendations , annual training orders, administrative and personnel instructions, transfers to State Retired List, unit designations, amendments to orders, and other directives.

Dates: Created: 1977-1984

Defense - Adjutant General - Georgia Militia Order Books

Identifier: 022-01-035
Scope and Contents This series contains an original Order Book for the 2nd and 3rd Regiments Infantry, Georgia Militia, Col. Ignatius A. Few, commanding. It covers the period September 26, 1814, to January 1, 1815, in which the regiments were detailed from General Twigg's Division for Federal service in Brigadier General John Floyd's Brigade. Gen. Floyd's command was in turn part of the 6th Military District headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina under the command of Major General Pinkey. They were...
Dates: Created: 1814-1815

Defense - Adjutant General - Incoming Correspondence

Identifier: 022-01-017
Scope and Contents

The bulk of this series consists of incoming correspondence to the Adjutant General's office during the Civil War. Other records include adjutant general's orders and general files from the early 1900's.

Adjutant General's Incoming Correspondence, 1861 - 1865 scanned and available on Collection's Name: Georgia, U.S., Civil War Correspondence, 1861–1865

Dates: Created: 1861-1914

Defense - Adjutant General - Letterbooks

Identifier: 022-01-001
Scope and Contents The position of Adjutant General was first created in 1792 by act of the General Assembly and designated as second to the governor in direct command of the Georgia Militia. The position was abolished by the legislature in 1840, re-created in 1860, abolished again in 1860, and finally reestablished in 1879.This series consists of bound volumes of record copies of outgoing correspondence of the Adjutant General. Much of the correspondence deals with requests for commissions,...
Dates: Created: 1860-1909

Defense - Adjutant General - Militia Records

Identifier: 022-01-004
Dates: Created: 1788-1878

Defense - Adjutant General - Misc. Files

Identifier: 022-01-010
Scope and Contents

This series consists of records of the Georgia Militia and the Georgia National Guard, 1779-1975. Among the records are reports, orders, rosters, correspondence, muster rolls, and pay rolls.

Dates: Created: 1861-1975

Defense - Adjutant General - Misc. WWI Records

Identifier: 022-01-014
Scope and Contents The bulk of this collection documents the activities of the State Council of Defense. Pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly (No. 195), approved August 21, 1917, the Georgia Council of Defense was created “for the co-operation of this State with the National Council of Defense, created by Act of Congress, approved August 29, 1916”. The purpose of the National Council was to investigate and make recommendations to the President regarding the efficient and effective...
Dates: Created: 1917-1918

Defense - Adjutant General - Muster Rolls By County (Men Subject to Duty)

Identifier: 022-01-064
Scope and Contents

Georgia law required the counties to report to the state the number of men between the ages of 18 and 45 eligible for military duty every year beginning in 1860. In 1860, many of these men had already enlisted in local militia units.

Dates: Created: 1860-1864

Defense - Adjutant General - Order Books and Special Orders

Identifier: 022-01-005
Scope and Contents

This series contains the file copy of special orders issued by the Adjutant General. Special orders are those which apply to individual officers or men or to specific units rather than having a general application throughout the command. These orders announce: (1) resignations, (2) promotions, (3) discharges, (4) awards, (5) commendations, (6) the granting of leave, (7) temporary and permanent duty assignments, and (8) appointments to service schools.

Dates: Created: 1851-1905

Defense - Adjutant General - Ordnance Records

Identifier: 022-01-007
Dates: Created: 1861-1864

Defense - Adjutant General - Spanish-American War Mustering-In Rolls

Identifier: 022-01-038
Scope and Contents The Mustering-In Rolls were a record of enrollment of Georgia citizens into federal service by the Georgia Adjutant General. The information consistently found includes: (1) unit and company designation; (2) name; (3) rank or military occupation; (4) physical descriptions; (5) place of birth; (6) civilian occupation; (7) date and place of enrollment; (8) residence and distance traveled to enroll; (9) value of any mules, horses, or equipment (a category generally unused); (10) signature; (11)...
Dates: Created: 1898-1899

Defense - Adjutant General - Spanish-American War Mustering-Out Roll Abstracts

Identifier: 022-01-012
Scope and Contents This series contains Mustering Out Rolls and Abstracts for Georgia Spanish American War veterans. Each veteran's file includes: (1) full name (2) rank (3) date and location of enlistment and location of discharge (4) pertinent service information The abstracted records were completed by the Department of Defense but were received from the Department of Veteran's Service. The files are divided into two groups. The first group consists of the certifications of muster rolls arranged numerically...
Dates: Created: 1898

Defense - Adjutant General - Spanish-American War Mustering-Out Rolls

Identifier: 022-01-036
Scope and Contents These are the Mustering-Out Rolls of Georgia volunteers from federal service in the Spanish-American War. The entries consistently include information on: (1) rank; (2) dates and location of enrollment; (3) date of last payment; (4) place of residence; (5) place of discharge; (6) an accounting for arms, clothing, and equipment, and (7) occasional summary remarks on desertions or transfers The records are arranged by regiment, then company, and generally thereunder by surname. An alphabetical...
Dates: Created: 1898-1899

Defense - Adjutant General - Spanish-American War Service Summary Card Files

Identifier: 022-01-018
Scope and Contents These cards contain the following information concerning Georgia's Spanish-American veterans: (1) name, residence and occupation (2) place of birth and age (3) place of enlistment and date of enlistment (4) place of mustering into U.S. Service and date (5) organization served in (company and regiment) (6) grades (rank) There are several other blanks on the cards but in most instances they are not filled in. The cards are arranged by infantry division or light battery, thereunder by company...
Dates: Created: 1898

Defense - Adjutant General - Spanish/American War Published Books

Identifier: 022-01-055
Scope and Contents

This series includes the following publications: "Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States in the Spanish- American War, 1898 - 1904," and "Report on the Origin & Spread of Typhoid Fever in U.S. Military Camps during the Spanish/American War of 1898."

Dates: Created: 1898-1904

Defense - Civil Defense - Emergency Operating Plans

Identifier: 022-05-062
Scope and Contents

These emergency plans contain instructions and authorizations to various county and municipal officials outlining certain actions to be taken in the event of major emergencies resulting from such events as fires, tornadoes, or invasion by alien forces. The plans usually contain indexes and bear titles including the name of the county or municipality affected.

Dates: Created: 1960-1984

Defense - Civil Defense - Georgia Alert and Responses In Georgia (Publication)

Identifier: 022-05-042
Scope and Contents This series contains the newsletter of the Civil Defense Division which has borne at least two titles since its inception in November, 1951 under the direction of Ernest Vandiver. A typical issue might contain articles (1) by the director on some aspect of the national defense program, (2) on local civil defense happenings including meetings and conventions, (3) pointing out the urgency of appropriating more money for civil defense, (4) making recommendations for cooperation among...
Dates: Created: 1951-1976

Defense - Civil Defense - Plans and Publications

Identifier: 022-05-015
Scope and Contents

This series contains binders containing civil defense emergency plans for the State of Georgia and published handbooks and guides issued by the state organization and the federal government. Also included are a few copies of a civil defense newsletter. Most of the dated items in the series were produced in the 1950s when interest in civil defense was at its zenith.

Dates: Created: 1951-1958

Defense - Georgia Military Institute - the Commander (Publication)

Identifier: 022-06-039
Scope and Contents This series contains the annuals or yearbooks of the Georgia National Guard's Officer Candidate School which was dubbed the successor to the Georgia Military Institute. This institution should not be confused with the military school of similar name in Milledgeville. As is the case with all such publications, each of these volumes contains pictures and rosters of faculty, staff and class members, the latter arranged by platoon. Also included are short narrative reports on the history,...
Dates: Created: 1962-1965

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Field Training Morning Reports (1379's)

Identifier: 022-03-023
Scope and Contents This series consists of documents relating to accounting for all military personnel of each organization of the Army National Guard in order to provide a continuous certified strength status and historical record of the organization. Each report contains an account of attendance for each company plus a brief description of the activities of the company for that week. Listed is the strength of the company by grade and changes in personnel since the last report was made. Personnel absent are...
Dates: Created: 1925-1983

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Georgia Guardsman (Publication)

Identifier: 022-03-040
Scope and Contents This series contains monthly and later bi-monthly publications of the Georgia Department of Defense, Georgia Military Division. These publications consist of a magazine format which lasted through March, 1979 and a newspaper format which began with the April, 1979 issue. When the formats changed so did the volume numbering as the April issue begins as Volume 1, Number 1. The publications deal with topics ranging from air guard camp dates and infantry men selling a legion newspaper to aid...
Dates: Created: 1954-1982

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Georgia State Guard Complete Roster

Identifier: 022-03-044
Scope and Contents

This "roster of personnel serving or having served in the state defense corps and Georgia State Guard'' was completed April 1, 1946. Besides the names of enlisted men and officers in separate alphabetical sequences, the l) rank, (2) city in which each unit was located, (3) battalion number, (4) company letter and (5) unit and battalion numbers are indicated when applicable. The enlisted men's roster is first followed by that for the officers.

Dates: Created: 1940-1947

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Georgia State Guard Unit Correspondence

Identifier: 022-03-011
Scope and Contents

Originally formed in the spring of 1940, the State Defense Corps was later reorganized and renamed by the governor (1941) and the General Assembly (1943). The Georgia State Guard functioned only while the Georgia National Guard was inactive federal service during and immediately after World War II. These records can serve as proof of service, but they are not complete as men have proven service in the State Guard by other means.

Dates: Created: 1861-1946

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Mexican Border War Mustering-In Rolls

Identifier: 022-03-045
Scope and Contents This series consists of two bound volumes containing the mustering-in rolls of men in the Georgia National Guard, both commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates, who participated in the Mexican Border War. A typical listing gives: (1) name of soldier (2) rank (3) physical description (4) place of birth (5) occupation (6) marital status (7) residence (8) name and relationship of person to call in an emergency (9) home station or company rendezvous (10) date upon which oath was...
Dates: Created: 1916

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Misc. Files

Identifier: 022-03-054
Scope and Contents The Georgia State Guard was originally organized in 1940 under the name of the State Defense Corps by authority of Federal Act ML 1939, Sec. 1323, as amended by Act of Oct. 21, 1940 (Sec. 1, Bill No. 36, WD 1940). It was later changed to Georgia Defense Corps by a proclamation of the Governor on April 16, 1941, and organized in three divisions: the State Guard Units; the Georgia Military Police, and the Air Patrol Service. An Act of March 5, 1943, created the Georgia State Guard, which was...
Dates: Created: 1940-1949

Defense - Georgia National Guard - Official Register

Identifier: 022-03-019
Scope and Contents These pamphlets were published by the authority of the Adjutant General of Georgia on January 1 of each year. Each pamphlet contains a listing for every officer in the Georgia National Guard. Information about the officers includes name, rank, personal information, and a record of,service (usually divided into "U.S. and other states" and "in Georgia"). These pamphlets are organized by the following ranks: U.S. Army Inspector-Instructors General Staff Aides-de-camp Staff Departments Medical...
Dates: Created: 1916-1917