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Butts County - Superior Court - Index to Loose Case Files

Identifier: 118-01-044
Scope and Contents

This series consists of one bound volume which documents the names of the litigants appearing in this court. Information presented in this volume includes: (1) names of plaintiffs and defendants and (2) the box numbers of the Woodruff boxes (supposedly) in which the loose case files are located.

Dates: Other: no date known
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Indexes to Mortgage Records

Identifier: 118-01-002
Scope and Contents

Indexes to the names of the mortgagees and mortgagors recorded in Butts County mortgages. Information recorded includes: (1) the names of mortgagees and mortgagors; (2) type of transaction, that is, mortgage, lien or note; (3) date of transaction; (4) date recorded and, (5) book and page number. Please see RG 118-01-001, Butts County Mortgages.

Dates: Created: 1898-1912
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Issue Dockets

Identifier: 118-01-012
Scope and Contents

Issue dockets (sometimes called Bench or Bar dockets) are used to document civil cases docketed for trial by the Court. This series consists of bound volumes that document the civil complaints filed in the court for the inclusive date span listed. Information presented in these volumes includes: (1) names of the principal parties involved; (2) date and term of court; (3) names of attorneys; (4) case number, and (5) disposition of case.

Dates: Created: 1830-1950
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Minutes of Meetings

Identifier: 118-01-028
Dates: Created: 1834-1903
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Mortgages

Identifier: 118-01-001
Scope and Contents This series consists of recorded copies of mortgages filed with the Clerk of Court. Most of the mortgaged property consists of farm animals, farm instruments, crops, and land. The majority of the mortgages are for chattels although some real estate mortgages are included. Information recorded includes: (1) name of mortgager; (2) name of mortgagee; (3) description of the mortgaged property; (4) names of witnesses; (5) amount of money loaned and interest charged; (6) date of mortgage and...
Dates: Created: 1884-1908
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Motion Dockets

Identifier: 118-01-033
Scope and Contents Motion dockets are volumes containing all civil cases pending in its respective court related to motions which are to be decided by the judge without intervention by a jury such as applications for the granting of a corporation charter, applications for dower, motions to set aside a Sheriff's sale or motions for injunctions. This series is composed of bound volumes documenting all such cases appearing before this court for the inclusive date span listed below. These volumes contain...
Dates: Created: 1857-1889
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Records of Declarations

Identifier: 118-01-040
Scope and Contents

This series is composed of bound volumes which contain declaratory statements, appraisements of property, bills of complaint, promissory notes, petitions, land plats and similar records that were accepted or declined by the court as evidence presented to the court to document a civil complaint.

Dates: Created: 1856-1913
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Sheriff's Execution Docket

Identifier: 118-01-022
Scope and Contents This series consists of bound volumes which document the executions the Sheriff made upon the property of the defendants as a result of the civil complaints filed in the court for the inclusive date span listed. Information presented in this volume includes: (I) names of attorneys involved; (2) case number; (3) date and term of court execution was returnable; (4) an enumeration of the judgment and costs of court; (5) date writ was received; (6) name of person who received writ, and (7)...
Dates: Created: 1850-1921
Found in: Georgia Archives

Butts County - Superior Court - Sheriff's Subpoena Docket

Identifier: 118-01-024
Scope and Contents

This series consists of a bound volume which documents the criminal charges filed in the court for the date span listed and the supoenas issued by the court as a result of such charges. Information presented in this volume includes: (1) name of the defendant; (2) names of witnesses; (3) designation of either plaintiff or defendant or both requesting subpoena be issued; (4) date subpoena was received; (5) date subpoena was served, and (6) name of person serving subpoena.

Dates: Created: 1919-1928
Found in: Georgia Archives

C. C. Hammack Civil War Letter

Identifier: 0000-0246M
Scope and Contents

Hammack wrote his father, describing the countryside around Camp McCulloch, 200 miles west of Fort Smith, Arkansas. He was doing business under Dr. Massie(?) "for General Pike's Brigade."

Dates: 1862

C. C. Royal Collection

Identifier: 1973-0502M
Scope and Contents A collection of Georgia land grants, deeds, and other official records from a range of counties. The majority were recorded in Montgomery County, Georgia, (1808-1910) even when describing land elsewhere. The land grants (often with seals and plats) are from Wilkinson County, Georgia, in 1807. Some other counties represented are Baldwin and Telfair. The most common names are Tillman (especially Henry, 1790-1851, of Montgomery County), Chany or Cheney, Hinson, Hull, Lott, McArthur, Nash,...
Dates: 1807-1914

C. P. Crawford lawyer's account book

Identifier: 1973-0251M-h
Scope and Contents

Accounting record of the firms Bell and Williamson and Crawford and Williamson. Names of accounts, services, and fees are recorded.

Dates: 1869-1881

C. P. Crawford lawyer's and farm account book

Identifier: 1973-0251M-i
Scope and Contents

Includes 1863 list of enslaved people and year end settlements with them; 1868 farm accounting narrative entries and other narratives about farming plans, the Masonic Templar's Pledge, and temperance; and other entries and notes about legal cases handled by Crawford, probably in Baldwin County, Georgia.

Dates: 1863-1868

Camden County - County Commission - Minutes

Identifier: 120-05-017
Dates: Created: 1879-1953
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camden County - Probate Court - Birth Certificates

Identifier: 120-02-015
Dates: Created: 1870-1909
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camden County - Probate Court - Death Certificates

Identifier: 120-02-014
Dates: Created: 1924-1933
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camden County - Probate Court - Marriage Records

Identifier: 120-02-006
Dates: Created: 1819-1935
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camden County - Probate Court - Wills

Identifier: 120-02-007
Dates: Created: 1795-1829; 1868-1916
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camden County - Superior Court - Misc Case Files

Identifier: 120-01-013
Dates: Other: unknown
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camden County - Tax Collector - Tax Digests

Identifier: 120-07-016
Dates: 1792, 1819, 1820, 1826 (or 1828), 1866, 1874 - 1878, 1880, 1884, 1886, 1887, 1889 - 1892, 1894 - 1897, 1899, 1900, 1904, 1905, 1924, 1929, and 1929 - 1954
Found in: Georgia Archives

Camp / Reynolds Family Papers

Identifier: 0000-0068M
Scope and Contents The collection consists of letters written to Lizzie Camp by Walker Camp (brother), Hiram Camp (brother), and Lizzie's husband, William M. Reynolds, during and after the Civil War and also letters by her to her husband. Two additional Civil War letters are by cousin Tandy Key Reynolds of the 9th Regiment Arkansas Infantry, Company B and later F (describing the Battle of Champion's Hill in the Vicksburg Campaign), and by Captain D. B. Brown of the 9th Regiment Texas Cavalry, Company C (sent...
Dates: 1854 - 1930

Campbell County - Miscellaneous County Offices - Miscellaneous Records

Identifier: 260-12-012
Dates: Created: 1867
Found in: Georgia Archives

Campbell County - Probate Court - Marriage Records, 1885 - 1886

Identifier: 260-02-004
Dates: 1885 - 1886
Found in: Georgia Archives

Carbine Hardware Company incoming business records

Identifier: 1964-0048M
Scope and Contents

These are letters and invoices from various Atlanta manufacturers and stores concerning goods for the hardware company. Many of the letterheads are engravings of the businesses.

Dates: 1889 - 1915

Carl A. Anderson Collection

Identifier: 2020-0003M
Scope and Contents This collection contains research files with notes on and brief histories of more than 100 Georgia institutions that issued currency. There are also many files containing research on the state-owned Western & Atlantic Railroad. Carl also created a website with David Marsh titled Georgia Obsolete Currency. Printed pages of this website are included. The collection also includes some files related to Anderson's other interests. There are also many slides relating to places that Anderson...
Dates: 1955 - 2018

Carnegie Estate records of Cumberland Island

Identifier: 1969-0501M
Scope and Contents

These are the records of the administration of a large estate established by steel magnate Thomas Morrison Carnegie, Sr., and his wife, Lucy Coleman. They include letters, letterbooks, account books, loose financial papers, legal documents, banking records, maps, architectural drawings, photographs, invoices, insurance certificates, and publications.

Dates: 1798-1969; Majority of material found in 1883-1922

Carroll County - Probate Court - Annual Returns Index

Identifier: 122-02-013
Dates: Other: 1860 - 1866
Found in: Georgia Archives

Carson family papers

Identifier: 1978-0009M
Scope and Contents

The Civil War letters run from 1864 - 1865 and discuss William's camp life outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the Battle of Nashville, and the success of an African American regiment. Other letters are mostly incoming from family members in other states, including the Hammontree family, W. M. Phillips of Arkansas, and W. U. Griffith.

Dates: 1851 - 1932

Catherine M. Huey Narrative

Identifier: 1967-0339M
Scope and Contents

The collection includes various copies of an account by Catherine Huey, a white woman, of the execution of Henry Jackson, an enslaved man owned by William Jackson, in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia, on November 3, 1858. The actual date of the written accounts is unknown. It was apparently intended for publication.

Dates: ca. 1858.

Cedar Spring Manufacturing Company correspondence

Identifier: 1981-0024M-b
Scope and Contents

Records of general contractors and builders who supplied lumber, mouldings, shingles, rails, store fronts, and furniture for public spaces. One folder is correspondence with the Columbian Iron Works of Chattanooga, Tennessee, who supplied the company with a sawmill.

Dates: 1896 and 1908 - 1915.

Central Georgia District Agricultural and Mechanics Fair stockholders list.

Identifier: 0000-0333M
Scope and Contents

The volume contains a list of 142 men who purchased shares in the fair. Most of the book is empty.

Dates: 1870 - 1871

Chappell family papers

Identifier: 1981-0025M
Scope and Contents The earliest letters in the collection are by Absolom Harris Chappell, J. Harris' father. Later letters and records concern J. Harris Chappell's career as a teacher, the religious affairs of his day, Loretto's education and career in public welfare, plus a transcript and news clippings about her investigation. Also included are letters from family members and correspondents concerning journalism, elections, and family relations; J. Harris' dream narrative; sister Dorothy Chappell's...
Dates: 1842 - 1964

Charles Anton Moran papers

Identifier: 1968-0403M
Scope and Contents

World War I and other papers of Moran, including records of awards and honors.

Dates: 1919-1968

Charles DuBose Thigpen business and family papers

Identifier: 1973-0605M
Scope and Contents

The collection includes business papers pertaining to Thigpen's many ventures (he was a railroad agent, automobile dealer, and a parter with L.C. Thigpen and Company), including his work as Washington County Ordinary. Personal papers are from family and friends or are personal business (banking, insurance, etc.). Included is Senator Thomas Hardwick's correspondence regarding the 1918 senatorial election. Also references to World War I and the 1918 flu epidemic.

Dates: 1916-1922

Charles H. Hall surgeon's examination book

Identifier: 1973-0251M-d
Scope and Contents

The book is a record of men examined for service in the Confederate army, citing date, name, place of birth, age, profession, and remarks. Many of latter state "capable of bearing arms;" others are brief descriptions of medical conditions.

Dates: 1862-1863

Charles L. Ross Civil War letters, 1861 and 1864

Identifier: 1977-0541M-a
Scope and Contents

Letters from Ross, a Confederate soldier in 2nd Battalion Georgia Volunteers, Company C, serving in Petersburg and Norfolk, Virginia, to his sister Ella C. Ross.

Dates: 1861 and 1864

Charles Melton Jones tax record

Identifier: 0000-0274M
Scope and Contents

"Form of the estimate and assessment of agricultural lay taxes for the common defence and carry on the government of the Confederate States," showing amounts of wheat, corn, cured fodder, and wool raised by Col. C. M. Jones.

Dates: no date (between 1861 - 1865)

Charles Tait incoming letters

Identifier: 1969-0122M
Scope and Contents This collection includes an 1818 letter from B. Hall, Ellerslie, GA, to Tait in Washington, DC, giving reports of Indian depredations around Fort Mitchell on the Chattahoochee and in Telfair County, Georgia. Hall was disturbed that the militia was not provided with adequate supplies and indeed threatened mutiny. He mentions B.G. Orr and General Gaines. He and Tait both plan to move to Alabama to take advantage of public lands despite these dangers. A second letter, 1830, from William...
Dates: 1818 and 1830.

Charles William Worrill papers

Identifier: 1973-0177M
Scope and Contents

Photographs from Judge Worrill's early life in the 13th Regt. U.S. Cavalry, Fort Riley, KS, and from his judicial career, 1931-ca. 1958, in the Pataula Judicial Circuit, the Georgia State Court of Appeals, and on the Georgia Supreme Court. Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, 1926-1953. Incoming letters, 1960-1972, to Worrill in a Virginia nursing home from many old acquaintances, such as Herman E. Talmadge, Marvin Griffin, George C. Wallace, and lesser-known figures.

Dates: ca.1904-1973

Charlton County - Superior Court - Civil and Criminal Case Files

Identifier: 124-01-012
Dates: Created: 1857 - 1910
Found in: Georgia Archives

Charlton County - Superior Court - Misc. Records of the Superior Court

Identifier: 124-01-013
Dates: Created: 1895 - 1896
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - City Clerk (City of Savannah) - Letters to the Mayor

Identifier: 125-20-017
Dates: Created: 1844 - 1890
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - City Clerk (City of Savannah) - Voters Registration Books

Identifier: 125-20-018
Scope and Contents

This series contains registration books for voters in elections for officers of the City of Savannah. Usually the managers of elections certified the names included in such books. A typical volume might contain for each of the relatively few voters included: (1) name; (2) age; (3) place of nativity (state or foreign nation only); (4) city ward; (5) street; (6) house number (if any), and (7) nearest cross street.

Dates: Created: 1867-1867
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - Misc. County Offices - Misc. Records

Identifier: 125-12-014
Dates: Created: 1813 - 1952
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - Probate Court - Marriage Licenses

Identifier: 125-02-001
Scope and Contents

This series consists of Chatham County unbound marriage licenses. There is also a small number of marriage license applications included in the collection.

Dates: Created: 1866-1924
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - Probate Court - Misc. Records

Identifier: 125-02-013
Dates: Created: 1860 - 1899
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - Probate Court - Proceedings and Declarations Indexes

Identifier: 125-02-016
Dates: Created: 1845
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chatham County - Tax Collector - Tax Digests

Identifier: 125-07-019
Scope and Contents

These digests have been microfilmed. Please use the film for reference purposes.

Dates: Created: 1837-1978
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chattahoochee County - County Commissions - Road Commissioners Docket

Identifier: 126-05-005
Scope and Contents

This series consists of a bound volume which documents some of the official activities of the Road Commission. Information presented in this volume includes: (1) names of road hands; (2) name of road to which employees were assigned to work; (3) name of overseer; (4) number of Georgia Militia Districts in which roads were located; (5) names of road defaulters and the amount of their fine (rarely listed), and (6) date.

Dates: Created: 1910
Found in: Georgia Archives

Chattahoochee County - County Treasurer - Disbursement Books

Identifier: 126-10-006
Scope and Contents This series is composed of bound volumes which document the disbursements of the County Treasurer for the inclusive dates listed. Information presented in these volumes includes: (1) amount brought forward by a certain date (often not listed); (2) date disbursement was issued; (3) name of official issuing disbursement (that is Clerk of Court or Probate Judge); (4) name of person to whom disbursement was issued; (5) date of payment; (6) name of person to whom paid; (7) Treasurer's (voucher)...
Dates: Created: 1854-1907
Found in: Georgia Archives

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